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Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India

There are good chances that UPA will again form next government at centre under the leadership of Congress, if this happens then definitely Prime Minister will be from Congress side. In this scenario, Rahul Gandhi emerges as strong contender for this top post. Though, Congress party and Rahul Gandhi have already made it clear that Dr Manmohan Singh will remain contender for PM post from Congress side, however, we all know that Manmohan singh is presently struggling with his health. Therefore, there are good chances that he may withdraw his name from this post. In this situation Rahul Gandhi will definitely emerge as biggest contender for this post. Already, popularity of Rahul Ghandi around India is on rise and there are good numbers of people who want him as next PM of India. Though, Congress party and Gandhi family want to make any new move with lot of care. Forthcoming Loksabha elections will test many things and one thing in it will be popularity of rahul Gandhi. Now if Rahul emerg

A R Rahman wins 2 Oscar Awards

81st Oscar awards have come with lot of good news for Indians. After Resul Pookutty, A R Raham made billions of Indians proud by winning two Oscar awards in 81st Oscar. A R Rahman is also first Indian to win two Oscar Awards in Single Oscar. This is biggest success by any Indian on Oscar so far and will be very difficult for anybody to break. People who know A R Raham well, already have this intuition that A R Rahman will one day achieve this height and today, A R Raham has made them right. A R Rahman has got awards in two categories best original score and best original song which shows his powers. Mostly, Indian music industries is always blamed of copying music from western world, however, A R Raham is one music director from India who has changed this perception completely. Name A R Rahman actually stands for Allah Rakha Rahman. A R Rahman was born on 6 Jan, 1967 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. A R Rahman actually born to a Hindu family and his name was A. S. Dileep Kumar, however, 1989 he

Resul Pookutty wins Oscar for Sound Mixing

Today, 81st Oscar awards bring a good news for billions of Indian when Indian Sound designer Resul Pookutty wins his first ever Oscar award. It took almost 17 year for any Indian to win an Oscar award. This Oscar award has made India alive on Oscar again. Resul Pookutty also worked for recent Indian hit film “Ghajini”. He has also worked for films like Ghandi my Father, Everybody Says I’m Fine, Mithya, Amu etc. This Oscar award win by Resul Pookutty will have significant importance for lot of Indian filmmakers and people associated with Indian film industry. Resul Pookutty belongs to a small Kerala village Vilakupara. His village is just 50 KM from Thiruvananthapura capital of Kerala. This 36 year old sound designer has made whole of India and Indian film industry happy and we can expect many more such achievements by him.

List of 81st Oscar award winners (Live Update)

Below, people can get list of latest winners of 81st Oscar awards. This list will be updated as soon as awards are declared. 81st Oscar awards Best Actor Sean Penn (MILK) Best Actress Kate Winslet (The Reader) Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire Best Actress Supporting role Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Penelope Cruz) Best Actor Supporting Role Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) Best Directing Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) Writing Original Screenplay Milk Writing Adapted Screenplay Slumdog Millionaire Best Animated Film Wall E Short Film Animated La Maison En Petits Cubes Art Direction The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Costume Design The Duchess Make Up The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Cinematography Slumdog Millionaire Short Film Spielzeugland (Toyland) Best documentary Man on Wire Best documentary Short Smile Pinki Best Sound Editing The Dark Knig

Watch 81st Oscar Awards Live 22 Feb, 2009

Below, people can watch live online 81st Oscar awards from Hollywood. We all know the importance of Oscar award and their acceptance across the world. Every person associated with cine world has a strong desire to get this award one day. Due to this reason, Oscar awards have become very popular across the world. People from India will be especially interested in movie “Slumdog Millionaire” which is nominated in ten categories. Live broadcast of these awards will start after 6:00 AM (Indian Time) on 23rd Feb and 2PM PST (US time) on 22nd Feb. Though, awards will be given on 22 Feb in USA, however, due to time difference Indian side will watch it on 23rd Feb. Partial Live- Complete Live- Also visit- List of 81st Oscar award winners (Live Update)

Watch Saurav Ganguly on Chances of India in New Zealand

Below, people can watch Sourav Ganguly’s interview and comments on chances of Indian cricket team in New Zealand. New Zealand tour has always remained very difficult for Indian team and Indian team is still looking for good win against New Zealand in New Zealand. People of India have lot of hopes from present cricket teams which is performing very well. New Zealand tour will be a big challenge for Indian cricket team. Timetable/schedule Indian Vs New Zealand ODI/twenty20/test

Watch leaked Oscar award 2009 list

Watch Oscar Awards Live 22 Feb, 2009 Below, people can watch leaked Oscar award 2009 winners list, which are still to be announced on 22nd Feb, 2009. Though, Oscar authorities have already rubbished this letter and they have assured that no such letter was prepared by them. Overall, this whole act looks like a gimmick on internet; however, exact truth of it will only become true on 22nd Feb. Most of Indian will be interested in the results of film “Slumdog Millionare”, which according to this list gets three Oscar awards, for best picture, best directing and best cinematography. Best actor and actress according to this list goes to Mickey Rourke for “The Wrestler” and Kate Winslet for “The Reader”.

Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll (State wise) 2

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog For latest predictions visit- Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 3 Below, people can get revised state wise opinion poll for Loksabha Election 2009. Last update was published on 10 Jan, 2009. People can access this post by visiting- Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll (State wise) . In last one month, lots of things have changed in Indian politics. Some political parties have gained new support while some parties have lost support. New trends suggest that Congress has gained some ground in last month while BJP has lost slight ground. Overall, these results points towards a hung Loksabha 2009. Also visit- Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election in India? (Opinion poll) 2 , Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election India? , Chances of BJP (NDA) in Loksabha Elec

Importance of early detection of cancer

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases present in our world where early detection is very important because it is very difficult to save cancer patients in later stages. The main problem which lot of people face is that people have very less knowledge of this disease of its symptoms. Some cancer forms like Mesothelioma are very difficult to diagnose. This cancer occurs to a person when he got exposed to asbestos. .Most people come to know about these things in very later stage when nothing can be done. Though, scientists across the world are working very hard to find cure for this disease, however, awareness can easily save lives of many people. At present awareness in people about this disease is very less and this problem is even worse in under developed countries.

How to book PVR Cinemas and Wave Cinemas Tickets?

Below, I am sharing few options with people to book PVR Cinemas and Wave Cinemas tickets online or through mobile. Today, we all know the importance of advance booking of movie tickets because many times, it just become impossible to get tickets due to huge rush. Moreover, online and mobile booking also provide a great comfort of booking tickets from home. Option 1 (for PVR Cinemas) For latest visit- Book PVR Cinemas Tickets Latest update PVR cinema also provides multiple options in front of people to book tickets online. People can book PVR Cinema tickets online or through mobile. i) Book PVR tickets online with ii) Call 505787 ( Rs 6/minute and available on only Vodafone, Airtel and Idea) iii) Download PVR mobile ticketing application SMS “PVR” to “53030” (SMS charge Rs 3, require GPRS enabled mobile set) Option 2 (Wave Cinemas) Wave Cinemas offer online ticket booking option directly, however, people can book online tickets by visiting or p

Timetable/schedule Indian Vs New Zealand ODI/ twenty-20/test

Below, people can get time table and schedule of upcoming ODI, test and twenty-20 matches between India and New Zealand. Indian team has already left for New Zealand and we can hope for very exciting tournament between these two teams. People of India has lot of expectations from Indian team as track record of Indian team against New Zealand in New Zealand is not good. However, present Dhoni team can change this track by winning all series in New Zealand. Indian team will play two twenty20, five ODI and 3 test matches in New Zealand from 25th Feb, 2009 to 7th April, 2009. Also visit- Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011 Timetable/schedule Twenty-20 Match Date Time Place 1st Twenty20 25 Feb 11:30 IST Christchurch 6:00 GMT 2nd Twenty20 27 Feb 11:30 IST Wellington 6:00 GMT ODI Match Date Time Place 1st ODI 3 March

Chances of BJP (NDA) in Loksabha Election 2009 (opinion poll)

In just few months, we will see Loksabha (parliamentary) Elections in India. These elections will determine that which party will form new government at centre. Presently, Congress lead UPA government is in centre. However, next election results can change ruling party in centre. The main contender from opposition parties to rule centre is BJP which is thinking of making government at centre with the help of NDA partner parties. BJP has already made government at centre with the help of these allies during last Loksabha in the leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpeyi. This time also BJP is very confident of making government at centre in the leadership of Lal Krishan Advani, who has also remained deputy PM of India during last Loksabha. However, many analysts believe that road is not as smooth for BJP and NDA because despite showing good performance in many state elections BJP can very well remain short of magic number. State of NDA allies is also same and some of its allies like TDP and

Jarron Gilbert’s pool jump video

Below, people can watch amazing pool jump by Jarron Gilbert where he jumps out of pool. We all know that it is very jump in to a pool however; it is very difficult to jump out of a pool. People can watch this amazing jump in video available below.

Trailer first ever HD episode of “The Simpsons”

Below, people can watch first ever HD episode of “The Simpsons”. The Simpsons is one of the most popular animated series seen by billions of people across the world. Today most of movies and animations are going HD, therefore, producers of “The Simpsons” also decided to produce next show of Simpsons in HD. This show will be telecasted next Sunday on Fox channel.

Why Indian Stock Market is down? 2

This is my second article in “Why Indian Stock Market is down” series. First article, I wrote around 11 months back in March last year when Indian stock market saw sharp down trend which lead market in to 15000 levels after seeing 21000 levels two months back. People can access this article by visiting Why India stock market is down? . Today condition of Indian stock market is much bad from situation when I wrote first article. Presently, Indian stock market is fluctuating between 9000 and 10000 marks. Indian Stock market is showing lower resistance near 9000 and upper resistance near 10000 marks. At this position of Stock Market, every person has only question in mind that why Indian stock market is down? In this article, I will try to answer some of these questions that what factors lead to fall in Indian stock market. First answer of this question is very simple and we all know this answer. Today, whole of world is seeing recession which is putting pressure on the all economies of

Funny Valentine’s Day (E) Video Card

Below, I am embedding very funny Valentine’s Day video Card. Mostly, Valentine’s Day is associated with love and romance, however, lot of fun is also associated with this day. It is a great fun to watch this video and understand pain of few people on this day. The major message of this video is only fun and not to hurt anybody.

Happy Valentine’s Day Video Card

Below, I am embedding beautiful Happy Valentine’s Day video Card. People can send this card on this Valentine’s Day to their love. This video card is made by using simple animation; however, it is full of lot of love feelings. Hopefully, person who will get this Valentines Day Video card will like it.

Indian Stock Market Discussion Forum

Below, I am embedding Indian Stock Market Discussion Forum. People can discuss their stock related queries on this discussion forum. They can either read already written topics or they can add their new topics. People can also share their stock related opinions on this forum. People can also ask for help or analysis on particular stocks with the help of this forum. Indian Stock Market Discussion forum Also visit- Live Indian Stock Market Toolbar Live NSE and BSE (Live Indian Stock Market) Read all Stock Market related Posts

Indian Stock Market Live Chat room

Below, people can enjoy benefit of live Indian stock market chat. On this chat room, people can find many good tips related to Indian Stock market plus they can discuss their stock related issues with other members. These stock chat is also available on number of other stock market related websites simultaneously. This live chat provides a great opportunity in front of stock investors to directly interact with other investors and analysts. Also visit- Live Indian Stock Market Toolbar Live NSE and BSE (Live Indian Stock Market) Read all Stock Market related Posts

Watch High quality Trailer Pink Panther 2

Below, people can watch high quality trailer of Pink Panther 2. This film is a sequel of 2006 film The Pink Panther. Pink Panther is a comedy based detective film. This time Pink Panther 2 is more important for India because Indian main leading actress Aishwarya Rai Bachan will be part of it. We will also see Steve Martin in lead role.

Valentine’s Day in India

In countries like India, Valentine’s Day is becoming very popular among the youth who is finding this day as a good option for expressing their love. However, this day is also finding strong resistant from the certain people and orthodox groups, who are finding it against Indian values and traditions. However, present generation which is fast accepting many foreign traditions is also accepting this day with enthusiasm. Future also looks brighter for this day in India because India has 60% population of youth and majority of who have no problem in celebrating this day. However, resistance against this day will also continue for many more years because many religious and orthodox people believe this day as attack on their religion, values and traditions. Second, many people also believe that this day is forced on Indians for increasing cards and gift markets in India. As compared to other nations of world, India has strong population of youth which can provide an attractive market to man

Untold story of Saint Valentine’s Day and History

In present world, every person knows the importance of Valentine’s Day in his life, therefore, every year billions of people from across the world wait for this day for whole year. Mostly, there always exists a history behind a day like Valentines day, similarly Valentines Day has few stories associate with it. Though, nobody is certain about exact story related to Valentines day, however, it is believed to be associated with St. Valentine and earlier Christian and Rome religions. Below, people can enjoy beautiful video presentation on various history facts related to Valentines day by Today, most of people around the world believe that Valentine’s Day is associated with love and peace only. However, there are many untold stories related to Valentines Day which reminds us of great pain and sufferings of people on this day. Below, people can watch an informative video which tells all these secrets to us plus history of Valentines day, about St. Valentine and numbers of fact

Pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachan from Pink Panther 2 premier

Below, people can enjoy few pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachan from the Pink Panther 2 premier Paris. Aishwarya Rai was looking very attractive and confident during this premier. Moreover, people across the world also got chance to see Aishwarya Rai after quite a long time with the premier of this film because Aishwarya was staying away from media and world from last few months. In future also, we can hope to get many more great films from her. Also visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

10 beautiful pictures of Aishwarya

Below, I am adding 10 beautiful pictures of Aishwarya Rai. Aishwarya Rai Bachan is one of the most beautiful faces from India and she has also made her place in Hollywood also. These are just random pictures of Aishwarya’s life. People can also enjoy many other pictures of Aishwarya Rai by visiting the earlier posts related to her on this blog. Also visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya