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Capturing beautiful videos of life

In life, we all cross through large numbers of beautiful moments which we always want to capture. One of best option available in our hands to capture these videos is a good camcorder. We can easily find many good camcorders in market as per our needs. It is important to buy a camcorder after properly accessing our needs. People can buy many varieties of camcorders from market; however, all kinds of camcorders may not provide full satisfactory results. Therefore, it is better to choose a camcorder which it fully developed to meet your needs. By gaining some information about camcorders, people can get lots of help in buying a good camcorder for their needs. Today, camcorders are very advance in working and sleek in style; therefore, it is very easy to manage them and capture lots of videos.

Ordinary people and ordinary needs

Sometimes, it provides a great happiness to see ordinary people with ordinary needs. We can’t even find a trace of greed or selfishness on their faces. On the other hand, we generally meet many people who try to manipulate us for their selfish needs. World starts looking very beautiful when we meet such innocent ordinary people who put only genuine demands in front of us. From these ordinary people, we can learn great art of remaining happy in whatsoever we are getting from life. Mostly, people start feeling frustrated or sad when they fail to achieve big success in life and sometimes, they resort to wrong practices for achieving extra money in life. These kinds of practices only remove our faith on humans and we start seeing everybody in bad light. However, these ordinary people suddenly come from somewhere to change our thinking about humans. Generally, we find these ordinary and innocent people in small places away from hectic lives of big cities.

Beautiful Coonoor Pictures 2

This second set of pictures of Coonoor from my recent vacations in Ooty and Coonoor. I enjoyed lot at both these please and I would like to visit them again in future. People can watch first set of Coonoor pictures by visiting Beautiful Coonoor Pictures 1 . For Ooty pictures, they can visit Beautiful Ooty Pictures 2 , Beautiful Ooty Pictures 2 . In this set, I am going to share pictures of Lamb’s rock, Lady Canning’s Seat and Dolphin nose. It was really awesome experience to visit Dolphin nose and Lamb’s rock. Way to reach, both these places was surrounded by beautiful tea gardens, waterfalls and forests. We enjoy seeing many beautiful birds on way to Dolphin Nose. Flow of tourists to Coonoor is low as compared to Ooty; so, we got chance to enjoy beauty of these place without any disturbance.

Beautiful Coonoor Pictures 1

Earlier, this month I got chance to visit Ooty and Coonoor. Ooty is very famous around the world for its beauty; however, very less numbers of people clearly know about beauty of Coonoor. During this vacation, I stayed for three days in Taj Gateway Hotel, Coonoor and visited some interesting places around Coonoor. Coonoor is much clam place as compared to Ooty and less numbers of tourists visit Coonoor. In coonoor, people can visit Sim’s park, Lamb’s rock, Dolhin nose, Lady Canning's Seat etc. Coonoor is nature’s paradise and here we can enjoy green sceneries with many varieties of plants and birds. In this first set, I am sharing pictures of Sim’s park and Tea plantation around Coonoor. I last posts, I updated some pictures of Ooty Beautiful Ooty Pictures 2 , Beautiful Ooty Pictures 1 . By clicking on it, you can visit these pictures too.

DNA testing for Animals

DNA testing has become popular for not only humans but also for animals. It is very much possible to learn more about your animal or plan his future by going for available DNA tests. DNA test for dogs have become very popular because it provide help in inherited disease screening, parentage verification, dna profiling etc. Many such dog dna tests are available from major companies in this segment. Many dog owners are now going fordog dna test to learn more about their dog and provide excellent care to their dog. People can find many online websites which do DNA tests for dogs and animals. People can even schedule an appointment for getting DNA test done for their dogs. DNA tests have become reality in animal world and all animals can get benefit of such test to provide more care to their animals.

Social networking becoming mirror of life

Today, social networking has become very popular and there are many popular social networking websites which have become integral part of our life. One of such popular example is Facebook and this website has made it very easy for me to share information with my friends and relatives; and simultaneously, I can learn about their life in few minutes only. In the present busy world, it is very hard to remain in contact of all people and check with them on constant basis. While creating an account with popular social networking website like facebook, we can easily share and get information from many people in few seconds. I have seen both phases of life with social networking technology and without it. Earlier, it was nearly impossible to remain informed about our friends and close ones despite all efforts. Today, thanks to revolution in social networking I can easily learn about my relatives, friends and other close ones. Due to social networking, it is possible for me to share pictures,

Time Table/Schedule India Vs South Africa Test/2020/ODI matches

Below, find detailed time table and schedule of all three test matches, one twenty 20 match and 5 ODI matches between India and South Africa. Presently, Indian team is in South Africa and it will play 3 test, 1 20-20 and 5 ODI. Indian team has always faced difficulty on South African pitches so this time we hope for good fighting games between India and South Africa cricket teams. First test started from 16th Dec and last ODI match will be on 23rd Jan 2011. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Match Date Tim e Place 1st Test 16Th Dec 8:30 GMT Centurion (14:00 IST) 2nd Test 26th Dec 8:00 GMT Durban (13:30 IST) 3rd Test 2nd Jan 8:30 GMT Cape Town (14:00 IST) 20-20 9th Jan 12:30 GMT Durban (18:00 IST) 1st ODI 12th Jan 12:30 GMT Durban (D/N) (18:00 IST) 2nd ODI 15th Jan 12:30 GMT Johannesburg (D/N) (18:00 IST) 3rd ODI 18th Jan 12:30 GMT Cape Town

Trend of smart phones

Today, we can easily find great trend for smart phones in present world where everyone wants to buy a smart phone. Markets are also full of many smart phones from almost all big brands in mobile manufacturing. Some of popular smart phones include Nokia N8,htc desire 2.2, Apple 4 etc. Google’s mobile operating system Android is very popular and most of smart mobile phones work on it. Smart phones are present revolutions and it is very hard to imagine a life without them. Smart phones and 3G mobile services are making it possible for us to make video calls, surf internet or watch movies on our smart phones. Smart phones still cost lots of money; therefore, they are not in the range of many people. However, in coming months we can see significant decrease in their prices.

Watch Movie trailer “Game”

Below, people can watch trailer of Abhishek Bachan’s forthcoming Hindi film Game. The main cast of film includes Abhishek Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut, Anupam Kher, Sarah Jen Dias, Boman Irani and Jimmy Shergil. This film will be released across India and world in March 2011. This film is directed by Farhan Akhtar and outdoor shooting of film is complete. The story of film revolves around a murder of girl with four suspects. After the release of film, we will learn that this film will become hit or flop at box office.

Watch high quality official trailer movie Tees Maar Khan

Below, people can watch high quality official trailer of forthcoming Hindi movie “Tees Maar Khan”. This film will hit theatres across India on 24 Dec 2010. This film is directed by Farah Khan. Akshay Kumar, Akshaye Khanna and Katrina Kaif are playing lead roles in this film. Tees Maar Khan is an action based comedy film. We can also watch special appearance by Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor in this film. This film can be next hit film for Akshay Kumar and Farah Khan.

Appreciating what we have

One of best way of getting satisfaction in life is appreciating what we have in life then just wasting life in the hope of getting more things. Mostly, people run behind things which they do not have and they do not appreciate or enjoy things which they have. It is very important to enjoy or appreciate special things, opportunities and people in our lives before looking towards other things. This is common story for large population of world which is extremely unsatisfied with its present situation and it only thinks that it can become happy when it can get more things, achievements or success in life. However, in reality these people always remain unhappy because when they get one thing in life then desire for other things emerges in them. It is very important to come out of this vicious circle to live a fulfilling life. By generating this ability to appreciate present situations, outcomes and people in our life, we can become satisfied and happy people. These kinds of satisfied and h

Representing Mood with clothes

We can easily tell our mood to others through our clothes. Today, there are many attractive designs of clothes available which can provide great help in representing our mood to general public. One of most used cloth for representing our mood is T shirt. In market, we can find large varieties of T shirts which are specially designed for certain specific occasions. For example, if someone is looking for nfl t shirts to represent NFL games fever then he can wear many such T shirts which are designed to represent nfl games. It is very easy to buy many such attractive and stylish T shirts online to represent certain mood type. Across the world, T shirts have become medium for representing our moods by wearing them and we constantly, see display of such moods in public.

Human and their need of Gods and Religions

More I see human and their belief system, more I learn about human need for God and religion. This need of human has given shape to many gods and religions. Various religions have evolved much after the existence of human which clearly highlights that god is creation of human. Many religions like Islam, Skihism etc point towards invisible force which is not depended on any shape or size. I also believe in universal force who governs all of us; however, I do not want to restrict myself to any religion or boundaries set for reaching ultimate god. This ultimate power has always heard my inner voice and replied to my prayers. On the other hand, my religions and their followers only believe in following many rituals and practices to reach final god. Religions are also not bad; however, blinded following of these religions and creating empires on the name of these religions in very wrong practice. All religions of world and their main temples or sacred places are earning billions of dollars

Online security

Today, we all live in an online world where everything is connected with each other through internet. We perform large numbers of jobs online from simple chatting to money transactions. Generally, we believe that online world is very safe and our information always remains in safe hands; however, in reality nothing is safe in online world if we do not take necessary precautions. Constantly, we hear news where people lose their important information while doing various online actions. Online world is very tempting world; however, it is also full of many risks because there are many wrong people present online who enjoying cheating or stealing information of others. People mostly lose their information online or got cheated because of their ignorance. We all can become safe online if we educate ourselves about various safety features associated with online world. Online threats can be reduced up to 99% if we have awareness about these threats. It is very important for any person to read

Getting a Comfortable sleep in winters

Every person wants to get comfortable sleep in winters because due to excessive cold it becomes very hard to sleep comfortably. Therefore, people try to make their beddings as hot and comfortable as they can and one of such great solutions available in our hands in heated mattress pads. People can easily find many such useful products in market which can make our winter’s sleep comfortable. Heated mattress pads can be easily adjusted to get desired heat so that people can sleep well in their warm beds. These all products can be bought easily from various online stores without even visiting a local store. In coming days, winter will become very harsh and temperature can decrease below zero degree Celsius; therefore, it much better to take all precautions before it become too late to take any measure.

Beautiful Ooty Pictures 2

As Ooty is very beautiful place for enjoying vacations so it is also great place for taking many pictures. This is second set of pictures of Ooty and adjoining areas and first set of pictures are available at Beautiful Ooty Pictures 1 . Beautiful of Ooty attracts you so much that you want to take more and more pictures. In last post, I updated pictures of road way from Coimbatore to Ooty and Botanical garden. Now, I am adding pictures of Doddabette peak (highest peak in Nilgiri hills), Tea factory and wax museum. From Doddabette peak, we can see Ooty city and surrounding hills.

Beautiful Ooty Pictures 1

Recently, I got chance to visit Ooty and stay there for couple of days. It was totally refreshing experience for me and I am very thrilled after my first visit to a South Indian hill station. It is very hard for any person from North India to believe that such beautiful hills can be present in South India. Earlier, whenever I visited South India then I only encountered hot sun. Ooty is one of very famous hill station of India and it is true from choice of this hill station for the shooting of many films. Ooty and adjoining areas are very rich in natural beauty and any person can think about spending a good vacation in Ooty. Ooty is approximately 100 KM from famous town of Coimbatore which is connected by rail, bus and air from rest of India. This is first set of pictures of Ooty and it includes pictures of journey from Coimbatore to Ooty and Famous botanical garden where we can find many rare plants. Remaining pictures, I will update in next post.

Indian marriages are unique

I feel very fortunate to be born in India because due to this reason, I am getting a good chance to enjoy beautiful customs and rituals of our great country. Recently, I got married and I got chance to go through many rituals and customs associated with Indian Himachali boy marriage. Indian marriages provide a great opportunity in front of us to preserve our cultural heritage and pass on this heritage to new generations. Indian people still live as close society where they depend on each other. We people enjoy and take part whole heartedly in each other’s celebrations. Therefore, we see all relatives and friends coming to our home and attending marriage. On marriage day, our home got filled with all of our well wishers, relatives and friends; and it provides a great happiness to see all this. Many people argue that Indian spend lots of money on marriages and Indian marriages are very fat in size; however, when we see outcome and love coming out of these investments then this whole spen

I love to spend vacations

Different people have different kinds of hobbies and like these people; I do have one such hobby which always motivates me to travel lot. This hobby is desire to spend many and many more beautiful vacations around the year. Good vacations are great source for rejuvenating yourselves and enjoying life; so, I always look for any opportunity to spend great vacations with my loved ones. Enjoyment in any vacation increases many times when we are accompanied by our loved ones on these vacations. Travelling alone is not so fun as travelling with family because your family members increases your happiness many times. It is important for all of us to look for all opportunities available in front of us to spend good vacations together with family. We are fortunate enough to born in a country which offer many places to visit and every state of India offers an unique beauty. Therefore, Indians can enjoy great vacations without even visiting abroad. Though, visiting abroad has also become very chea

Honeymoon makes a way for good understanding

After marriage when two different people start living together; then, they don’t have much ideas about each other’s behaviour and habits and these kinds of differences are very common in people of opposite sex. However, after marriage both of them are required to live together and share most of things. Therefore, for proper understanding both of them need some separate time to understand each other by spending some time together alone. Honeymoon can provides a great help because during honeymoon both remain away from family with each other only. Due to this reason, we see a great trend for honeymoon after marriages and every couple looks towards honeymoon as great opportunity to explore love and romance in their life. Today, honeymoons are popular in all parts of world and it has become tradition across the world to send newly couples for honeymoon after their wedding. In India, honeymoon is still considered as western concept; however, it has seen great acceptance among Indians in re

I love Tamil Nadu

I have been to Tamil Nadu many times and I have spent three vacations in Tamil Nadu so far; and every time, I have a great experience here which compels me to visit it again and again. The main attractions of Tamil Nadu include helping people, delicious food, many locations to visit, good transportation facilities etc. Therefore, people can easily choose Tamil Nadu for spending good vacations of their lifetime. Tamil Nadu is situated at the southern end of India and southern tip of India is situated in kanyakumari which is also in Tamil Nadu. People can find many attractive places in Tamil Nadu from sea beaches to hills. People can visit Tamil Nadu at any time in year expect few months of heavy rain and extreme hotness. Local language in Tamil Nadu is Tamil and mostly, people speak Tamil only with large numbers of people understand and speak English. Due to the flow of Tourists from other parts of India and world, many cab drivers and hotels workers do speak Hindi/English which provide