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Fitness should be your main priority

Mostly, people become ill when they do not give attention to fitness. To remain healthy, we should give true attention to fitness and indulge in activities and exercises which boost fitness in us. One of such popular fitness cum dance based exercise program in Zoomba. Many people around the world are actively using this exercise program to stay fit. People can easily find collection of cds and dvds of best selection of zoomba on stores to learn this exercise technique. Most such selections can be easily bought online. By adopting such methods and regular exercise, any person can stay healthy by maintaining fitness. Today, it is easy to learn any exercise with the help of cds and dvd of such programs available with us. So use such methods to stay fit.

You should look for other alternatives than Adsense Alone

If you are a webmaster and earn money with Google Adsense program then it is time to look for some other alternatives too because in recent times, Google has made many changes in its adsense program. To remain competitive and provide more value to advertisers it is selling ads at much lesser price. This change simply means that now you will be paid less. Now how much less you will be paid then it is not easy to give exact number; however, it is estimated that revenues from Adsense are likely to decrease by 20 to 50%. Therefore, time has come to look for other alternatives to boost revenue. One of solution is mobile advertising because mobile app and mobile webs are becoming a big reality. You can easily convert you web content in to a mobile app or mobile web to attract these customers. By adding mobile ads to this content, you earn some money too. With this change, you can expect to increase your earning by 10 to 30%. Second option is looking for good affiliate programs because n

Assam Violence a Shame on Democratic India

Few days back, India celebrated its 66th Independence Day. This day marks our freedom from oppression, violence, injustice, crime, corruption, curb on Human rights. However, sadly even after celebrating so many Independence Day our country is still facing violence on the name of religion and ethnicity. Assam violence is latest reminder of this bad truth. Whole of Indian state machinery failed in Assam to stop violence. More than 5 Lakh people got displaced from their homes due to this violence and many died. How this can be allowed in country like India? Such violence against ordinary human beings points a big question mark on our democratic nation status. Does democracy allows such means of attacking ordinary people and taking always their basic rights. To fuel more anger, our government has same answer Pakistan is doing all this and they are not to blame for it. For how long, we will go on blaming Pakistan. Why our internal security systems are not so strong to stop any attack f

Video presentation of Amazing Pictures of World

Many pictures have power of amazing us. Below also you can watch similar video presentation of some of wonderful and exciting pictures. In this video, you can watch some of rare pictures of famous places of world. Some pictures will remind us extreme kind of adventure which only few people dare to take. Hopefully, you will enjoy watching this video.

Are credit cards to be blamed for overspending?

Credit Cards and overspending are mostly related to each other because it is widely believed that credit cards make people to over spend. Now let’s investigate that How much truth is present behind this assumption. Credit Cards are designed to provide financial freedom to people in from of a capacity to spend up to certain limit by paying interest in return. Mostly, there is no cost in using credit cards when we keep their usage under control and pay credit card bills completely and on time. Only problem starts when we over spend on credit cards and do not pay our bills on time then we enter a vicious circle of paying huge interests. Many people become victim of over spending on credit cards and later find it hard to pay back. People only realize this problem when there are big debts on their credit cards. I know at least dozens of people who have become victim of over spending on credit cards and at some point, I do committed this mistake because I believed that next month I will

Some true and wonderful quotes by Confucius

Here is video presentation of some of true and wonderful quotes by Confucius. He was a Chinese philosopher whose thoughts and quotes are still very relevant in present time. With the help of video presentation present below you can go through some of his thoughts and quotes to increase your life experience. We can learn great from his valuable quotes which are still very relevant today.

Watch Trailer of Forthcoming Hindi Movie Chakravyuh

Prakash Jha is again back with new political cum social drama “Chakravyuh”. Today, whole of country is feeling heat of red because of nexalites. This movie is likely to put some light on nexal problem present in India. The main cast of film includes Arjun Rampal, Abhay Deol, Esha Gupta, Manoj Bajpai,Kabir Bedi and Anjali Patil. This movie is expected to release on 24 October, 2012 across India.

Do not regret your past it can not be redone, but you can make better future

Many people suffer from this problem of regretting their past and due to this habit, they waste lots of valuable present moments. It is important for us to remember that no one can redone his past, what has happened in past has happened? So stop living in past and start living in present. Past is dead already so there is no fun in wasting time on it. However, human beings are mostly such an emotional fool that they are carried away by emotions. The biggest disadvantage of worrying about past is loosing our present for it. Moreover, when we remain with past then we remain with a dead object over which we have no control. Overall life is very small and we never get back same time again. Therefore, there is no fun in wasting our time on past events which can not be changed. Though, sometimes we are so much emotionally attached to these events that it takes good time to move over them. It is truly a difficult task to forget many painful past events; however, we need to remember that t

Watch Trailer of Priyadarshan's Kamaal, Dhamaal, Malamaal

Below watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi Movie of Priyadarshan "Kamaal, Dhamaal, Malamaal". The main cast of film includes Nana Patekar, Shreyas Talpade and Paresh Rawal. This film is directed by Priyadarshan and it is expected to release on 28 September 2012. This movie is remake of hit Malayalam movie " Marykkundoru Kunjaadu". With this new movie of Priyadarshan, we can expect to get dose of laugh this time. 

It is now important to create mobile apps

Slowly, mobile apps are catching up in big way and some of these apps are getting visitors many times more than their original sites. Many such apps have even emerged as great revenue earners for many websites. Therefore, it will be foolish to undermine important of such mobile app. The main advantage of mobile app is that you can easily make available your website content to mobile users with the help of these apps.  Any web content can be easily converted in to a good mobile app. To create a mobile app means, you are attracting more numbers of visitors to your sites. There are many free tools available online which makes it even easy to create fast running mobile apps in few minutes. In coming times, this trend is only going to increase further and making mobile apps even more popular.  So if you do not have mobile app for your site then I will highly recommend that you can immediately create one for your site. Nokia even provides a free and hassle free solution to create

Traditional Assisted opening knives

If we watch old Bollywood movies then we can easily watch villains of movies using such knives to threat hero of Movie. Today, such old knives have lost their charm and we can find them only in very small numbers. Few years back, I bought one assisted opening knife for myself from Rampur city of UP because this town was once famous in India for making fine quality assisted opening knives. However, with the help of new fine techniques many improved version of such knives are present in front of us. People can easily buy many varieties of such knives form online stores. It is hard to tell that traditional assisted opening knives were better or today’s assisted opening knives; however, I will only like to say that both such knives are great creation of time.

A highest for India, Six medals at Olympics

There is good news for India that its athletes have won highest number of medals at Olympics. By winning six medals in London Olympics, Indian athletes have shown best ever performance in Olympics. Though, there is sad news that we failed to win any gold medal this time. Sushil Kumar is only athlete who repeated by history by winning second Olympic medal for India. In Last Olympics, Sushil won bronze medal in wrestling and today, he won silver medal this improving his performance. Other two athletes Abhinav Bindra, who won first individual gold medal for India in last Olympics and Vijender Kumar, who won bronze medal in boxing failed this time. Saina Nehwal created history by winning first medal in Badminton for India and same is for Mary Kon who won bronze medal in women boxing. Other great performance is Vijay Kumar and Gagan Narang who won silver and bronze medals in shooting respectively. Overall, London Olympics finished with promising note for India and we can hope for more

Sushil Kumar wins Silver medal at London Olympics

Today, we saw great performance from Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar who won Silver medal at London Olympics. In last Beijing Olympics also Sushil Kumar made us proud by winning bronze medal. Though, whole of India was hoping for gold medal from Sushil; however, at the end we are happy with his silver medal win. He lost his final match for gold medal to Japan's Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu. I watched all of his matches and he was superb in all matches expect final match. At one point, it was looking that gold medal is coming to India; however, Japanese wrestler was much better in his fight and did not provided any opportunity to Sushil. With this win, India finished London Olympics with total 6 medals which is highest performance by India in Olympics ever. At end, I want to congratulate Sushil Kumar for his Silver medal.

You can not buy Happiness because it is not sold by anyone

We see many advertisements in newspapers which say that you can buy happiness by buying their products or services. However, here I want to make a point that it is not possible for any person to buy true happiness because it is something which grows inside us. Can be get it by buying a product for example a car?  All these happiness are not true happiness and they do not last long. After sometimes, such happiness loses its charm or completely disappears. Therefore, any dependence of such materialistic things and objects of world can only provide momentary happiness to us. We only remain happy till we have them soon we loose same love for them and simultaneously happiness associated with it also disappears.  On the other hand, true happiness is something which always remains inside us whether we have something or not. Such happiness is not dependable on materialistic objects of world. Any person who has such happiness can never feel sad in life. Therefore, it is important fo

Best performance of India in Olympics or We need much more

So far, Indian athletes have won four medals in Olympics and it is best performance of India if we count by total medals won in any Olympics. In every newspaper, we are reading this news that India has improved its performance. However, here I want to point out that wining one more medal is truly a very big achievement for country with pollution of 1.2 billion.  Why China is so much ahead of us in winning medals? China is number one in medal tally and we are at 46 number. Why so much difference? Who is culprit? Why we can’t win two digit medals in Olympics? If we say that India will increase its medal count by one every year then we needs to wait for six more Olympics or 24 years for India to win 10 Olympic medals.  When it comes to sports then it looks that our sports are still running in old time. Billions of rupees are spent by government on our players however; we see very minimal results at main events. Olympics is clear mirror of true level of sports in India, if we ar