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Maintain Less Weight for better health

People who want to maintain good health can achieve it if they can maintain less weight through out their life. Generally, people do give very less time for regular exercise and therefore, thir body fat increases many times. This increasing fat leads to obesity problem and large numbers of people across the world are suffering from various forms of acute obesity related problems. It is very important to treat these problems well; otherwise, we can land on various problems. People can look for best weight loss product to solve their obesity related problems. There are large numbers of products available in market to solve obesity related problems and people can easily trust these solutions. People can consult their doctor to find a good solution for their problem.

Book PVR Cinemas Tickets Latest update

Below, people can find latest update for booking PVR cinemas tickets online or through their mobile. In last articles also, I updated about various options available in front of people to booking PVR cinemas tickets visit them Now Book PVR cinema tickets on Mobile , How to book PVR Cinemas and Wave Cinemas Tickets? . Present options available below are latest set of application and solutions available for booking all PVR cinemas tickets online or through mobile Handset. Book tickets at PVR cinemas:- Visit PVR Cinemas website Dial 505787 from your Airtel, Vodafone and Idea mobile/Airtel landline or 5050787 from your Reliance mobile (CDMA only) Bookmark PVR application on your Facebook account and book tickets using that application To get schedule of your preferred PVR Cinema on your mobile, SMS and send it to 53030 eg. or

Get CBSE 10th Class Board Exam Results on mobile

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Examination Class 10th Results 2010 will be declared tomorrow 28 May, 2010 by CBSE. Students can get these results on their mobile phone or by calling number available below. Results are likely to be available by tomorrow afternoon. SMS CBSE10 space to 57766 (e.g. SMS CBSE10 1234567 to 57766) Or Call 1255536 to get Results GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2011 Result

Review Samsung Corby Colours (Touchscreen)

Samsung Corby has become a popular mobile handset in India and large numbers of people are using this handset because of its stylish looks, user friendly design and attractive price. Samsung Corby Colours touch screen phone is available for just Rs 6500 in India. This handset has become very popular among women and girls because it provides a great option to choose colours of phone background. This phone offers many good features like one figure zoom, smart unlock, online widgets, POP up Social networking sites status updates, upload pictures from mobile, 2 MP camera, stylish music player etc. People can also upload more widgets and application from various open sources to make their Samsung Corby handset more useful. Main attraction of Samsung Corby handset is it stylish look and solid touch screen features which makes it a good product. This phone is highly suitable for younger generation who cannot afford very expensive handsets but they want full style. Samsung Corby is very easy

Best time to buy gold

In recent times, I have observed that it is very hard to predict best time for buying gold because gold prices constantly move up. Just one month back, gold prices were at Rs 16500 and today, they are near Rs 18000. According to large numbers of gold experts, gold prices are likely to touch Rs 20000 in near future. Therefore, it is very hard to say when it will be going to be best time for buying gold. It is best to buy gold whenever we have excess money in hand and people can easily buy buy gold bullion from a nearby jeweller or gold seller. Gold prices only increase with time and we can find many examples in history in this regard. Gold is one such precious metal which offers excellent returns to people and they are very less risks associated with gold investments.

Review Reliance Netconnect Data Card (Wireless Broadband)

Last year, Reliance launched India’s first wireless broadband service with the name of Reliance Netconnect. Today, Reliance’s wireless broadband service is very popular because at present it only has competition with Tata’s wireless broadband service with name of Tata Photon. Reliance claims that its wireless broadband service is available in 62 cities and it offer as high speed as 3.1 Mbps. People can buy Reliance Netconnect Data Card by paying Rs 2499 and there are multiple monthly plans available as per need of customers from Rs 299 to Rs 1750. At present no unlimited usage plan is available from Reliance and most of its wireless broadband plans are much expansive than landline broadband connections. Reliance netconnect service is available in both postpaid and prepaid plans. Recently, I got chance to use Reliance netconnect wireless broadband connection at New Delhi and Ludhiana. I did various tests related to speed of net connection and found that despite many claims by Reliance s

Get ICSE Class 10th and 12th Result on Mobile

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ( ICSE ) class 10th and 12th results are today declared by ICSE and they are available after 3 PM today. With the help of option shown below, people can get these results on their mobile. For ICSE 10th Results SMS ICSE10 space to 56666 For ICSE 12th Results SMS ICSE12 space to 56666 e.g ICSE10 123456, ICSE12 123456 After sending this sms, students can get their result delivered through sms on same mobile number.

Samsung Corby TV (Watch Live TV on Mobile)

Samsung has introduced live TV enabled its popular handset Corby. Corby series of handsets are already very popular in India and therefore, Samsung has introduced Samsung Corby TV to enter Live TV on mobile market in India. Samsung Corby TV handset works on CDMA network unlike other Corby models which work on popular GSM network. Samsung saw a great opportunity in the form of Corby TV and available high speed CDMA wireless networks. People can enjoy 50 plus live Indian TV channels on their Samsung Corby handset. Presently, Samsung Corby TV works on Reliance netconnect wireless broadband and Tata photon wireless broadband. People have option to choose between these networks and they are required to buy a monthly plan to watch these live channels. Therefore, people buying Corby TV are required to be ready for extra monthly charges which they will pay to wireless broadband networks. At present, Samsung Corby TV is only suitable for people living in big metro cities where wireless broadb

Excess weight means many health problems

Today, every person know this fact that excess weight is directly associated with many health problems because chances of various health related problems increases many times with every Kilograms of extra weight on body. Therefore, all physicians across the world insist on maintaining a less weight so that people should not suffer from health related problems. Moreover, if any how people have gained excess weight then it become very important for them to lose weight on time; otherwise, they can soon face many complications. With regular exercising habit, people can burn excess fats present in body; therefore, it is very important to do regular exercise daily to control body fat. People can also consult their physicians to learn about many latest solutions available in market to control fats.

280 thousands FIFA world cup 2010 tickets are not sold

As per latest news from Sky News, it looks that Football world cup 2010 fever is hit hard by recession because still 280 thousands tickets for various football games are not sold so far. FIFA world cup 2010 is starting from 11 June, 2010 and less than one month time is left before the start of games. Therefore, FIFA authorities are required to sell tickets fast so that stadiums should not remain vacant during football games.

Aishwarya Rai in confusion

Presently, Aishwarya Rai is in little confusion over her next song performance in her forthcoming film in which she will redisplay on screen chemistry between Amitabh Bachan and Rekha on screen. As per the report available below, Aishwarya is slightly confused about this performance because of her family relationships. Below, people can watch complete report on this matter.

Who controls our life?

Today, we live in a world where every person is running behind so many things and sometimes, people become so much busy in these chases that they just forget to live their own life. It is good to achieve so many things in life but it is wrong to lose our life comforts and life for some goals. It is very important for all of us to understand that life is not only about achievements but it is about living a happy life. Our ultimate happiness in life depends on how we live our life and how much control, we have on our life. Mostly, people run so much behind their goals and expectations that they give control of their life to someone else. No person in this world can truly enjoy his or her life by giving control of his or her life to someone else. However, we people are offering total control of our life in the hands of other people for some monetary goals. For example, if you are doing a high earning job which requires you to work for 12 to 16 hours daily then you hardly you have any cont

Death Sentence for Kasab (video)

Finally, Indian judiciary won today when it announced death sentence to Ajmal Kasab after a more than year long trail. It was important to prosecute Ajmal Kasab before punishing him because with this trail India gave right message to world that it treats everyone equal. Below, people can find more video report on this matter and what happened in court.

What makes you happy?

In life, it is very important to have knowledge of what makes you happy in life because there are only few things in life which truly makes us happy or sad. Lots of people make such mistakes where they run behind unnecessary things which do not make them happy. For example, many people run behind money blindly and they even overlook their relationships and other comforts to achieve this goal. Now when these people succeed in achieving great success or lots of money then they hardly have true people or friends with them to enjoy this success. Moreover, many times we realise that what we have achieved something after lots of hard work do not actually make us truly happy. Therefore, it becomes very important in life have through knowledge about small – 2 things which make us happy. Whole human life is a struggle for happiness and every human run behind various things to ultimately find happiness in his life. At this stage wrong selection of goals can make us unhappy in long run than makin

Too much interference in personal life

It is very important for every person to avoid too much interference in to the personal life of other people associated with them even these people may come in their close relationship. Many relationships in this world become problematic because people involved in it do not respect personal freedom of other person and they force their own thoughts and view into other person’s life. When this interference become too much then other person starts feeling irritated from this behaviour. This irritation causes person to go away from people forcing their views and thoughts on him. Many relationships split in this world because of this problem. It is very important for every person to understand that if he wants to have good and solid relationship then he should give freedom to other person in this relationship. When people starts feeling too much restricted in a relationship then they starts thinking about moving out of these relationships. Every person in this world needs a person face and

Uncensored video of Hrithik and Barbara

Below, people can enjoy uncensored video of Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori during their ad shooting in Maldives. In this video, Hrithik can be found managing hairs of Barbara. It looks from this video that Hrithik and Barbara enjoy a great chemistry between each other. Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan have also worked together recently in forthcoming action film “Kites”.

Are you a self made person?

In life, it is very important for every person to become successful person and if any person becomes successful person through his own efforts then he becomes an ideal for large numbers of people. It is very easy for any person to become successful with the help of others or his family. However, it takes lots of efforts in becoming a self made person. It is not easy in this world to become highly successful with our own efforts because people need many qualities to do so. Still, many people achieve great successes in life with their own efforts and these people become role models. One of major quality for becoming a successful with self efforts is habit to do hard work. These kinds of people never fear from working hard and for long hours. When most people are sleeping in their beds, these people come out of their beds and seize golden opportunities with both hands. Second major quality required for achieving success through self efforts is patience. Without patience, it is very hard f

Indian cricket in Super eight of Twenty20 world cup 2010

Indian cricket team has entered super eight level of World Cup 2010 where only eight teams out of total 12 teams will reach. Indian cricket team achieved this milestone by winning both of its league games against Afghanistan and South Africa. In super eight level, these eight teams will play three matches and four teams out of these eight team will qualify for Semi finals. With this great win by Indian Cricket team in league matches, Indian Cricket fans are very excited about Indian Team winning Twenty20 world cup for second time. At present, Indian team looks to be very strong and we can hope that Indian team will easily reach semi-final round. Indian cricket team will be required to win two games out of these three games in Super eight level to qualify for Semifinal round. Most of cricket players of Indian cricket team have great advantage of playing in IPL games just before the start of Twenty20 World cup which also has similar format of T20 games. Within few days, it will become cl

True Love versus Sexual Attractions

Many times, we people miss understand sexual attractions as true love and starts believing that we are in love. Love is generally not affected with sexual attractions and it exists in its purest form. Whereas lots of people get attracted towards each other because of strong sexual attractions and generally, people start believing these strong attractions as love. We all can easily differentiate between true love and strong sexual attraction. Strong Sexual attractions are very strong initially and they depends on the beauty and sexual appeal of other person whereas, true love does not depend on anything and it never varies under any condition. Sexual attractions generally start decreasing with time when we satisfy our needs whereas true love is not dependent on any kind of needs and it just goes on increasing with time. However, in the present world we people are more affected with sexual attractions and misunderstand these feelings as love. Due to this reason, we see many love relation

Some Unanswered questions of Life

There always remain many unanswered questions in our life and we never find answers to these questions throughout our life. Sometimes, it is better that we should not find answers to these questions because we do not know that what will be stored in these answers for us. Life also helps us by not showing these answers to us because it knows that it is for our betterment that we should not get answers of these questions. These kinds of questions arise at many situations in life and we struggle hard to get answers for these questions. Every person has his own set of circumstances and we all also see life differently, thus it is very hard for anyone to provide these answers to us. Therefore, we are required to search these answers ourselves with our efforts and wisdom only. Sometimes, years pass away in getting answers for these questions and when we get answers then we realise that it would have been better if we never got these answers. For whole life, human beings struggle with these u

Thoughts of Mother’s Day 2

Mother’s Day is celebrated in India and most parts of world on second Sunday of May month each year. This day becomes special because we show our love for our mothers by telling her that she is most important women in our life and no other women in this world can replace her. Every Mother makes great sacrifices and loss many comforts for the up being of her kids. Without a good and caring mother, it is very hard for any kid to survive and grow as confident person. Mother makes a great impression on every kid and lots of kids across the world idealise their mothers as their role models for becoming a good person. We can learn from our father about managing finances or business but our mother helps us in becoming a good person. Therefore, each mother plays a very important role in every person’s life. Generally, a good mother make her children good human beings; thus, it is said that if a person gets spoiled in life then his mother has big role in it. A mother can easily make or break fu