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We are music lovers

We are truly music lovers because music is loved across the world in many different forms. Music is present in our world from ancient times and it has always entertained human beings. Music is great option present in front of us to decrease our stress and to enjoy life. Today we can find help of many musical equipments  to get best quality music. We can enjoy live shows with great clarity of voice simply thanks to these equipments. It is hard to find a single person who does not like music, though, different people may life different kind of music. We can find great variety in music from classical to pop music. Today, fusion music is becoming very popular because it is taking music to new heights.

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Are you suffering from over Influence of others of your life?

This is common story of large numbers of people across the world who suffers from over influence of others on their life. There is tendency of many people to influence others life in such way that they should act according to them. However, it is desire of each individual to remain free and take his own decisions. It is better to let free others so that they can live their life as per their will.  Many people due to their egoistic approach try to force their own decisions on others because they feel their knowledge is very wide. Due to this approach of others, many people feel trapped and jailed in their homes and surrounding. Slowly, they either start revolting against such people or their frustration levels increases. Under both situations, it results in lots of trouble for person and people around him.  Why to unnecessary influencing someone’s life? To remain happy with everyone do not try to influence others just leave them free to live their lives as they want to liv

Pictures of Paragliding Fun from Bir-Billing Baijnath (HP, India)

Here are some pictures from my recent Bir - Billing Visit which is international destination for paragliding near Baijnath Town in Himachal Pradesh. Every year, paragliding world cup take place at this place. Many paragliding enthusiast from around the world reach this place during paragliding season to enjoy paragliding fun. During my visit, I got chance to take many pictures of paragliding and some of best para gliders at Billing. With the help of these pictures, you can also see how much fun and adventure is present in paragliding.

Decisions taken in anger are mostly wrong

  Anger is one state of emotion where we lose control on our mind. More we are angry, less control we have on our mind. We get angry because of numbers of events or circumstances which we do not like in life. Here we need to understand one important thing that most of decisions which we take in anger are wrong. Therefore, it is better to avoid taking any decision in life when you are angry because there are chances that you may not take a right decision. In state of anger, our body releases many hormones like adrenaline which affects proper functioning of brain. Under anger, our mind loses control over most of its functions; therefore, mind can not take right decisions under such circumstances. Many people regret their decisions taken during anger later in life because they believe that they would have taken some other decision if they were not angry. Every person passes through this situation because anger is common part of our life. Make it important point in life to not t

Stylish Men’s Hats

Men’s hats have always remained in fashion. Today, we can find many styles and designs in Men’s Hats and caps. Around the world, we can find huge variety in it segment. Men’s hats are used by men across the world from last many centuries and they have changed with time. Some of popular styles of men’s hats are Mens Fedora Hats. People can easily buy many such stylish men’s hats online from various online stores. There are many dedicated sites for men’s hats and on these sites, we can find huge variety of hats. Online shopping can provide great help to find the hats or our choice which we may not find in local market.

Pre-poll surveys give BJP edge in Himachal and Gujarat Assembly Elections 2012

Recently, IBN news channel conducted pre poll survey in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat to see pre poll trends in both these states. Both Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat are going through Assembly elections. Assembly election in Himachal Pradesh will take place on 4 th Nov, 2012 while Assembly election in Gujarat will take place on 13 th Dec and 17 th Dec. Results of both state assembly elections will be declared on 20 th Dec, 2012.  In both these states, BJP has present government; therefore, lot is on stake for BJP. As per pre-poll survey BJP has clear edge in Gujarat and Narendra Modi is likely to win Gujarat for third time. While in Himachal Pradesh, it has given marginal edge to BJP over congress. If we go by this survey then BJP can emerge winner in both states. This is truly great news for BJP and a bad news for Congress. However, it is still too early to say anything because many times reports of surveys and exit polls go wrong. For actual outcome, we are required to wa

Extraordinary things are done by ordinary people only

It is common perception of people that extraordinary people do extraordinary things while ordinary people can achieve ordinary things in life. However, I will like to say that it is a myth because most of extraordinary achievements in life are done by ordinary people like us. It is only matter of trust and confidence on one self. It does not matter that you are an extraordinary person or an ordinary person, only thing which matters is your determination towards success and achievement. Extraordinary people are not born; however, they become so with lots of hard work and practice. Therefore, next time do not give this excuse that how you can achieve big in life when you are just an ordinary person. Simply increase your confidence level and faith on yourself. Take a task and put whole of your energy in it. If you keep on doing your work with full faith and determination then there is no power in this world which can stop you from achieving success in life.

Fun in collecting coins

There is great fund associated with collecting coins. All people who collect coins or who have collected coins in past know this secret. Coins are used across the world as a smaller currency option. Coins are very much popular among collectors because it is easy to collect them and they can be stored for many years. With the help of coins like sacagawea coin, we can learn lot of history and culture of a country. Today, many sites sell coins online; therefore, if you love to collect coin then you can easily buy them from these online stores. Coin collection has always remained very famous from old times and still it is very famous. There is great fun in collecting coins and you can experience this fun by starting your own coin collection.