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I celebrated my birthday in Train

I am a person who loves solitude. I want to remain in my own self. This does not mean I do not like people. However for some times I just want to be alone. My expectations from others are very less. I do not want others do some thing special for me or give me some special attention. However some times the reverse happens to us. We are going in south direction and reach north. These things are out reach of any explanation. This is what we say is destiny. You must listened many people celebrating their birthday in different ways. They plan well in advance to make it a unique and remember able day. On 29th of this month was my birthday. For me this was a different and memorable experience. However the main thing in it was that it was not planned by me. I had no role in it, except the person whose birthday was celebrated. In the evening on 29th I had train reservations for traveling to Hoshiarpur from Moradabad. I had to reach my home in Hoshiarpur to celebrate the deepavali. I was traveli

How to get the confidence back

Confidence is the most sots after thing in today’s world. Everybody wants this and simultaneously this is desired in everybody. Most of us know it’s important. We know how confidence can create a huge difference in our life. We have seen my confident people in our life and we always tried to look like them. We have seen how confidence has made other more successful than us. We like confidence and we want to be confident. However the problem is that we are not able to achieve it. Very few of us are able to realize this. But to become a really confident in all conditions what ever it may is seen very difficult. For example many people at the some time are confident and at some other time they are like most of us. To find a person who is really confident in all conditions and all situations is a hard job. And if see this person then we can clearly recognize the difference. These types of people are extraordinary in them and are highly successful in their ventures. A different charm can

Unknown Fears

There nearly 80% of people in world who are affected by unknown fears. These fears are killing them slowly and slowly. With the increase of technology advancement and hectic schedules, these fears are becoming more and more prominent. The main among them is the fear of future. Future is not seen by anybody. Nobody knows what’s their in future is for him. Still most of us worried about the future. Future as emerged as the one of the major fear for everybody. The main reason for the emergence of future as major threat is we are living in highly unstable world. Nothing here is stable. Everybody is running for something. Competition is very hard and people at the lower level have no right to make their decisions. They are just forced to behave, live and perform according to the orders. As the things are not in their control, therefore many times situations become out of control for them. They find them selves as puppet in the hands of others. This makes them find themselves in the trap mad

Why some people speak more

We see many people around use who are very good in speaking. They speak up to several hours uninterruptedly. They may know the topic or not. That is not the issue. They will speak. We can say this is some kind of complex. These kinds of people are every where. Everyone most have some friends of this type. What make them to speak so uninterruptedly? There are many reasons behind this. Now we will discuss them one by one. First the common one is superiority complex. This kind of people thing that they are smartest creature on the earth and everybody around them is a fool. They think that they have the maximum knowledge of the matter. Therefore everybody should come to them for their advice. Everybody will find this kind of person at some time in their life. These people have developed this habit because of the success of their earlier same behavior. They take this behavior granted for making a good place in society. But this is not the right thing. This behavior may give someone some suc

Acupuncture can Lower the Blood Pressure

Acupuncture is here for long time. Its authenticity is still a debatable issue. But the recent study that the acupuncture can dramatically lower blood pressure. According to this study, when low level of electrical stimulation was given at specific points on the front legs of rats lower the elevation in blood pressure. This study provides a setting stage for large-scale trails on humans and another option for healthcare practitioner treating high blood pressure patients. This study proves that acupuncture can be an excellent complements to other medical treatments, especially those treating high blood pressure problems. This study cans convince the so far unconvinced Weston world that acupuncture can also lower blood pressure. This research will ultimately integrate acupuncture healing into medical treatments for lowering the blood pressure. Team of researchers performed both manual and electro acupuncture. All the activities in both manual and electro acupuncture were performed. T

World's New Richest person

Let’s welcome our new world’s number one rich person. Mr. Bill Gates, no question? It is Mr. Ingvar Kamprad, the Swede who founded furniture retail chain IKEA. Mr. Ingvar has overtaken the world’s richest person position from Bill Gates. Mr. Ingvar is reported to have personal property worth $53 billion. On the other hand the Mr. Gates personal fortune was put at $ 47 billion by latest list of world’s richest persons of Forbes magazine. Mr. Ingvar Kamprad is 77 years old and known to have frugal habits like flying in economy class. He lives in Switzerland. He doesn’t take part in the daily running of IKEA; however he retained the right of ownership with him. IKEA has 180 stores in more than 30 countries. The main reason behind Mr. Ingvar success is dollar slide against the other currencies. Also Mr. Bill Gates is not able to increase his fortune with any considerable level. The main reason behind Mr. Gates fails is supposed to be the stiff competition from rivals like Google and non ab

Happiness Formula - To Attain Happiness in Life

Desires, desires, desires------. We are obsessed with them. How a single human can have so many desires? Nobody can answer this question. When one of our desires get fulfilled then thousands of other desires come up instantly. Desires are not restricted to any single person, a poor person can have them and simultaneously a rich person. Desires are something, which everybody has in abundance and everyone has its own set of desires. Someone desires for money while other for a beautiful house. Desires are endless and we can have desire for a small trivial thing to highly expensive one. Is it good to have a desire or not? Desires are good, if they are in controlled number and are in ones achievable limit. Desires provide us the energy to fulfill our dreams. It gives our goals the motive and direction. One can only fulfill his dreams, if he has desire for it. Desire is first basic thing to achieve something. All the world leaders who have achieved excellence in their lives have strong des

A Wisdom to Defeat

Many times in life, we came across the bad situations from where it looks that we can never solve these problems and these situations look going out of control. At this point, nothing looks to be coming to rescue us from these problems. In these situations, we are required to use wisdom to defeat. Here I am sharing story of a donkey. One day, a donkey felt in to a well. The owner of donkey tried everything to rescue him; however, everything failed. On the failure of rescue work of donkey, the owner of donkey decided to bury him alive in well, because the donkey was old and well was also dry. To bury the donkey, he sought help of villagers and they all started throwing stones and mud into the well. By realizing danger in situation, donkey started shaking his body vigorously and jumping here and there in well. By this action mud and stones started settling on ground and raised the ground level. Soon with his efforts, mud level increased so much that donkey reach near the opening of well.

A Puzzling Question to Economists

Today, I am sharing with you an interesting story which is even puzzling the economists. Oil prices are rising sharply. Yet the year on inflation of India has just stood 3.08% (latest by 20 august available data). However in the same period last year it was 6.5%. How it is possible. In 1973-74, 1979-80 and 190-91 we have seen sharp increase in inflation in India and abroad with the increase in OIL prices. Why not today. In US too, the same condition is there. Prices of all commodities have shot up in last two years. Yet increase in raw material prices has not produced a big global price burst. Why, the answer is simple globalization increased the competition and innovation is keeping prices downward. That's why global manufactures are shifting to India and China. Where competition is less. Therefore Oil prices are able earlier to increase the inflation. Say for example the price of computer costing Rs 1 lakhs in 1980 it crashed to Rs 10000 today. In addition the prices of telepho

A Major Initiative to Promote Girl Education in India

In a major initiative to promote education in girls, Indian Government has decided to provide free education from class VI to class XII to every single girl child from this financial year onward. It has been decided that the schools seeking affiliation to Central Board of Secondary Education have to waive the fee of every girl child. Similarly if there are two girls in family, then both will we entitled to concession unto 50% in all type of fee except fee of transportation and food. The university grant commission is also going to introduce this kind of provisions soon to all courses and programs. The Government would initiate talks with other examination boards and affiliating institutions for initiating similar provisions for single girl child. UGC will also launch scholarship schemes for graduate and postgraduate course. Any girl who is single child of her parents would we entitled to scholarship Rs 500 per month (non-medical and non –engineering) and Rs 1000 per for medical and e

A Great Tragedy to Kashmir

Last Saturday has seen a devastating earthquake in India and Pakistan. Pakistan is most affected by this earth quake. Specially the parts of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) is worst hit. Muzafferabad the capital of POK is completely destroyed. It has only become a city of rubbles. Total numbers of people died in this earth quake are supposed to be more then 80000. In Indian Kashmir more than 1500 people are supposed to killed. This is worst tragedy for the people of this poor state. First these people are suffering from the pain of divide for last 58 years. Half of it is controlled by the Pakistan and half is in India. Both of the countries put their claim on it. But nobody is bothered about the people of Kashmir. Only recently some initiative were taken by both India and Pakistan to reconcile the people of both Kashmir’s like by starting a bus between the both divided Kashmir’s after 58 years and offer on spot visa without passport for traveling to other part of Kashmir. Second prob

A Dog Friend who taught me valuable Lesson of Life

Today, it is a public holiday in India. It is 6’o clock in the evening. I am standing on the roof of my house. It has started getting some dark. I am feeling very low today. Every decision which I took up to now looks going wrong. My confidence level is at the lowest levels and I am feeling like a loser, a person who is not able to achieve anything in his life? Luck does not look to be in my favor. Everything looks confusing at this point in time. The mind has come to a halt and it has accepted defeat. Body, mind, and soul all are losing their equilibrium and I am getting more frustrated while thinking about my future. For me, no ray of hope looks to be appearing from anywhere. It looks like everything is lost. I have never been so much sad ever; then what has happened suddenly? This may be my frustration of not being able to achieve desired goals. In this world of comparison, I am finding myself losing grip on myself and my goals. So far, life has not gone as thought by me. Friends