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Box office report Movie 3 idiots

Amir Khan has again delivered with his new film “3 idiots”. This film was released last Friday and in one week time, “3 idiots” has made new records. 3 idiots movie has got bumper opening on box office which is definitely going to break all previous records. In its first opening week, movie 3 idiots has earned more than 100 crore rupees from Indian and overseas business. This film has already broken records of last year hit film “Ghajini”. This is for first time when any movie has crossed Rs 100 crore mark in first week. 3 idiots movie has already got very good review from all critics and viewers; therefore, we can hope for more good performance from this film. This is really good news for Amir Khan and film producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra. This film is also performing very well in overseas market; therefore, further increasing revenue collection of this film. This film also gives message to all other producers to make 3 idiots like films which provide good entertainment to people and valu

Year 2010 New Hopes and New Beginnings

Every New Year comes with new hopes and new beginnings; therefore, provides a great opportunity in front of us to start our lives fresh. From tomorrow, we will enter in to 2010 and many people will have different hopes from this year. Past is always closed door and we can't do anything about past and past year. While we all can make our New Year a new start full of new hopes and blessings. It is important to learn from past mistakes and not repeat them again in next year. Many people do not see this beauty of New Year and new hopes, while they continue to live with past memories. In this way, people fail to see new opportunities available in front of them. I always believe that life is our own creation and it depends on us that what kind of life we have tomorrow. I hope that people will see new hopes in 2010 and make new beginnings to make their life blissful and happy.   Reply Here

Happy New Year 2010

Wish you all readers very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010. May 2010 year bring lots of Happiness to Your Life.  

In the support of Ruchika Girhotra

Presently, whole of country has come forward in the support of Ruchika Girhotra so that guilty formal DGP of Haryana police SPS Rathore can be prosecuted for all crimes done by him to this mirror girl 18 years back. This case clearly highlights misuse of power by top police officers and how justice is denied to a mirror girl and her family for so many years. Mr Rathore may not have thought that after 18 years this case will again become so alive. It was very hard to believe for ordinary people that 50 plus year old top police officer can molest an innocent 14 year old girl who is otherwise supposed to protect her. Ruchika was molested by Rathor in 1990 and she committed suicide 3 years after this incidence because Rathore made her life very difficult by using his pressure. Ruchika was one brave girl who chooses to fight this matter rather than ignoring it. A FIR in this case was registered by police after 9 years of this incidence when Supreme Court ordered Haryana police to do so. Rat

Need for taking right decisions at right time

In life, it is very important to take right decisions at right time because otherwise we can loss many big opportunities in life. People, who take right decisions at right time mostly, emerge as more successful than others because they avail most of good opportunities available to them at right time. Timing is very crucial for the success of any decision because timely decisions give more positive results as compared to untimely results. First people fail because they do not take decisions; second if they take decisions then they fail to rightly time these decisions. Life is moving fast and everything is changing very fast; therefore, if we want to move with this fast life then we are required to learn to take right decisions at right time. Life is as simple or as difficult as we make it by making right or wrong decisions and these decisions become further successful if we time them well.

Best of entertainment

Today, we can easily find many options for getting full entertainment in the comforts of home. Many solutions are available in market to enjoy best quality movie entertainment at our homes. We can also find such better solutions at present Malls and theatres but in theatres we do not get home comfort. However, by using these advance technologies we get great entertainment at our homes only. People can buy good mounts and other essential furniture for converting their homes in to a mini theatre. Many such solutions are available online or people can even search for them in market. In the present world, we can easily depend on various online sites to buy good quality products; therefore, we can easily arrange all essential items for good quality entertainment without even going anywhere.

Summary of My Andaman Nicobar Vacation Story through Pictures

Below, I am going to share youtube presentation of my recent Andaman Nicobar visit through my pictures. It is a good idea to capture good memories of good vacations in the forms of pictures and watch them again in future. These pictures always give lots of relaxation and remind us about old beautiful time. Therefore, it is important to create such kind of presentations and thanks to services like youtube which host our pictures for free of cost, we can create and share many such presentations. ALso visit- Pictures of Andaman Nicobar vacation Day One Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Two Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Three (Havelock Island) Pictures of Andaman Nicobar vacation Day Four Andaman Nicobar vacation Visit For more Pictures and Videos of Andaman and Nicobar

Movie Review “Three (3) idiots” (Must See)

Today, I got chance to attend a surprise Christmas Eve Premiere show of Amir Khan’s much hyped and talked movie “Three (3) idiots” by Round Table India. Though, it was not my planed visit to PVR; however, now I am thankful that I got chance to watch this amazingly wonderful film which force you to stick to your seats for complete duration. I have watched such kind of interesting movie after a long time and I didn’t felt like bored for even a single second. Finally, I can say that Mr Perfectionist Amir Khan has done it again. This film will release in theatres across India on 25 Dec, 2009 on Christmas Day; however, two premiere shows of this film at 7:45 PM and 10:45 PM were available at few PVRs today. This film is directed by Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The main cast of film include Amir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor and Boman Irani. All these lead actors have given extra ordinary performance which makes “3 idiots” a good package. Boman Irani

Get Constituency wise Jharkand Assembly Election 2009 Results

With the help of link available below, people can get live constituency wise results of Jharkhand Assembly election 2009. People will be able to learn all details related to all candidates through this link which is updated by Election commission of India regularly. Through this link, people can easily learn about present situation of their candidates for particular constituency. Constituency wise Jharkand Assembly Election 2009 Results

Live results Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009

Live results of Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009 will be available online here tomorrow 8 AM onwards. These results will decide which political party will make next government in Jharkhand. Results will be added as soon they will become available. People can use all available option present below to get live results of Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009. Option 1 (Live Update On, Refresh every 5 minutes) Total Seats 81 Trends/Results Available 81 Total Seats 81 Trends/Results Available 81 Party Leading Won Total Congress+ 0 19 23 (+16) (Congress 0 14 14 JVM 0 11 11) BJP+ 0 19 21 (-16) (BJP 0 18 18 JD(U) 0 2 2) JMM 0 18 18 (-1) RJD+ 0 5 5 (-1) Oths 0 13 13 (+2) Option 2 Visit Live Election Results Blog Option 3 Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009 Results (ECI websi

Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009 Results

Tomorrow Jharkhand Assembly election 2009 results will be declared. These results will be available in front of us 8 AM onwards. Election commission of India has made special arrangements to provide detailed results of Jharkhand Assembly election 2009. By visiting the link available below, people can easily get all results of Jharkhand Assembly election 2009 as they starts becoming available. Or people can check this option for live results of Jharkhand Assembly election 2009 results by visiting Live results Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009 .  Get these results from Election Commission Website Get Constituency wise Jharkand Assembly Election 2009 Results

First Look movie “My name is Khan”

Below, people can watch first look of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol’s forthcoming movie “My name is Khan”. This film will be releasing across around India and world on 12 Feb, 2010. This film is co-produced Dharma Productions and Shahrukh Khan (Red Chillies Entertainment). “My name is Khan” is one of biggest film ever created in Bollywood; therefore, fans have lots of hopes from this film. After long time, people see again famous romantic Jodi of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and Kajol through this film.

About Oseltamivir phosphate (Tamiflu) 75 mg

Presently, Oseltamivir phosphate is very popular drug across the world and many people are thanking this drug for saving their lives. The popular brand of Oseltamivir drug is Tamiflu and it is marketed by Roche. Oseltamivir is only anti-viral drug present worldwide which is effective against deadly Swine Flu (H1N1) virus. Other anti-viral drugs are complete failure against this virus; therefore, Oseltamivir has become a life saving drug which is saving lives of millions of people from H1N1 virus. All world governments are stock piling Oseltamivir capsules to face any Swine Flu epidemic. Chemical name of Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) is (3R,4R,5S)-4-acetylamino-5-amino-3(1-ethylpropoxy)-1-cyclohexene-1-carboxylic acid, ethyl ester, phosphate (1:1). The mechanism of action of Oseltamivir phosphate is a pro drug and selective inhibitor of influenza virus neuraminidase enzyme. Viral neuraminidase is essential for the release of recently formed virus particles from infected cells; therefore, stop

Face to face with Acne problem

There are few skin problems in this world which create lots of problems for us and Acne problem is one of it. Large numbers of people across the world suffer with small to big acne problems across the world. It is very important to properly treat acne problems and large numbers of solutions and products are available in market to treat acne problems. It is advisable to go for good acne treatment because otherwise acne problem can come back or create more problems. With good treatment, people can easily get rid of this problem. No person in this world likes acne problems because they damage our good looks; therefore, it is important to solve these problems soon with proper cure. Present advancement in science and technology has made many break through which are helping large numbers of people.

Watch trailer movie “Raat Gayi Baat Gayi”

People can watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi film ‘Raat Gayi Baat Gayi”. The story of film revolves around one night stand and marriage crises. Rajat Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak, Anu Menon and Navneet Nishan has played lead role in this film. This is new film from the team of Bheja Ferry. This film will be released on 31st December.

Amazing video of World’s biggest wave ever surfed

There are many videos available on youtube on which it is very hard for any person to believe. Below, people can also find one such video where a person is surfing on a very big wave. Though, some people claim it as biggest wave ever surfed by any person but no confirmation is available on it. Still, this video thrills any person who watches this video.

Movie Review Avatar (Hollywood)

This week Hollywood 3D movie “Avatar” hit Indian cinemas. This film is released in both Hindi and English. The total cost of production and distribution of this film is believed to be $500 million which makes it one of the very expensive films made in Hollywood. This film is also released in IMAX 3D format (in selected theatres) with general 2D and 3D formats. The story of this film was written in 1994; however, it is produced now because advance technology has recently become available to make such films. This film is directed by James Cameron who directed super hit films like The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Aliens, Titanic etc. Avatar film marketing department has created much hype about this film and this film has also got good reviews from many movie critics.  The main attraction of film is fine display of modern technology, flying hills, strange animals and birds. This film amaze people with its amazing creatures which are hard to believe; however, this film lacks to s

Watch 300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam

There are many ancient traditions and practises available in front of us from around the world. Today, some of these techniques are very important for solving various needs of people easily. One of such great technique is having a small food forest near our home which can easily supply all essential eatable items to us. People in Vietnam do use such technique of food forests from many past years. People can also watch video of such 300 years old on such food forest. These food forests can easily solve large numbers of food related needs of people. In the present world where prices of all essential items are making new records, it is important to look for such solutions.

Funny video Fat Boy falling out of Ride

Below, people can watch funny video of a fat boy falling out of ride. This video tells us that why it is important to maintain a slim body. It is not right to laugh at other problems; therefore, this video is only available for information purpose under top videos being watched this week.

Who will Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009? (opinion poll)

Counting for Jharkhand Assembly election 2009 will take place on 23 Dec, 2009. By afternoon of 23rd Dec, people will come to know about the outcome of Jharkhand Assembly election. There are total 81 seats in Jharkhand Assembly and any party need support of 41 MLA to form next government. Presently, Jharkand is under president rule because previous hung assembly. The main fight in Jharkhand is between BJP-JD(U) alliance, Congress, JMM, RJD. In last 2005 assembly election, BJP emerged as biggest party by winning 30 seats and its partner JD(U) got 6 seats. JMM was second largest party with 17 seats and Congress was third largest with 9 seats. Due to hung assembly, Jharkhand state mainly remained under parliament rule, short chief ministership of Madhu Koda and Shibu Soran. In last Loksabha election 2009, BJP emerged as single largest party by winning 8 seats out of total 14 seats. On 23rd Dec, 2009, people can again expect results in this favour of BJP-JD(U) and they can win 38 to 53 seat

Junglighat (Port Blair, Andaman) Video

Below, people can get glimpse of Junglighat situated in Port Blair, Andaman. This small ghat is used by small ships to carry people to nearby islands. Maximum numbers of ships from Junglighat goes to nearby Ross Islands which is just one 0.5 KM away from ghat. People can easily visit Ross Island, Viper Island and Coral Island by paying a nominal fee for ship ride. Generally, single tour package is available which cover all three Islands.

Rameshwaram History and Travel guide videos

Rameshwaram is a famous temple town situated on the southern tip of India. This city is also known as Varanasi of South. Rameshwaram town has great place in Hindu religion because famous Shiva temple is present in this city which is believed to be made by Lord Ram and his wife Sita with Sand. After returning from Sri Lanka, Lord Rama prayed to Lord Shiva for clarifying his sin of Brahmin death because Ravana was considered a Brahmin. Therefore, Lord Rama meditated here to please Lord Shiva and cleared his sins. Around Rameshwaram, people can find many places of religious interest. Rameshwaram is also believed to be place from where Lord Rama constructed a floating bridge over Sea to reach Sri Lanka. To learn more about history of this town and get travel guidance, people can watch 5 videos series present below. These videos provide complete details about Rameshwaram town and its historical importance. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Reply to Me here

Movie Review “Rocket Singh: Salesman of Year”

“Rocket Singh: Salesman of Year” is new film from YashRaj Banner and this film was released last Friday. Rocket Singh was only Hindi film which hit theatres last Friday; therefore, no competition from any other film was present to this film. This film is directed by Shimit Amin and Ranbir Kapoor, Shazahn Padamsee and Gauhar Khan played lead roles in this film. Story of film revolves around a Sikh boy who is average in study and just passed his graduation. This role is played by Ranbir Kapoor (as Harpreet Singh) and he is looking good in this role. After graduation, Harpreet Singh joins a sales job in a company which sells computers. Initially, Harpreet Singh tries to work with ethics in his job but soon he finds himself in trouble for saying truth. Therefore, Harpreet took some drastic steps and starts his own Rocket Sales Corporation using the infrastructure of his parent company. Soon his Rocket Sales Corporation become very successful and starts eating business of parent company. Ho

Video of strange light over Norway

Recently, a strange light is seen over Norway skies and so far scientists have no justification for this light. Norway government has asked for enquiry in to this whole matter. Different people have different views about this unusual phenomenon like a UFO, a failed missile from Russia, black whole etc. Russia has denied any launch of missile; therefore, this whole episode has become very mysterious.

CBI says no murder or rape in Shopian case

Today, CBI spokesman told media that both women of Shopian village who are alleged to be raped and murdered by unknown people, have actually died from drowning. CBI spokesman said that CBI has registered case against 14 people including six doctors and few lawyers who fabricated false evidences which triggered wide spread protest in Kashmir. With this report suspense on Shopian case has lifted. Below, people can watch press briefing by CBI spokesman and report by Reuters India.

Watch first look (trailer) Movie “Veer”

Below, people can watch first look trailer of Salman Khan’s “Veer”. This film is produced by Vijay Galani and directed by Anil Sharma (famous director of Movie Gadar). This film is written by Salman Khan. Other cast of movie include Mithun Chakraborty, Lisa Lazarus (British Actress and Miss Universe 2008).

Movie Awaara will be available as Book

Legendary film Awaara from legendary film maker Raj Kapoor will now be available as book. Recently, this book was launched by members of Kapoor family to remember Raj Kapoor. This book will be soon available in all book store cross India. According to Kapoor family memories of many common Indians are attached with this film; therefore, this book will offer a good solution to such people.

Can you recognise Amir Khan?

Recently, Amir Khan was seen in Banaras as ordinary man moving around streets and meeting local people; though, he was in makeup and it was very hard to recognise him. Below, people can watch uncut 10 minute video of his visit. People can watch Amir Khan in Makeup in second part of video. He was tracing his ancestor’s house in Banaras and he also took ride in open auto rickshaw to move around Banaras.

Demand for Small states

It is very sad to see today that large numbers of leaders in India for their self growth and needs are pushing our country in to a big fire of smaller states. At present, there are around 100 demands for smaller states from different parts of India and all these demands have suddenly become more vocal after central government accepted TRS demand for separate Telangana state out of present Andhra Pradesh state. Therefore, many small leaders and political parties are seeing some benefits in this whole development thus they are pushing for more states in India. When I was in school then I studied 25 states of India and when I become young this number increased to 28 states. In future, this number will only increase because every person is looking for separate identity in the form of smaller states. People think that smaller states will provide them more benefits as compared to bigger states because smaller states develop much faster as compared to bigger states. To some extent, these peop

How much government is prepared for Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus)?

Government of India and various state governments are making large numbers of claims about taking necessary steps to stop and control Swine Flu virus from spreading: however, when you make a reality check then situation is very bad. Recently, one of my best friends is tested positive for Swine Flu in Delhi and he was with me up to one day back. Therefore, a leading chest physician advised me to immediately get tested for Swine Flu and contact Officer In charge for Swine Flu in Ludhiana. However, this whole thing became a big nightmare for me as condition was totally pathetic in civil Hospital. There is no isolation ward for Swine Flu patients in hospital. Moreover, doctors were sending suspected Swine Flu patients to other private hospitals because they do not have enough beds. In this way, Civil hospital was only working as spreading ground for Swine Flu in Ludhiana. At end after making 40 plus phone calls and getting confirmed H1N1 Virus report of my friend through fax, I succeeded

Second wave of Swine Flu in India

Presently, India especially north India is hit by second wave of Swine Flu (H1NI virus); therefore, numbers of cases of swine flu are increasing in this part. Government and health experts have asked people to take precautionary measures and get tasted for Swine Flu once they saw symptoms of Swine Flu in them. To get knowledge of Swine Flu (HINI virus infection) symptoms, people can follow this link Swine Flu symptoms and precautions . North India is presently facing cold wave which is providing good environment for HINI virus to grow. As per one estimate by health experts, Swine Flu is likely to hit one third population of India in next six months and large numbers of cases will be from North India (though very less numbers of cases will be fatal). Work on indigenous Swine Flu vaccine is on final stage and it will be available by February/March next year as only Human trails are left to confirm safety of this vaccine on humans. This vaccine will be available in the form of nasal spr

Movie Review “Radio” Hindi

With movie Radio, Himesh Reshammiya is back in front of us with his third film. I didn’t like his first two movies; therefore, I do not have much hope from this film. However, Radio movie surprised me to some extent thanks to excellent acting by Shenaz Treasurywala and Sonal Sehgal. Himesh Reshammiya has also improved his acting skills but he still needs lot of improvement. Movie Radio revolves around story of a famous Radio Jockey played by Himesh Reshammiya, who has gone through recent divorce. Due to bitter experience of divorce, he loses his confidence on love and new relations; therefore, he struggles to accept new relation in his life which comes with all hopes and happiness. Main attraction of this film is Shenaz Treasurywala, she has displayed great acting skills in this film thus making this film interesting till end. This film is directed by Isshaan Trivedi and he has chosen a unique style for presenting film story which is very interesting. Music of film is also fine and peo

Movie Review “Paa”

It looks that Amitabh Bachan’s acting skills are becoming much and much better as he is becoming old. Movie Paa also reminds us towards this fact. Amitabh Bachan has performed very well in film through his extraordinary makeup. It is impossible for any person to recognise throughout film that they are seeing Amitabh Bachan as child actor. This whole thing has become possible due to incredible and unbelievable makeup skills and extraordinary acting of Amitabh Bachan. His acting steals complete attention from other stars present in this film. Therefore, it becomes important to watch this film for Amitabh Bachan and see his amazing acting skills. Other cast of film including Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan, who have also done good job but clear hero is Amitabh Bachan in this complete show. Overall, Paa movie offers a good movie watch in front of us and it is a good family movie which we can truly enjoy with our family.  This film highlights importance of family and tells us to stand wit

Trailer Hindi movie “Pyaar Impossible”

Below, people can watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi film from YashRaj banner “Pyaar Impossible”. Priyanka and Uday Chopra will be playing lead role in this film and people will watch them first time opposite each other. Story of film revolves around two highly unmatched boy and girl who fall in love despite all odds; therefore, we gets a title of Pyaar Impossible.

Watch Chocolate worth $ 5 Millions

Below, people can watch video of preparation of a Chocolate worth $ 5 million. This chocolate is decorated by a South Korean chef and it is one of the most expensive gift items. Around 100 diamonds are placed on this chocolate to decorate it. Everyone in this world will want that he should get this gift but only one lucky person will get it who knows a rich person who can gift him such expensive gift.