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No proper 3G Coverage

3g was launched in India with much fun fare and it was claimed that people will get high speed data at affordable rates. However, even after three years of its launch 3G network coverage has not improved in India. Most of 3G networks are still struggling and we find them absent at most of places. I am not pointing about remote places but about many places insides cities where people do not get proper 3g coverage. It looks that most of 3g operators are not taking any interest in increasing coverage of 3g. By this time, 3g should have reached every home and town in India but sadly, its position has weakened with time. 3g has great power in it to revolutionize telecom industry in India; therefore, Government and Telecom operators should work in direction to strengthen 3g services in India. There is news that 4g trails are running in India and it will be launched in India soon. However, when we do not have good 3g network then how we can hope for good 4g network.

Facebook is connecting all of us

If we look for a single reason of success of then it will be its power to connect us all. Facebook is a unique tool of social media which gives all of us power to connect with all people belonging to our life. Facebook makes it possible to connect with large numbers of people irrespective of their location. Therefore, large numbers of people are using it. Today facebook has highly penetrated our lives that it matters lot to us. Biggest strength of facebook is its power to connect us all irrespective of our locations and time zones. I am using facebook from time when it was not very famous and there was hardly anyone known to me using it. However, with time numbers of people whom I know personally have increased considerably on facebook. Facebook has entered even remote villages of India and everyone is using it. Facebook is very popular among young generation and it is hard to find a single youth not using it. At present facebook love is only increasing with more and

Connection between Man and God

All religions of world tell same thing that there exists a great relationship between man and god. It is important for every human being to not forget this relationship because only through this relationship, any human can accomplish higher goals. To relate with God, we go to mosques, churches, temples and Gurdwaras. At these places, we find great peace of mind and remember god as per our religious beliefs. Recently, I saw construction of a new church where I saw installation of chairs4worship church chairs . People have lots of faith on these places; therefore, it is important to construct any such place with full dedication and care. After completion of any such place, millions of people visit them and offer their prayers to god. To reach god , we simply need strong connection with god and when we have it then soon, we enjoy abundance of God’s blessings.

New Age Political Leaders of India

From last year, we are seeing some changes in Indian politics with entry of new age political leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Ramdev. Both these leaders do not have any big political party behind them; however ambitions of both these leaders are very high. Both of them want to give new corruption free political alternative to common people of India. So far, public protests of both these leaders are seeing great response; however, it is required to be seen that how much success they will get politically. Corruption is one of biggest problems in Indian politics and many common people also believe same. Arvind Kejriwal has announced his political party while Swami Ramdev has not announced any such attentions. Upcoming Elections in India will test real strength of these new age leaders. There is usually big difference in popularity and real political success. Arvind Kejriwal’s party is likely to contest first elections in upcoming Delhi Assembly Election and with this first tes

Get Your Free Audio Book Atlas Shrugged

Here is great option for you to buy famous and best selling audio book Atlas Shrugged. This Novel is written by Ayn Rand in 1957. This Novel is still very popular among many readers. Now this is good option for you to buy this audio book for free at atlas shrugged audiobook free . This offer is only available for limited time only and this offer may not be available in certain countries. To get this book, simply visit the link provided above and order your free book. Atlas Shrugged was fourth and last novel of Rand. This is one such offer which everyone will like to grab. I always feel pleasure in sharing such offers because I also love reading books.

Inspirational Video How to get what you want by Dr Wayne Dyer

We all want so many things in life and we always look for a help so that we can easily get them. Large numbers of people fail to get many things in life because they never find this help. The major reason of this failure is wrong or negative thinking of a person. We attract most of things in life as per our thinking pattern. When we learn to think positively then we attract many positive things and life. On the other hand, negative thinking attracts negative thinks to our life. To find happiness and fulfillment in life just concentrate on right kind of thinking. Below, you can find great and inspiration video by Dr Wayne Dyer on How to get what you want.

Negative sides of Direct Cash Subsidy

One of major decision of Indian government is Direct Cash Subsidy. Under this scheme, direct cash will be deposited in to the bank account of direct beneficiary. Government claims that this scheme will reduce corruption because cash will directly reach beneficiary account cutting middlemen. However, biggest question mark over the success of this scheme is failure or misuse of this scheme in other parts of world. Many top analysts and experts believe that you can give cash to a person; however, in return there is no guarantee that he will use this cash in right manner on essential items. There is great possibility that large numbers of beneficiaries will use this cash for wrong purpose and there will be no positive effect of this scheme on their life. Moreover, there are large numbers of fake BPL card holders in India and they will also benefit from this scheme. It will be difficult task to distribute this cash to right people because of high levels of corruption in system. All the

To create a stunning Website

Today, websites have become integral part of our life and they are giving online face to many organizations, products and businesses. With so much penetration of internet, it is very wise decision to create a website. Therefore, we are seeing creation of millions of new websites every month. Thanks to number of free to use website editor, we can create a good looking website in few minutes and that without paying any cost. People can easily find many such free website editors online. The main advantage of these free website editors is that any person can create stunning website in few minutes. Most of these websites provide free video tutorials to learn to create a good looking website. By following some steps and with some practice, a new comer can also create an attractive website.

Price hike of Diesel and People and its effect Common people

Yesterday, Government of India deregulated diesel prices in India and thus diesel prices also become dependable on international crude oil prices. Now petroleum companies can increase prices of diesel when international prices of crude oil increase. Though, government has given some relief to people by not increasing present subsidy on diesel which is around Rs 10. All opposition political parties have criticized government over price hike and they have demanded immediate role back of prices. With yesterday’s decision diesel has become approximately 50 paise costlier in India. The biggest worry of most of people is that inflation is directly linked to hike in diesel prices. Any hike in diesel prices is likely to increase prices of most of household goods; thus increases cost of living and inflation. Already, common people in India are suffering from every increasing price of essential items and now this step of government will further put pressure on common people. It is duty of g

Do not depend on Single option

The biggest mistake which most of people do in life is to depend on single option in life. Mostly, people become so confident about this single option that they do not consider other options. However, we all are required to keep in mind that any option or solution can fail anytime and therefore, we should have some backup ready. When we have multiple options as backup then failure of single option does not create any problem for us and we successfully move ahead. It is also sign of successful planners to look for different alternates to solve an issue or problem and do not rely on single solution. Such people mostly succeed in solving their problems much easily as compared to people who depend on single options or solutions in life. There are always many ways which ends at same point; therefore, why only to depend on single solution. If we keep this point in our mind while solving a problem then we will be able to solve this problem with much ease.

Your bad deeds will count

Mostly, many bad people feel that they can go away with their bad deals; however, truth is this that every single bad deed counts in this world and everyone is required to pay for it. Therefore, everyone should think many times before doing a single bad deed in this world. We have all got human life to enjoy this life and to do well to others. Thus it is our duty to respect it. If do not give thought to it then we will pay many times in future.  Now it is our choice that we want to do bad deeds in life or not. Mostly, people like bad deeds because they get results fast through them; however, these fast results also disappear fast. These all choices exit in our hands and we can make such choices with care. Similarly good deeds provide good results and people get great satisfaction by doing them. Good deeds are always remembered by world and such deeds give good results. 

Human ego is biggest enemy of self

I have closely seen lives of many people who have failed in life and mostly, I have found single major reason in their failure and this reason was their high ego. Ego is biggest enemy of a person because it stops him or her from growing in life. An egoist person only sees limited opportunities in life because due to his ego, he misses many golden opportunities. Ego is like a poison which grows with time and increasing status of a person.  This poison first harm the self then harms the other people; therefore, it is very important to kill ego as fast as it starts growing. War of egos is something which no one can win in this world. Only a person who rises above its ego actually wins this war.  The sad time is that we live in a world where we are told from birth to have high egos.  Sadly, no one tells anyone that this ego will slowly destroys him. Ego is so bad thing that it survives for long time and its harmful effects are very high in numbers. Death of ego is real birth of a

I Love Music because it relates to life

Music has great importance in my life because it gives me power to enjoy life more deeply. Therefore, I never miss an opportunity to enjoy music. To play a good music, we need good music instruments because otherwise we do not get good quality music output. Today, we can find great instruments l to get best quality music outputs. People can find many options online of such products. If today, we are able to get better quality music output, then these fine products are providing great help. Now we have freedom of enjoying some of the best music. It all depends on mixing right kind of technology with the right kind of music wisdom.

A New Year and A New Beginning

Finally New has Year started and it is a wonderful New Years like previous ones. However, it enjoys major advantage over other years because this year, we have in our hands while we have no control over the years in past or upcoming years in future. Therefore at present 2013 is everything for it because we are blessed to live it and enjoy it. Now it depends on us that we want to make it wonderful year for us or not. Soon, thiss year will also pass away like previous years but we can make 2013 a special year by giving it 100% of our efforts. When we look back then we should be able to say with proud that 2013 was our best year of life. I wish everyone a great success in 2013, So have a wonderful new year.