I celebrated my birthday in Train

I am a person who loves solitude. I want to remain in my own self. This does not mean I do not like people. However for some times I just want to be alone. My expectations from others are very less. I do not want others do some thing special for me or give me some special attention. However some times the reverse happens to us. We are going in south direction and reach north. These things are out reach of any explanation. This is what we say is destiny.

You must listened many people celebrating their birthday in different ways. They plan well in advance to make it a unique and remember able day. On 29th of this month was my birthday. For me this was a different and memorable experience. However the main thing in it was that it was not planned by me. I had no role in it, except the person whose birthday was celebrated. In the evening on 29th I had train reservations for traveling to Hoshiarpur from Moradabad. I had to reach my home in Hoshiarpur to celebrate the deepavali. I was traveling for the first time on my birthday.

Till 28th I had no planning about celebrating my birthday. Making any plan was also difficult because I had leave in the evening of 29th. Therefore I decided to not tell any body about my birthday. The day on 29th started with the telephone call from my home in Hoshiarpur. They wished me birthday and then followed by the call from uncle home in Shimla, whose birthday coincides with mine. Also I had received some e greeting mails from some of my friends. This was what I had expected. But to my surprise I received call from my Boss and then followed by calls from my two colleagues of Sharanpur and Barielly.

This was some thing more then what I have expected. This was not the end; the wife of my boss was also traveling in the same train up to Jallandhar. This is a one station before Hoshiarpur. His parental house is their. My boss was in Saharanpur on that day and he had to get some cloths from his wife. He was going to Jallandhar after two days. I got the phone from my boss and my colleague at Saharanpur that they are meeting me at Saharanpur with cake and they will celebrate my birthday their. This was a new kind of experience for me. I had cut very few cakes in my life. My birthday is celebrated most of the time with Hindu traition.

I had never thought that I would celebrate my birthday in train. Saharanpur is four hour journey away from Moradabad, where I currently live. This news aroused lot of apprehensions in me. The trains started from the Moradabad at 7:30 pm. Boss wife was coming fromBbarielly,where he is presently stationed. I meet her at railway stations. Her seat was one compartment before mine. She told me not to sleep before Saharanpur. . Seating on my seat I was thinking about this experience. How it would be. How I would react and how people in the train would react.

In this thinking the Saharanpur comes. First comes my boss wife, she wished me happy birthday and gave me chocolate and birthday card. At the station my saharanpur colleague and boss were waiting for me with cake. First we greeted each other, they wished me happy birthday. Then after that I cut the cake. This ten minutes stoppage of train becomes a birthday destination for me and forever remember able event. Here again the belief in destiny becomes stronger. Also how good friends can make our life happy and remember able.

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How to get the confidence back

Confidence is the most sots after thing in today’s world. Everybody wants this and simultaneously this is desired in everybody. Most of us know it’s important. We know how confidence can create a huge difference in our life. We have seen my confident people in our life and we always tried to look like them. We have seen how confidence has made other more successful than us. We like confidence and we want to be confident.

However the problem is that we are not able to achieve it. Very few of us are able to realize this. But to become a really confident in all conditions what ever it may is seen very difficult. For example many people at the some time are confident and at some other time they are like most of us. To find a person who is really confident in all conditions and all situations is a hard job. And if see this person then we can clearly recognize the difference. These types of people are extraordinary in them and are highly successful in their ventures. A different charm can be seen on their faces. Every one will like to talk with him, work with him, love him and like to become like him.

This is the main reason behind the success of these people. We know all these secrets. Therefore in your mind there is always a desire to be confident. However to become a confident person is difficult for us. We have tried many ways to become confident. We followed many people for this and read many books. Sadly nothing happens to us. We are still the same old people, which are looking to others to fulfill their needs. We depend on them and also controlled by them. Here the question comes that we ever tried to see the reasons behind it. The reasons are many. Some of them are associated with our lifestyle and understanding of world.

Many people in this world born and die as slaves of other. How you may ask? It is simple most us doesn’t live our own life. We are not living to fulfill our dreams, but most of the time we are only fulfilling others dreams. Other s exploits us by fulfilling our small dreams in the exchange they are fulfilling their large dreams. Therefore most of us don’t live their real life. We are only able to achieve our some basic dreams. Therefore inside we remain as unfilled person. And an unfulfilled person can never be confident. We are searching the confidence in wrong things.

Real confidence lies inside us and we can achieve it by fulfill our true desires. We do not need any bodies help to achieve it. It is already in us, only the world has made the process complex. They do not want us to be confident. They require us to fulfill their dreams because without us they can not do this. We require understanding of our inner self and getting its help to search purpose of our life. Once we realize our purpose for life and try to fulfill it. Then day by day we will find our self more confident. This is the most simple and easiest way to get confident in life which God has made for us and everybody has the right have it.

Unknown Fears

There nearly 80% of people in world who are affected by unknown fears. These fears are killing them slowly and slowly. With the increase of technology advancement and hectic schedules, these fears are becoming more and more prominent. The main among them is the fear of future. Future is not seen by anybody. Nobody knows what’s their in future is for him. Still most of us worried about the future. Future as emerged as the one of the major fear for everybody. The main reason for the emergence of future as major threat is we are living in highly unstable world. Nothing here is stable. Everybody is running for something. Competition is very hard and people at the lower level have no right to make their decisions. They are just forced to behave, live and perform according to the orders. As the things are not in their control, therefore many times situations become out of control for them. They find them selves as puppet in the hands of others. This makes them find themselves in the trap made by others. Any failures out of the situation where they have no control make them apprehensive about his future. They are trapped in the middle of situation from where they can not think about the other alternative. This makes them frustrated and fearful about the future. In this situation they can not do anything, but only fear about the future and slowly die. Second fear is of the new. As we become old with the job, then the fear of new things starts coming to effect us. The fear of competition from new generation and non proficiency with the new technology make us suspicious of us. We start fearing that the new generation with take over us or we are unable to cope up with the new technology. Our superiors exploit this situation to compare us with the new ones. More problems come when these new generation got success more than us. Here starts the fear of inferiority. In our subconscious mind we start believing that we are inferior. Technology divide and variable education streams making it more prominent. Third is the promotion of juniors and or same ranks to higher positions. Many times due to the different circumstances many people go higher than the other of same or more potential. These circumstances are not in the control of anybody. But these types of developments make us fearful about our position to them. Many times these fears also come true, when people are let down by superiors cum juniors earlier. These situations become worst, when the humiliation is in front of others. These situations may not happen to us, but we are fearful by seeing the others fate. Fourth is the inability to cope up with the prevailing situations. Many times in life situations become more difficult than our expectation. Here we find ourselves unable to cope up with them. Like the jobs assigned to us or the expectations from us are more but we can achieve. Under the pressure or prestige, we can not admit it openly. Therefore from the day one we start fearing about the outcome. These are some kinds of fears which are killing the peoples worldwide slowly. We are requiring knowing of our fear. And rectify them, before they can damage us by any mean. Best way is to fight them and come as winner out of them. If we know our fears and doesn’t do anything to them. Then we are knowingly killing ourself.

Why some people speak more

We see many people around use who are very good in speaking. They speak up to several hours uninterruptedly. They may know the topic or not. That is not the issue. They will speak. We can say this is some kind of complex. These kinds of people are every where. Everyone most have some friends of this type. What make them to speak so uninterruptedly? There are many reasons behind this. Now we will discuss them one by one. First the common one is superiority complex. This kind of people thing that they are smartest creature on the earth and everybody around them is a fool. They think that they have the maximum knowledge of the matter. Therefore everybody should come to them for their advice. Everybody will find this kind of person at some time in their life. These people have developed this habit because of the success of their earlier same behavior. They take this behavior granted for making a good place in society. But this is not the right thing. This behavior may give someone some success initially. However this behavior is going fail in long terms, when they got more complex person then them. Second is due to habit of me first. This is also a kind of complex or habit which makes the person habitual of jumping in to everything irrespective of its knowledge. They want to give their advice and that to in first place. These kinds of people are not like the first ones. Here the behavior is habitual and not planned. They are just obsessed with this kind of behavior. This behavior starts with the childhood desires to be first and know. These people have not grown mentally. A child always remains in them and inferiority complex may also be the other reason. Third is forced behavior. Many time we live in families, where we are listened only if say forcefully and repeatedly. Which make us use this type of behavior with others also? Moreover we may have friends and colleges of same type. Then it further makes us to behave in this way. This behavior is different from the second one, as it is for some time. We remain in effect of it as long we are forced to do so. We come in to our normal behavior soon after the removable of forcing agency. Fourth type of behavior has no linkage to anything. Nobody knows why this occurs. These people are not habitual or forced or knowingly do this. They just do it. One can say this is in their genes. They are made for speaking. Their behavior remains unchanged for their whole life

Acupuncture can Lower the Blood Pressure

Acupuncture is here for long time. Its authenticity is still a debatable issue. But the recent study that the acupuncture can dramatically lower blood pressure. According to this study, when low level of electrical stimulation was given at specific points on the front legs of rats lower the elevation in blood pressure. This study provides a setting stage for large-scale trails on humans and another option for healthcare practitioner treating high blood pressure patients.

This study proves that acupuncture can be an excellent complements to other medical treatments, especially those treating high blood pressure problems. This study cans convince the so far unconvinced Weston world that acupuncture can also lower blood pressure. This research will ultimately integrate acupuncture healing into medical treatments for lowering the blood pressure. Team of researchers performed both manual and electro acupuncture.

All the activities in both manual and electro acupuncture were performed. They used all the methods available and also changed the variables. Results of both manual and electro acupuncture showed immediate and prolonged lowering of cardiovascular blood pressure. However blood pressure remains lower for 10 minutes longer with electro acupuncture. Results in electro acupuncture are achieved normally with lower frequency. Result ranges between 44 and 39 % respectively.

Combined stimulation of both the sets has caused no extra additive effect on the lowering of blood pressure. Acupuncture is available with many variable techniques; therefore this study provides a greater opportunity to understand the different type of acupuncture techniques. Acupuncture treatment is found to successful on only patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) and has no effect on the healthy patient. Goal of this study is to establish a standard of acupuncture treatment that can benefit everyone, who has high blood pressure and other cardiac ailments. Therefore acupuncture has established itself for being able to lower blood pressure. Thus acupuncture provides a big hope in the treatment of patients with cardiac disorders.

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World's New Richest person

Let’s welcome our new world’s number one rich person. Mr. Bill Gates, no question? It is Mr. Ingvar Kamprad, the Swede who founded furniture retail chain IKEA. Mr. Ingvar has overtaken the world’s richest person position from Bill Gates. Mr. Ingvar is reported to have personal property worth $53 billion. On the other hand the Mr. Gates personal fortune was put at $ 47 billion by latest list of world’s richest persons of Forbes magazine. Mr. Ingvar Kamprad is 77 years old and known to have frugal habits like flying in economy class. He lives in Switzerland. He doesn’t take part in the daily running of IKEA; however he retained the right of ownership with him. IKEA has 180 stores in more than 30 countries.
The main reason behind Mr. Ingvar success is dollar slide against the other currencies. Also Mr. Bill Gates is not able to increase his fortune with any considerable level. The main reason behind Mr. Gates fails is supposed to be the stiff competition from rivals like Google and non ability to deliver something new. So at least some is able to overtake Gates and become the World’s richest person, causing a long era of Mr. Bill Gates to end.

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Happiness Formula - To Attain Happiness in Life

Desires, desires, desires------. We are obsessed with them. How a single human can have so many desires? Nobody can answer this question. When one of our desires get fulfilled then thousands of other desires come up instantly. Desires are not restricted to any single person, a poor person can have them and simultaneously a rich person. Desires are something, which everybody has in abundance and everyone has its own set of desires. Someone desires for money while other for a beautiful house. Desires are endless and we can have desire for a small trivial thing to highly expensive one.

Is it good to have a desire or not? Desires are good, if they are in controlled number and are in ones achievable limit. Desires provide us the energy to fulfill our dreams. It gives our goals the motive and direction. One can only fulfill his dreams, if he has desire for it. Desire is first basic thing to achieve something. All the world leaders who have achieved excellence in their lives have strong desire for achievement. Desire work as the basic ingredient in fulfilling our dreams. Therefore desires are necessary, as they give direction to our life.

However on the contrary, we are usually over burdened by our desires. We have desires much more than what we can achieve. Most of our desires originate due to the achievements and lifestyle of others. We want to become or look like others. Second the world is shrinking, making more things in our reach. This is putting more pressure on our decision making power. TV and Media are also increasing our desires by providing us information about lots of thing. Ours friends and relatives’ achievements also generates more desires in us. Therefore, we come under the pressure to desire more and achieve more. If we do not control our desires at right time then they can swallow everything available with us.

Many people do lot of mistakes due to their desires. Like, they take huge loans which are difficult to repay for them. They spend unwisely on irrelevant things. They do not save for future. If, this thing is not taken care of then it can take away our happiness and make us miserable. However, very few people think about this fact and go on increasing their desires whole life. A child is born with few desires, but as child progresses in his life, he starts accumulating lot of desires.

There is nothing bad in increasing desires, but the main problem comes when they remain unfulfilled. More desires we have, more the chances of unfulfilled desires. And more the unfulfilled desires, more sad we are. Therefore we born as a happy child but, we die as sad human beings. We have to learn this simple principle in life that we cannot achieve everything in life. We have to plan our life and achieve things wisely.

People can consider this formula of Happiness-

Happiness= Desires fulfilled/desires new generated+ old desires

Happier we will be when the denominator is more and base is less. We only consider about increasing the denominator and not decreasing the base, where as we can do the reverse for our betterment. It is not possible in this world to achieve everything; however it is possible to limit our desires. We can become happy by using the second method of decreasing base. Therefore by having our desires in control we can easily become happy.

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A Wisdom to Defeat

Many times in life, we came across the bad situations from where it looks that we can never solve these problems and these situations look going out of control. At this point, nothing looks to be coming to rescue us from these problems. In these situations, we are required to use wisdom to defeat. Here I am sharing story of a donkey. One day, a donkey felt in to a well. The owner of donkey tried everything to rescue him; however, everything failed. On the failure of rescue work of donkey, the owner of donkey decided to bury him alive in well, because the donkey was old and well was also dry. To bury the donkey, he sought help of villagers and they all started throwing stones and mud into the well. By realizing danger in situation, donkey started shaking his body vigorously and jumping here and there in well. By this action mud and stones started settling on ground and raised the ground level. Soon with his efforts, mud level increased so much that donkey reach near the opening of well. The donkey jumped out of well happily and soon disappeared in to jungle. The owner of the donkey and the villagers amazed to see it. World also behaves in similar manner. It throws dirt on us in difficulties times and tries to burry us under them by telling us that we are useless. This is up to us that how we use this dirt to construct a platform for success or to die under it.

This story clearly shows us power of wisdom to defeat. In difficult situations, we are required to use this wisdom and defeat world and difficult circumstances. When we are in difficulties, then nobody will come to our help; however, everyone might tries to produce more difficulties for us. They will throw all kind of criticism on us, so that they can bury us. Here nobody can help us. Many situations like this come in our life, where we are rendered useless. This is actual time to tell the world, what our potential is. This is the real test and we have to come as winner from it. The difference between a loser and successful person is very small. Successful person fights till the end and defeat the enemies. There is no wisdom in losing a battle without a fight. By realizing the wisdom to defeat we can emerge as victorious with a surprise to the world.

A Puzzling Question to Economists

Today, I am sharing with you an interesting story which is even puzzling the economists. Oil prices are rising sharply. Yet the year on inflation of India has just stood 3.08% (latest by 20 august available data). However in the same period last year it was 6.5%. How it is possible. In 1973-74, 1979-80 and 190-91 we have seen sharp increase in inflation in India and abroad with the increase in OIL prices.
Why not today. In US too, the same condition is there. Prices of all commodities have shot up in last two years. Yet increase in raw material prices has not produced a big global price burst. Why, the answer is simple globalization increased the competition and innovation is keeping prices downward. That's why global manufactures are shifting to India and China. Where competition is less.
Therefore Oil prices are able earlier to increase the inflation. Say for example the price of computer costing Rs 1 lakhs in 1980 it crashed to Rs 10000 today. In addition the prices of telephone call, putting a camera in mobile, DVD player and Owen are decreasing. The abolition textile quotas this year will further give 5%-10% price cut. Prices of aviation fuel have gone four times, where as prices of new airlines have dropped drastically. We have seen decrease in interest rates.
One more thing is shift in global GDP from manufacturing to services. The shares of services have increased from 57% in 1990 to 64% in 2000 and 68% today. In service dominated country like America, the main contributor for inflation is salary and not raw material prices. Which is compensated mostly by outsourcing these jobs? Therefore world can sustain the increasing Oil prices without putting any pressure on inflation. In nut shell the globalization is helping us to sustain pressure of increasing oil prices.
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A Major Initiative to Promote Girl Education in India

In a major initiative to promote education in girls, Indian Government has decided to provide free education from class VI to class XII to every single girl child from this financial year onward. It has been decided that the schools seeking affiliation to Central Board of Secondary Education have to waive the fee of every girl child. Similarly if there are two girls in family, then both will we entitled to concession unto 50% in all type of fee except fee of transportation and food. The university grant commission is also going to introduce this kind of provisions soon to all courses and programs. The Government would initiate talks with other examination boards and affiliating institutions for initiating similar provisions for single girl child. UGC will also launch scholarship schemes for graduate and postgraduate course.
Any girl who is single child of her parents would we entitled to scholarship Rs 500 per month (non-medical and non –engineering) and Rs 1000 per for medical and engineering graduate courses. Rs 2000 scholarship will be given for pursuing post graduation in any recognized institute of higher education. The ministry said all these schemes and scholarship are paid out from the resources of these institutes. They further added that full transparencies would we taken while deciding about the scholarship. To perpetuate the memory of Indira Gandhi and make her the inspiration, every single girl child will we said Indira Gandhi scholars and receive recognition and support through out their education.
CBSE would also give 550 scholarships based on its class XII results. This scholarship will be purely based on the merit bases and Rs 500 will be given per month for pursuing under graduate education in non-medical and non-engineering course. CBSE would also offer 500 scholarships every year -350 for engineering and 150 for medical. For pursuing these courses scholarship worth Rs 1000 will be given. The scholarship is based on the top rank achieved in the exams. The UGC would implement two post graduate scholarship schemes. The first and second rank holder of B.A, B.Sc and B.Com and first rank holders in 18 identified honour's courses of all recognized universities would be given scholarship worth Rs 2000 per month for pursuing their post graduation. Scholarships would benefit 11000 students in a year. And help them to peruse their career successfully.
http://www.geocities.com/arvindkatoch1/personal_page.html http://www.geocities.com/arvindkatoch1/great_fun.html http://www.lulu.com/content/174539(My book)

A Great Tragedy to Kashmir

Last Saturday has seen a devastating earthquake in India and Pakistan. Pakistan is most affected by this earth quake. Specially the parts of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) is worst hit. Muzafferabad the capital of POK is completely destroyed. It has only become a city of rubbles. Total numbers of people died in this earth quake are supposed to be more then 80000. In Indian Kashmir more than 1500 people are supposed to killed. This is worst tragedy for the people of this poor state.
First these people are suffering from the pain of divide for last 58 years. Half of it is controlled by the Pakistan and half is in India. Both of the countries put their claim on it. But nobody is bothered about the people of Kashmir. Only recently some initiative were taken by both India and Pakistan to reconcile the people of both Kashmir’s like by starting a bus between the both divided Kashmir’s after 58 years and offer on spot visa without passport for traveling to other part of Kashmir.
Second problem suffered by this people is terrorist activities in the state. The state is under insurgency for last 20 years. Many innocent people have died in it. Both the countries blame other for these activities. But nobody is really bothered about their welfare. This is really clear from the earth quake relief episode. Certain villages in India are near to Pakistan by point of view of reaching their and vice verse. But both the government have restrained from taking the help of others.
If the help is taken on the right time, many people may be saved from dieing. Pakistan has asked the world community for help, but not the India. India is this position and can offer faster help. Indian NGO’s are not allowed for rehabilitation work there. Why if Pakistan become so near to Kashmiris not allowed the help from Indians. People of Kashmir are more important or the fight with India. This situation is somewhat true to both India and Pakistan.
Both India and Pakistan are concerned with their strategic locations and proximity to China and not the People Kashmir. Both the parts of Kashmirs are underdeveloped, Indian part may be slightly better. Why even after 58 years and with two favoring nations, Kashmir is still in this state. Kashmir is recourse rich state. It is no way less to Switzerland. It has very large potential for tourism and industry. But the fight between two countries will never allow the development of Kashmir. Both India and Pakistan should give more emphasis to resolving the Kashmir issue and help the kashmiris in their development.

A Dog Friend who taught me valuable Lesson of Life

Today, it is a public holiday in India. It is 6’o clock in the evening. I am standing on the roof of my house. It has started getting some dark. I am feeling very low toady. Every decision which I took up to now looks going wrong. My confidence level is at lowest levels and I am feeling like a loser, a person who is not able to achieve anything in his life? Luck does not look to be in my favour. Everything looks confusing at this point of time. Mind has come to a halt and it has accepted defeat. Body, mind and soul all are losing their equilibrium and I am getting more frustrated while thinking about my future. For me no ray of hope looks to be appearing from anywhere. It looks like as everything is lost. I have never been so much sad ever; then what has happened suddenly?

This may be my frustration of not being able to achieve desired goals. In this world of comparison, I am finding myself losing grip of myself and my goals. So far, life has not gone as thought by me. Friends and relatives success is forcing self comparison and I am feeling ashamed of this state. Everybody is busy in his or her life; therefore, no help looks to be coming from anywhere and this situation is making me even more helpless. Why is this happening to me? I am asking this question to God; however, like every time I received no reply.

Then suddenly my attention went to a small dog playing in grass. I know him; he is same small puppy of my street whom I sometimes feed. Puppy is alone, but still he looks very happy. He is rolling here and there. He is running and rolling on the grass like a mad dog. He looks like a most happy dog on earth. His face is shinning like God. He looks like messenger of God. I looked at him and then at myself. Why this difference of happiness is present between us. Why this dog is happier than me?

If I compare myself with this dog, then I have much more than him. I have a job, a house and specially food for evening, where as the dog has to struggle for food in the evening. He has to even fight for all basic things of life. Certain chances are there that he may have to stay without food tonight; however, he is still happy, because he knows to live in this movement only. He is not concerned about the future. He is enjoying present moment. He is not comparing himself with other dogs. He is not frustrated by the happiness of other dogs.

Now by looking at myself, I have realized that I have gone lower than even a small dog in understanding life. My mental state is even poor than this innocent dog. What has happened to me? I have studied so many things. My knowledge level is much more than this small dog. However in happiness, he is a king and I am a beggar. The reason is clear; his happiness depends upon himself and not upon others. He is living in present and enjoying it. He doesn’t have very big goals to follow. He has no ego to satisfy.
Life is not totally about achieving big dreams or creating wealth. It is much more than that. We lose most of our life while struggling with these issues. Most of the time in life, we remain busy in dreaming about our future or worrying about future. Or we remain busy in comparing our self with others. Why we do so? Answer is - Because we have learned only this from society. Everybody around us is doing same thing. It is ok to Plan about future; however, it is wrong to miss our present while worrying about future. We all need to learn a lesson from this small puppy that we can’t miss our present while worrying about future.
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