Basic education system at its worst in India?

Today, India may be shinning globally and giving many good educated managers to world, however, still present state of Indian basic education system is not good. In present India, good education is slowly going away from the hands of large population of India because of ever increasing prices of private school education. It is always a dream of every parent to provide best education to their children and therefore, they try to give education to their children in good schools.

However, due to increasing cost of living in India, it has almost become difficult for lower middle class and poor people to afford quality education for their children. Though, Indian government claim to provide a good education to all students of India at very affordable cost through millions of government schools around India, however, condition of these schools is known to everyone. Somewhere there is no teacher in school, some where there is no school building, some where no seating arrangement, some where no students, this is situation of government run schools.

Government schools are clearly most cheap option available with parents to educate their students where it cost only Rs 10-30 per month, but pathetic condition of these schools in many parts of India discourages parents to do so. I am also a product of government school, though my school was situated in heart of city and had many better facilities as compared to other government run schools; however, attitude of teachers was same to get more number of tuitions than providing good education in class.

The main theme of story is that if somewhere we can find good government school then we cannot change the attitude of government teachers who take their jobs very casually, though may not all government teachers. Second option remains with the patents is to go for private schools where they can hope some attention for their children and improvement in their school grades. Parents are required to pay from Rs 200-Rs 2000 per month to these private schools and this cost can increase further with big cities and big schools.

Except school fees, parents are required to spend good amount of money on the transportation, extracurricular activities and number of other funds. Therefore, most of the middleclass parents are required to spend around 30 to 50% of their earning on the education of their children. Third option of schools only belong to rich people of society where it cost from RS 10000 to Rs 20000 per month, however, with abundance of money, this amount hardly matter to these people and they can even afford much more expensive education.

The major question which remains unanswered at the end is that why we are allowing education to become a business in our country by not giving proper attention of our government schools. Already, there are some good examples of government schools in Chandigarh and Himachal, which are not only providing good education to students but also giving full competition to private schools. If our government can also improve the situation of government run schools in other parts to India then large number of parents and students can easily afford good education.

However, wide spread corruption in government machinery is a biggest challenge in completing this dream. Education is must for the growth of any nation and it is duty of every nation to provide and good and affordable education to its people. In this financial budget, Government of India has increased the education budget and announced number of schemes for poor student, therefore, we can hope that we will soon see some improvement in situation.

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Video of Dhoni's one day life as engineering student

Enjoy the Video of India ODI squad captain M S Dhoni living the life of an engineering student. All this become possible due to the FritoLay Indis' Chala Change Ka Chakar contest. According to this contest, any person winning this contest will lead the life of his favourite star for one day and his favourite star will live his life. Last week, Dhoni also lived the life of 20 year old engineering student who won this contest. Below is video of M S Dhoni living life of this engineering student.

Condition of Indian Sports (Video Report)

Sometime, it looks very bad to see the pathetic condition of Indian sports other than cricket. In every Olympic, India send hundred of players to represent different games, however, majority of our player even fail in first round of game. This story repeats itself year after year and hardly, we see any improvement in our games. We can easily judge the condition of Indian games when we find that only Indian hockey team is so far able to win an Olympic gold medal. Why pollution of billions of people is not able to give few good world class players? Then answer lies in the poor condition of sports facilities available in India. Except cricket stadiums, it is very difficult to find quality stadium for other games in India. Overall, it will not be right to blame our players for this condition because they hardly get any support from government for improving their games. Second biggest reason of failure of India sports is wide spread corruption, where money meant for the players never reach the actual beneficiaries but eaten by corrupt officer and politicians. Below is one similar video which highlights the condition of India sports. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

How to create a Blogger Blog video tutorial

Blogging has today emerged as an important tool for expressing our thoughts in the online world. Therefore, large numbers of people from across the world are creating their own blogs. However, still there are large numbers of people in our world especially in India, who do not know how to create a blog. For all these people, I am posting this video tutorial from (a popular option for creating a blog) for making a blog on blogger. This video provides a step by step guide for making a blog on blogger.

About NDTV serial “Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family”

I mostly watch very few TV serials during my daily routine, however, still some time I came across number of good TV serials like “Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family” which highlights the values of Indian family system and provide good and healthy entertainment. Where most of TV world is full with TV serials based around the Sas Bahu theme, these kinds of serials provide hope for full family entertainment and learning something good from them.

Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family is a new daily soap on NDTV imagine available between 10:00 -10:30 PM slot from Monday to Friday. Already, this serial has become popular among large number of TV viewers because this serial provides a chance in front of people to watch joint family system of India where every family member help other member of family which tradition is slowly losing its identity in preset lifestyle.

In the present world, mostly people opt for nuclear families then living in joint families because of present trend and people’s expectations. This serial again reminds us about good points of joint family and how joint family can help every person living in joint family. Main attraction of this serial are Swati Chitnis and Anang Desai, who are performing the roles of Jesuben and Jayantilal.

Swati Chitnis playing Jesuben is main pillar of this joint family who provide help to other family members in solving their problems. Other actors and actresses of this serial are also fine and have justified their roles. This serial is a good watch for people who are looking for good and healthy entertainment on small screen.

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Maruti Swift Dzire to Replace Esteem (Plus Dzire videos)

Last year, lot of people felt shocked when Maruti finally decided to withdraw popular Esteem model from the market. For long Maruti Esteem ruled Indian market in mid sedan segment, however, it was constantly losing its market share to other players in the competition. At that time, Maruti announced that it will soon launch Sift Sedan model in future.

Yesterday, Maruti announced the launch of much awaited Maruti swift sedan in the form of Swift DZire 1.3 L version. This car has already attracted lot of attention from people due to its price and features. Maruti Dzire will be available in the price range of Rs 4.50 Lakh to 6.70 Lakh, which indicats toward a new price war in this segment.

Dzire is available in both petrol and diesel versions and obviously, diesel version of Swift Dsire will be more expensive than petrol version. Petrol version of Swift Dzire will cost between Rs 4.50 Lakh to 5.90 Lakh and Diesel version of Dzire will cost between Rs 5.40 Lakh to Rs 6.70 Lakh. Maruti Swift Sedan will be full of features like power and adjustable steering, driver seat height adjustment, front and rear electric power windows, central locking system, manual air-conditioning, heater, integrated audio system, stylish panel, airbag etc.

Therefore, Maruti Swift Sedan provides good competition in the middle segment where other players like Logan, Indigo, Ikon etc are already doing well in this segment. For watching pictures of Maruti Swift Dsire and learning more about this car people can visit official website of Maruti Dzire On this website, people can easily find useful information related this much talked about car. Overall, this new car from Maruti look very attractive and we can hope that Dzire will also do well in this segment and become one more popular model of Maruti.

First look video of Maruti Dzire-

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US Presidential election war fought on Youtube

US Presidential election is really gathering lot of news and responses from people across world. Already popular video sharing tools like are full of many such response videos. Below is one such popular video in the support of Hillary Clinton from La Pequeña Hillary Clinton. This video has already become big hit in few days. Will this video be able to do any wonder for Hillary Clinton in her campaign or not? This will definitely become clear to us shortly. However, one thing is that these videos are generating huge responses for themselves from people across the world.

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Finally Vandana rescued from borewell (watch video)

Finally, Vandana two and half year old girl from Tehra village Near Agra, who fell in 45 feet deep and one and half foot wide borewell yesterday evening is safely rescued by India Army and civil machinery today late evening. With this lot of people across India got great relief because they were praying for the safe rescue of Vandana from borewell. It took almost 27 long hours to rescue this girl safely out this bore which was left uncovered after digging by careless authorities. Army dug parallel bore to exciting bore in which Vandana fell to rescue her. Earlier, also numbers of such incidences are reported from various parts of India, famous one including rescue of Prince. Despite all the earlier incidences, it looks that administration and careless people have not learned anything. Though, every time administration says about taking action against these culprits but mostly nothing is done in these cases. We can hope that no such incidence will happen in future; however, if, situation remains same in future then time will not be far when Indian army will have one special cell of dealing such incidences.

VIdeo report on Vandana's rescue-

Rescue Video-

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About Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

Former and most popular president of India Dr Abdul Kalam, full name Dr Avul Pakir Jainullabdeen Abdul Kalam, do not need any further introduction still there are many points about his life which we do not know. Abdul Kalam was born on 15 Oct, 1931 in temple town of Tamil Nadu Ramshwaram. He father was fisherman and devoted Muslim. Financial condition of his father was not very sound and mostly, Abdul Kalam and his five brothers and sister have to pass through tuff time due to financial crisis.

Despite all the problems, Abdul Kalam remain determined in achieving new heights in life with the help of number of friends, relatives and well-wishers. His life is full of number of messages like completing our dreams despite all difficulties, doing something for our nation and people, doing selfless service for nation and respecting all religions. Dr Abdul Kalam is a Muslim; however, in his conduct he never gave any wrong message to people of other religions during his life, therefore, large numbers of people across religious respect him for his great work.

For all this, Dr Kalam gives credit to number of his Hindu and other religion friends, who have provided great help to him during his life. He still remembers his teacher Chidambara Subramaniam, who helped Dr Kalam in entering Sheward High School, Ramananthapuram by convincing his family to send him there. Dr Kalam did his graduation in Physics from St Joseph College, Trichinapally. Later, Dr Kalam got admission in Madras Institute of Technology, thanks to her sister, who took loan against her jewellery for paying entrance fee.

Dr Abdul Kalam’s life is full of many such inspirations for all the youths of India and world. After education, Dr Kalam joined Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) as joiner research scientist in 1958. Soon he shifted to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for doing research in the field of satellite and launch capabilities. Later, he became the Project Director of SLV-3 and Rohini projects and gave India Prithvi, Agni, Trishul, Akas etc. Though Dr Kalam never took the credit for this success and shared his success with his co-workers.

His common belief is that “Strength respects strength and technology honours technology”, therefore, he tried everything to make India self reliant in the field of space technology and missile defence. In 2002, he became first scientist president of India. During his tenure as president of India, he becomes so popular that people started describing him as people’s president. He opened the door of President Place to general public of India which mostly remain closed to people during other president’s rule.

This simple man achieved great heights in every field in which he served people of India. Due to his selfless approach to all the works done by him, he is popularly known as Best President of India, Fire man, Missile Man etc. It is very difficult for people of India to forget his contribution in various fields. Moreover, his greatness can be judged from the fact that he has again decided to teach students after becoming revealed from President Office in 2007. In future, also we can hope that life of President Kalam will remain major source of inspiration for large number of people across India and world.

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Magic or Fraud

From many centuries, large numbers of people and magicians are using fraud methods to shows things which are otherwise not possible. Though all the magicians are not fraud but there are many who use wrong methods to achieve their goals. Below is also one such video embedded which show a magician separating a girl in to two pieces with the help of his magic. In first viewing this magic look very realistic and many people start believing it as real trick. However, the actual reality is very different from what is shown in this video. The magician in this video has very smartly first presented two girls in the form of single girl then with the help of few friends he has shown like separating her. People believe that one girl is separated in two pieces, however, in reality two different girls, one seating over other, are becoming separated. People can also understand this fact by closing watching this video. We are really living in a world where number of such tricks made on the daily basis to attract our attention and make money worldwide.

Video of trick of separating a girl in two pieces -

About Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tej Hain and participation details

Shahrukh Khan has some kind of great attraction in him, that’s why large numbers of people gets attracted towards whatever he does in life. This time also Shahrukh Khan is back with one more attraction for small screen viewers. Soon Indian small screen viewers will be available to watch one reality show “Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tej Hain” hosted by Shahrukh Khan for Star TV. This show provides an opportunity of winning rupees five crore. “Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tej Hain” is basically a quiz show similar on the lines of earlier quiz shows like “Kaun Banega Crorepati”, however, there is one advantage in this show that questions asked in this show will be from the syllabus of Panchavi class or lower level classes. Therefore, now any person who has knowledge up to the level of Panchavi class can win five crore rupees through this show. Presently, phones lines for participation in this show are open and hopefully, this show will be available in front of us to watch from second or third week of April.

Three available ways to participate in Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tej Hain:-

1. By using a MTNL/BSNL landline or mobile phone

Need to Dial 1862 888 7827 followed by one of the answer options (01 or 02 or 03 or 04). For example, to choose answer option 01, viewers should dial 1862 888 7827 01.

2. By using the Voice Service, for mobile connections of Airtel, Aircel, Spice, and Vodafone mobile.

Need to Dial 505 7827 followed by one of the answer options (01 or 02 or 03 or 04). For example, to choose answer option 01, viewers should dial 505 7827 01.

3. By using the SMS Service for mobile connections of Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Tata Indicom, Spice and Vodafone mobile.

Send SMS by writing PASS to 57827 followed by one of the answer options (01 or 02 or 03 or 04). For example, to choose answer option 01, viewers should SMS PASS 01 to 57827.

Below, people can also enjoy interview with Shahrukh Khan about this show.

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Who is real victim in Amit Budhiraja and Rinku Sachdeva case?

Pictures of Amit Budhiraja and Rinku Sachdeva

It is really hard to believe that present educated youths have become so weak that they are finding it hard to easily manage their marriage relationships. One similar matter came to light when story of Computer engineer Amit Budhiraja (working with Infosys) killing his wife Rinku Sachdeva (marketing executive with private bank) and later committing suicide become top news of today. Amit Budhiraja blamed his wife Rinku for not being a good wife and having extra-marital affair with some other person in his suicide note.

According to him, he has recorded the conversation of Rinku with her alleged lovers on his Laptop which is now in the police custody. Both Amit Budhiraja (30) and Rinku Sachdeva (28) were well settled in their life and highly educated then why they failed in their relationship. Amit may have put blame on his wife for having some affair; however, he cannot justify any killing of a person on the name of having some affair. Many relationships fail in this world and this does not mean that people start killing each other.

It is not always necessary that every married couple are made for each other, every person has full right in this world to choose what is right for him or her. It would have been much better if Amit had accepted this truth boldly that we except from such educated youth of India then cold bloodedly killing his wife. For me, Amit Budhiraja is responsible for two killing first of his wife and then of himself. This incidence also reminds us about the need of emotional intelligence with general intelligence because any relationship becomes successful more with emotional support than intelligence alone.

People may be blaming Rinku for betraying her husband; however, do we know the real story of their life? Then why blame her. Even if she is having some affair or wanting to get divorce then what is wrong in it in free country like India where every person is free to live his life as per his will. In nutshell, my conclusion is that it was not agreeable to the ego of Amit Bhudhiraja that Rinku should leave him and he also showed the symptoms of excessive obsession and possessiveness. Therefore, it is not right for people to blame Rinku for these killings.

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Increasing Acceptance of Indian Cricket League (ICL)

There is some good news for Indian Cricket League (ICL) reveal league to BCCI (which control most of Indian cricket) that they are slowly able to catch much desired attention for their tournaments. ICL is able to grab much more coverage for their second tournaments from various forms of Medias like newspapers, News channels and sports websites, which was not seen during the first ICL tournaments.

This is really good news for ICL that they are slowly getting recognition in the cricket space which is mostly believed belong to BCCI. This time ICL matches are also available live on Ten sports, a popular sports channel, simultaneously with Zee sports. Therefore, people of India can now have more ease in watching all the matches of ICL. Moreover, ICL is also doing everything to make their sports events popular by taking the help of glamour.

Every match of ICL also provides people with an opportunity to enjoy the dance show of one famous Bollywood actresses like Sameera Reddy, Malaika Arora Khan etc. Though, people may be coming to watch these heroines but ICL is definitely getting advantage from these shows which help them in attracting people to Stadiums for watching games. Already, BCCI has taken very tough stand against ICL and launched their separate league with name Indian Premier League (IPL).

IPL first tournament will also start next month from April 18 and IPL has paid huge amount of money to Indian and international players for playing in IPL. Therefore, next battle of existence will be really tough for ICL, however, presently; they can relax and enjoy increasing image of their brand among people.

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Watch making of Title song Krazzy 4 featuring Shahrukh

Presently, Forthcoming feature film Krazzy 4 is in lot of news due to its item song numbers. This film has three item songs featuring Shahrukh Khan, Rakhi Sawant and Hrithek Roshan. Presently, item songs of Shahrukh and Rakhi are present in front of people and people are waiting for the item song featuring Hrithek Roshan. Below people can enjoy the making of Title song of Krazzy 4 featuring Shahrukh Khan. This song has already become hit among the fans of Shahrukh.

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Thought of Day (24/3/08)

Below is Thought for Day.

"Young Age is the Budding Period of the Flower of Life and It needs protection so that the diverse opinions of others do not create confusion in the mind." By Swami Rama

Have a nice and fulfilling Day

Pre-release Movie Review- "One Two Three"

In recent times, cinema lovers of India are getting bombarded with one laughter movie after another. Hardly, people forget about one laughter movie, another movie come knocking their doors. This week also we are seeing release of one more laughter movie “One Two Three”. This film is full of number of stars like Tusshar Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Sameera Reddy, Esha Deol, Neetu Chandra, Upen Patel, Tanishaa etc.

However, story wise this film does not offer much to people. Story of the film revolves around the stolen 10 crore rupees diamonds from a don. Story writer has tried to provide some laughter by introducing their characters with same name Laxmi Narayan and they are Tusshar Kapoor (struggling gangster), Sunil Shetty (MBA and boss obedient) and Paresh Rawal (sell underwear on footpath). These three Laxmi Narayan reach at same place at same time and here start show of laughter and confusion.

Story of this film is freely available on net and people can visit the official “one two three” website on However, my advice for all people looking to watch this film is to not read this story, otherwise this film will become very boring and predictable. The main attraction of film is its director “Aswani Dhir”, who directed popular TV serials like office-office, public hai sab janti ha, hum saath aath ha etc.

He has also won awards for seven consecutive years for his TV serials. Now, it will be big challenge for Aswani Dhir to repeat his success again with films also. This film is produced by Big Screen entertainment Pvt Ltd; know films like Omkara, Nshabad etc. From first look, this film look some promising, however, problem with film is repeated jokes, still we are required to wait till Friday for knowing the actual feedback of this film.

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Pre-release Review- U ME AUR HUM

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For all people, who love to watch love stories, a love story of real life couple Kajol and Ajay Devgan, “U Me AUR HUM” is all set to hit cinema screens across the world on 11th April, 2008. This will be after gap of seven long years when Ajay and Kajol will be seen in same film and first after their marriage.

So far, their pair is not able to do any wonder on the big screen earlier, however, this time both Ajay and Kajol are confident that they will change this trend and their cine fans will definitely like this love story. With this film Ajay Devgan is also entering in the field of direction and he is very confident about his directorial debut.

Already, Amir Khan has established himself as director in film industry after the success of his directorial debut “Tara Zameen Par”, which acclaimed world wide praise for Amir. We can also hope similar response for the Ajay Devgan. This film is also produced by Devgan films. From last few weeks, Ajay and Kajol are visiting different reality shows to create curiosity about their film.

The story of film “U me aur hum” moves around Ajay (Ajay Devgan), a leading psychiatrist and Pia (Kajol), a waitress on the cruise. During cruise trip, Ajay Devagan falls in love with Kajol and here start the journey of love story of Ajay and Kajol which moves through number of ups and downs.

For knowing the exact story of film, we are required to wait till April 11, when this film will be released. Many cine fans are waiting this film eagerly and hoping that this will be best love story of 2008 and biggest hit of year. Music of film is already released and music in this film is given by Vishal Bharadwaj.

Success and Failure of “U me aur hum” will test the acceptance of this pair of big screen, though these stars are well known in their categories, however, people are still waiting their best hit together. Now, we need to wait to see if “U ME AUR HUM” is it or not.

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About Amoxycillin and Clavulanic acid Combination

Today, Amoxycillion and Clavulanic acid is one of most prescribed antibiotic for various illnesses in India. We can easily find number of brands available in the market for this combination like Augmentin (Glaxo), Moxclav (Ranbaxy), Clavam (Alkam) etc. In recent times, market of this combination has increased many times after the entry of number of cheap brands from the player like Mankind.

Though, worldwide and India, Augmentin holds an undisputed top position in this segment despite priced much higher as compared to other brands. Amoxycillin alone is also a good antibiotic and is one of the most frequently prescribed antibiotics in clinical practice. Amoxycillin is a broad spectrum Aminopenicillin and it belongs to Beta-Lactam group antibiotics. However, wide use of Amoxycillin has caused resistance towards it from various pathogens resulting in the decrease in efficacy of this drug.

To solve this problem, scientists discovered that they can again restore the efficacy of Amoxycillin by combining it with Clavulanic acid. Clavulanic acid itself has very less antibacterial properties, however, due to its suicide inhibitor tendencies for beta-Lactemases (medical name of resistance for Amoxycillin) it clear the way for the action by Amoxycillin against the Bacteria. Though, some pathogens in acute cases have also started showing resistance toward this combination also but still this combination provides a better alternative with Indian doctors to treat their patients.

This combination is widely prescribed in indications like Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Sinusitis, Otitis media, Acute or chronic bronchitis, Pneumonia etc. This combination is available in market in tablet, suspension and IV form. In future, also we can hope that this combination will remain the preferred choice antibiotic in India.

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About Peptic Ulcer (Ulcer)

Peptic Ulcer or commonly called Ulcer is a well defined round or oval ulcer (sore) formation in stomach or duodenum due to stomach acids and digestive juices which damage the protective lining of stomach or duodenum and lead to unproductive inner surface, further causing the formation of ulcer. In countries like India, large numbers of people suffer from various ulcer related problems due to our eating habits. Mostly, Indian eats food rich in fats, spices and sometimes prepared in unhygienic conditions. Moreover, present life style also plays a major role increasing the chances of ulcer to people like working late night, irregular eating habits, eating junk food etc.

Main forms of ulcers are –

1) Duodenal Ulcer (most common in Indian conditions)
2) Gastric Ulcer (less common)
3) Oesophageal Ulcers (common, caused by back flow of acid in to Oesophageal)
4) Stress Ulcers (resulting due to stress caused by illness, burns, trauma etc)
5) NSAID induced Ulcers (due to excessive use of pain killers)
6) Ulcers associated with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Doctors mostly rate three main causes for this problem and they are-

1) Imbalance of aggressive and defensive factors e.g. gastric acid and enzymes try to damage stomach wall while mucus, bicarbonate ions, integrity and repair capacity of mucosal cells, prostaglandins and gastric blood supply tries to protect from ulcers.
2) H.pylori (Helicobacter pylori) is considered one of main factor in causing ulcer in patients and mostly, enters patient’s body through unhygienic food and water.
3) Third is present life style which is full of many stress causing factors and consumption of junk food, alcohol and smoking.

From above, we can easily judge the role of good life style in decreasing the chances of ulcer in life. It is very much possible for people having minor ulcer problems to treat it with diet moderation. However, in acute ulcer conditions people are required to take proper medications and they may need surgery in certain cases. In market, people can easily find many drugs for treating ulcer problems; however, best option available with people is to go for better life lifestyles which include healthy living and eating habits.

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Review Movie- Woodstock Willa (Stay Out)
Movie Review-"U ME AUR HUM" (Good but long and flat)
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24)Movie Review- “Race” (Average Time Pass)
25)Movie Review- Mithya (2 out of 5)

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"Provoked" failed to Provoke us
Review- Namastey London-A definite Hit
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Review- BSNL Broad Band

Presently, State owned Telecommunication Company BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is providing cheaper broad band service to millions of internet users in India. From last two months, I also got the chance to use this service and after using this service I am very much satisfied with their service performance. I am using internet from last three and half years and I have the experience of using internet services of various players like Reliance, Sify, Tata Indicom and airtel etc.

I also used different modes for surfing internet like data card; plug to surf modem, base phones, gprs enabled mobile sets etc. At the end, I really want to give full credit to BSNL for providing high speed internet at comparatively low cost. With the combination of wifi modem, I also get the freedom of using my laptop at my own convenience. Presently, I am using Rs 500 for 1.5 GB download connection which also includes the bill of telephone in it. When I compare this connection with other options used by me earlier than really, it is best option available with people for using a fast internet connection at reasonable price.

Moreover, BSNL also provide broad band modems both wifi and simple at subsidised rates which are otherwise much expensive in the market. Not only this, BSNL also provide free replacement or service of your modem if any problem comes in it at any time in future which is not available with any private player despite tall claims and every private player only provides a maximum of one year replacement or service warranty on their products.

Already, this connection is a big hit and many people are using it in their homes and offices. Though, BSNL broad band also give some problems in peak hours but it is many times better than the other options available with us today. Therefore, people looking for reliable and cheaper broad band connection can think about the BSNL.

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Why we should not go for Reliance ZTE Data Cards?

Last three week were very frustrating for me, as I struggled to get my Data card repaired from ZTE service centre, Model Town, Ludhiana. From last two months, I was getting very less speed on my Reliance ZTE (PCMCIA Type 11) card and finally, in the beginning of this month my data card becomes almost dead. I approached the only ZTE service centre available in Ludhiana to get my data card serviced. They repaired my data card by changing antenna and inside pin for the cost of Rs 800.

I again started using it; however, problem persisted in form of fluctuation of singles. When I again approached them then they told me that this problem may be coming due to my laptop and advised me get my laptop checked at the concerned service centre. I also did the same thing, however, problem was found with the Data card. So, I again approached ZTE service centre with my problem, they again took the Data and asked me to enquire about it after four-five day.

After one week, when I finally visited the Data card centre then they showed their inability in solving my problem and said to me that my Data card is permanently damaged and I need to buy a new one because my data card is out warranty. They asked me to pay Rs 3500, however, after I asked for my Rs 800 wasted on repair then they asked me to pay Rs 3500 (actual cost of data card) -800 (taken for service of data card) = Rs 2700. After seeing this worst performance of data card (caused problem for three times in less than two year including one replacement for Rs 500 under warranty) and concerned service centre, I refused their offer.

My conclusion say that Data card gives a problem average every 8-12 months and if your data card is more than one year old (out of warranty) then you need to buy one more card. In nutshell, a person is buying a new data card every second year. It is very important for all of us to remember while buying a data card or mobile phone from private players like Reliance and others; they do not provide free replacement of phones, moderns or data cards as provided by state owned companies like BSNL, VSNL etc and people are required to pay complete price equivalent to new product if it is out of warranty, mostly more than one year old.

Second, ZTX provides a worst service network where it is very hard to find a good service for your data card. Third, speed available through data card is much slow and very expensive as compared to other broad band services. Only advantage available with data card is internet access on move across India, however, we can easily get wider and cheaper internet access on move by opting of GPRS enabled internet connection from mobile players like Airtel for as low as RS 250 (unlimited download).

Note-This article is based my personal experience, therefore, it is not necessary that it will represent the overall problem or experience of people.

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Movie Review- “Race” (Average Time Pass)

Finally, much talked about film of recent months “Race” is here to entertain people. This film has already attracted lot of attention of people due to its big star cast and hot scenes for which censor board has given it “A” certificate. To some extent, yes, this is film has many hot scenes which can attract some people attention towards this film. Director has made special attention to high light few censored parts of Bipasa and Katrina; and both also have tried to wear as less cloths as they can.

Second attraction of the film is its suspense for which Abbas-Mustan is known, this time also Abbas-Mustan has done number of experiments with the suspense and people get number of unexpected shocks during the movie, however, complete package does not make it an extraordinary suspense thriller. Moreover, this time Abbas Mustan has even tried to wind suspense under the suspense, still mostly, film remains predictable. This film also has some action and people can enjoy the race taking place between brothers at the end.

Acting wise, Saif Ali Khan is at its best and he has given excellent performance. Rest other heroes of film Akshaye Khanna and Anil kapoor are average and there is nothing new in their acting. About the acting talent of heroines of film then Bipasa is fine in acting, however, heroines are mostly used for showing body then showing an acting talent. About the story of film then story is also not new, same story which we have watched many times on number of films and TV serials.

Two step brothers, father likes one brother, giving property to one, one brother is good one is bad, both make plans to kill each other, finally good brother win this battle by using wrong means. Music of the film is also its weak point except two songs all the other songs look forced on the movie. Overall, Race is not a big draw from 2008’s biggest hits as predicted earlier, though it can attract good audience due to hot scenes, exotic locations, expensive cars and big star cast.

Point- 2/5

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Thought of Day (20/3/08)

Below is a thought of Day for 20/3/08

"A person's strength needs to be tested often so that he learns to be self-reliant." -by Swami Rama

Hope you have a good day.

Proper Financial management and debt free life

Today, we all live in a very alluring world full of many attractive credit card and personal loan offers. Some of these offers look so attractive at first sight that large numbers of people find it hard to resist them. However, I want to warn people about taking these loans or credit card options without having any proper need.

Moreover, it is also very important for people to have a proper plan about how they will repay this money in future because otherwise like millions of people of world, they can also land in various debts related problems. It is very important for people to have a proper Debt Management system in place for avoid problems like non payment of loan or credit card instalment.

With proper planning and management people can easily avoid most of the debt problem from coming into their lives. The good news for the people is that they can easily learn number of debt management methods at the websites like People can also get the help of options like IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) for coming out of debts easily.

Like this people can learn number of good options for managing a debt free life by constantly updating them with available options. In the present world, it is very important for the people to remain more updated and careful about their financial matters because financial matters are day by day becoming more and more complex to handle.

Report and video of Tibetan protestors shot dead By Chinese Authorities

Below is a shocking video from BBC world which presents the real pictures of Chinese respect for human rights. This video clearly shows that how Chinese army and government can go up to any extent to crush any movement of people. These pictures in the video can shock some people; however, these are cruel realities of so called Chinese people friendly rule. According to report, some of the pictures were so shocking that they cannot be shown in this video.

Further report says that large numbers of people are dead due to bullet injuries and there number could be in hundreds. However, in much anticipated style, Chinese British Embassy authorities said that there is no news of any such incidence taking place in China and they cannot tell anything by viewing these pictures alone. China may not have expected this much violent response from the ethnic Tibetans for the liberation of Tibet.

For long, battle for the freedom of Tibet is considered as dead by China and world. However, these new protests from Tibet and other provinces of China where Tibetan people live in large number are signs of decreasing fate of Tibetan people on Chinese policies. China always claim itself to be very human rights friendly nations and it also presents a very people friendly picture by putting complete control on flow of information.

This time also China has imposed ban on the popular video uploading tool YouTube and closed number of cyber cafes in the riot effective parts of nation. Still we are able to get few such rare pictures which show how people are not fearful of Chinese bullets and ready to give their lives also. Today, across the world it is becoming very clear that it is not possible for nations to control their areas by just forceful means and without the will of people. This time Chinese government may win in controlling these protests, however, in future they may not?

Watch video-

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About Swami Rama (1925-96)

Swami Rama is a name of one great saint of India, who transformed the lives of many people in India and abroad. Swami Rama’s life is full of many inspirations and provides an insight on the great Indian wisdom. He was born in 1925 in a small village in North India. However, he was raised by a Yogi living in the foothills of Himalayas. During his life, Swami Rama studied both western education and great Indian spiritual education.

He got his higher education from leading universities of India and England including Oxford. He also studied and practised various yogic and spiritual practises only known to great saints of India by visiting monasteries situated on higher altitudes in Himalayas and in Tibet. Therefore, he combined both educations to provide more realistic solutions of spirituality to whole world. He also remained Shankaracharya of Karvirpitham in South India for 1949-51.

However, he renounced this highest position for knowing more about the spiritual practices and returned to his great Guru and master living in Himalayas. He even visited Tibet for meeting his great grand master and learning spiritual practices from him. He lived in number of cave monasteries to understand spiritual practices and power of nature. Later he also lived in England and Moscow to become part of research and giving consultation there.

He also opened an Ashram in Rishikesh and later reached United States in 1969 for giving the wisdom of Himalayan sages to western world. During his life, he always believed himself as a messenger of great Himalayan sages for providing their wisdom to world and west. He also remained great inspirational force for lot of people, scientists, yogis and great thinkers across the world.

He has also written number of books related to yoga, spirituality, meditation etc. He books include “Living with the Himalayan Masters”, “Art of Joyful Living”, “Wisdom of the Ancient Sages” etc. He also founded the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, and the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust. Today people can easily benefit from his great wisdom by reading number of books written by him.

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Advancement in gaming world

Today, people really have great options of enjoying various games available with them. People can easily buy many gaming solutions like Xbox, play station etc. Every year, these companies are also launching more superior versions of their gaming products. Recently, I got a chance to play game on xbox 360 and really enjoyed playing game on it. This is really a great revolution as compared to my time and present generation of games are more superior as compared to the games available few years back. Already, this game industry has captured lot of market and soon, we can hope more people having access to these games. Today, price is slight hindrance which is stopping many people from buying an xbox or a play station for them; however, we can hope that soon more affordable solutions will be available for masses.

Are Karina and Saif new hot couple of Bollywood?

Bollywood is really a world full of many surprises and excitements. Across India and world, many people like this world and enjoy what is happening in it. People mostly remain excited about knowing the hot actor, hot actress or hot couple of Bollywood. Last year, when Abhishek Bachan married Aishwarya Rai then they became the hot couple of Bollywood or even India and still they are number one.

However, one new pair is challenging their top position and it is new hot pair of Saif and Karina. Today, we can easily find newspapers, TV channels and internet full with stories related to them. From Saif’s Tattoo to expensive diamond gift for Karina, this couple is making headlines after headlines. Even there were rumours last week that Saif hired a private jet for his lady love. In one interview, Saif Ali Khan also said that “Karina is not only a beautiful woman but she is a beautiful person also”.

Today, Karina-Saif rumours and jokes are in big demand and even we got some glimpse of it in Filmfare awards when Shahrukh said Karina “Bhabhiji”. At present this love story is going at full swing and we can soon hear news of their marriage also. However, this is a Bollywood where nobody can give the guaranty of any relation; therefore, it is very hard to predict in relationship of Karina-Saif that what is stored next for them.

Their relationship will also depend greatly on the success of their forthcoming films where they are acting together. Overall, their intimacies definitely have provided lot of matter for debate to their fans and general public.

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Big question mark on Sanjay-Manyata Marriage

Last year is known for the famous marriage between Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan and this year will be definitely remembered for Sanjay and Manyata marriage, Sorry not for marriage, however for controversies related to marriage. By looking at Sanjay Dutt life, any person can easily assume that Sanjay Dutt know very well that how to attract problems.

This time also Sanjay Dutt has created a difficult situation for himself by marrying a married woman which could put him again behind bars for up to 10 years. Today, Mumbai court admitted the petition of Manyata’s (Shehnaaz Shaikh) ex-husband Mehraj-ur-Rehman for cancelling the marriage of Sanjay and Manyata and observed that Manyata is still married to Mehraj-ur-Rehman.

According to Mehraj-ur-Rehman, Manyata has not taken divorce with him and therefore, she is still his wife as per Muslim laws. He also rubbished the claims of Manyata that she has taken divorce with him through a Qazi and his lawyer said in court that a Qazi do not have power to announce Talak without serving any notice to Mehraj, which is not served to him in last three years.

Earlier, Bandra police has given clean chit to Manyata in this case by accepting the documents providing by her in the favour of Divorce with Mehraj-ur-Rehman, however, court cancelled this clean chit and asked Sanjay and Manyata to present before court during next hearing on 1st April. Now, both Sanjay Dutt and Manyata are required to provide enough evidences in their support, otherwise, their marriage according to Hindu marriage law will have no meaning.

Sanjay and Manyata also faced same problem in Goa court where Manyata is blamed for submitting document gathered through corrupt means, but, they avoided this controversy by withdrawing their application of marriage from Goa court. Moreover, if both Sanjay and Manyata are found guilty of providing wrong information or marrying without giving divorce then both can face imprisonment put to 10 years. After the Tada court, now Sanjay Dutt will have to fight new battle in court again and this time, his punishment could be more.

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Thought of Day (18/3/08)

Below is the thought of Day.

"Beauty is to be admired and not to be used, possessed, or destroyed."

Therefore, save world, save nature and help in making all this possible by respecting and protecting beautiful creatures of world and nature.

Time of online games

There are number of games in the present world which are played by large number of people. Some of the games like Backgammon are very old and from long time, people in many parts of the world are enjoying this game. Basically, this game is played by two players on the board with help of a dice. In the present world, we can easily find many versions of Backgammon game played in different part of the world.

Some people say that luck matter in this game while other say that it is strategy which is important. In the recent times, Backgammon game is also finding place in the online gaming world with lot of versions of Backgammon available online for people to play. People can easily find many free Backgammon software online for download and start playing game on their PC.

Backgammon has great history behind it and it is proved that people are playing this game from many past years. Today, Backgammon has found great place in online world and there many dedicated Backgammon sites online. People can also easily learn this game by finding number of websites providing complete information and rules related to game.

Learning from Chapter one Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita presents a great science of living a good life in front of people and therefore, by following the methods shown in this sacred book and understanding deep realities of human life, we all can easily learn to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Today, we see large numbers of people across the world struggling to cope up with daily problems and taking many unwise decisions which creates problems for them and people related to them. By learning the art of right living with the help of sacred books like Gita, any person in this world can easily become free from number of mental problems faced by general people.

First chapter of Bhagavad Gita also remind us about the shortcoming of common people and how our thoughts and emotions can misguide us if we do not have control over them. This chapter of Bhagavad Gita represents the confused state of Arjuna, who is finding it hard to kill his own relatives in war. Like Arjuna, every person in this world faces number of such difficult situations where he finds it hard to take a decision. Mostly, in these kinds of situation people try to avoid situation or think about running from it.

However, these steps never solve the problem; however, we can actually solve our problems by facing them. In this way, we can win over number of fears and mental weaknesses, which create obstacles in our paths. This chapter also remind us about the general human weakness like how people become blind in love of own children, accepting wrong paths to fulfilling goals, fear, greed etc. Only after removing these shortcomings, any person can think of reaching higher state of human life, as attained by many mystics and spiritual leaders. Bhagavad Gita is a great science of living a higher standard life and becoming one with God. By following the wisdom provided in Gita, any person can easily attain great wisdom of God himself.

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Does we are heading for communist free world?

Mostly, communist governed states across world are blamed for wide spread human rights violations, however, outer world never know the real facts because of control on free flow of information. These states mostly claim themselves as the world’s best nation but in actuality they are biggest culprits of human rights and millions of people in these nations find it hard to live under free atmosphere. Biggest communist nation of world, China is not away from this situation. Human right violation is not a new thing for Chinese government and they can go up to any extent to suppress any people oriented movements.

Present crisis in Tibet against China is another example in this regard. In recent times, most of world started to believe that China is able to put Tibet under its belt and therefore, mostly people have no hopes that Tibet will ever become a free nation in future. Even highest spiritual leader of Tibetans Dalai Lama has accepted this fact at number of occasions. However, recent revolt of Tibetan people against Chinese authorities is one example of how people of china and Tibet are standing against the communist rule of China.

Already, there is news of millions of small unrests in country which are mostly crushed by Chinese authorities with force. This time also China is using every tactics to crush this protest of Tibetan people by using force and putting ban on media. Last year also, we all saw similar protest in Myanmar against the communist military rulers of that nation and there also Buddhist monks were leading the masses like in Tibetan protests.

Today, communist nations across the world need to learn that it is not possible for them to rule people with the help of fear and exploitation. China may have a strong army but when ordinary come to road than even these big armies fail in providing any support. Present generation of people are more interested for freedom and free atmosphere to live than any orthodox communist rule which claims more and provide less.

Videos of protests in Tibet (China)-

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Increasing rate of corruption in India Army

India Army has always held a great respect in the heart of all Indians and it is great proud for any Indian to serve in Indian Army. However, recently few things came to light which highlighted how corruption has made inroads in to Indian Army. Today, Indian Army, which was once believed as one of the total corruption free organisation in India is becoming victim of few top level corrupt army officers.

Some of these facts become public when Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) presented report related to wide spread corruption in Indian Army. According to one report, Army is purchasing faulty boots for shoulders defending India in the acute heights of Siachen and Sikkim. Army is purchasing faulty boots since 2002 from an Italian firm which fails to work after -15 degree Celsius, where as maximum fall in temperature reported on these heights in -50 degree Celsius.

Army has already rejected these boots since 2005; however, in last three years our Army headquarter has failed in changing these boots and providing more improved version of boots to our soldiers. Army is still giving order to same firm despite it is providing faulty boots to army again and again. This CAG report has also blamed this corruption for the death of 328 army soldiers in Siachen.

This is for first time when CAG has also put confirmation on the increasing corruption in Army and how few top officials in army are betraying our soldiers defending nation’s frontiers. In one report, it is also found that one brigadier of Indian army was sending water in the place of petrol to soldiers based at Siachen. Only three year back, J&K police unearth this plot and registered case in this regard.

These revelations are really very shocking and points toward, how corruption is killing our brave soldiers, who are supposed to kill enemies. Already, Indian army is finding difficulty in getting right candidates for serving it and if this increasing corruption is not controlled then this trend can increase further.

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