Watch Trailer Hrithik’s Agneepath

Below watch trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s forthcoming Hindi movie “Agneepath”. This movie is remake of 1990’s Amitabh Bachan starer movie with same name. The main cast of movie includes Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor. This film is directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar. Sanjay Dutt will play role of main villain in this film. This film is expected to release in January month of 2012.

A Smile can make all difference

Mostly, we all like to live a very complex life and in this complexity, we miss many ordinary attributes of life which can make our life wonderful. One of simplest secret of life to remain happy and to make others happy is to smile unconditionally. When we see world around us in day to day activities then we hardly encounter smile because large numbers of people find it very hard to do this simple act. We generally look for suitable moments to smile and we put many restrictions on our smile.

We smile occasionally with lot of efforts like our smiles are going to end if we over smile. This is wrong perception of us which stops us from smiling. The main secret of smile is that it produces smile back in 99% cases; therefore, when we smile at others then mostly we are greeted back with a smile. It does not require much effort to smile and we are only required to free some of face muscles. With this simple act we create a happy surrounding around us and people associated with us.

Smile also works in direction to reduce tension and alleviate our mood. If anyone wants to look beautiful and charming then simple method available in front of us is do regular makeup of smile on our faces which does not cost anything. A smile adds so much energy and radiance to us that we start glowing in life’s garden. Therefore, it is very important for every person to make his or her life beautiful with constant dose of smile.

Anna Hazare Vs Government. Who will win?

At present biggest question present in front of us is that who will win battle between Anna Hazare and Government of India. Both Anna Hazare and Government are adamant on their stands and they are using all tactics to put pressure on other side. So far, government looks to be losing this battle because it tried autocratic measures to suppress Anna Hazare’s struggle like it crushed Baba Ramdev’s agitation; however, this time government underestimated support behind Anna Hazare.

He looks to enjoy much wider and bigger support of common people as compared to Baba Ramdev; therefore, we are seeing massive protests by ordinary people across the world. Not only, we are seeing protests in India; however, there is also news of protests from abroad. At present Anna Hazare enjoys a great support of common people of India who see him as their savior from corruption. Government of India has so far failed to take any concrete action against widespread corruption present in country; therefore, many people do not trust government and its actions.

On the other hand, Anna Hazare looks adamant on his struggle and to provide relief to common people. Therefore, large numbers of common people are coming forward to support Anna Hazare. With time, we can see much wider increase in support for Anna Hazare and this struggle can gain more momentum. On the other hand, government has taken many wrong steps at initial stage which are causing major embarrassment to government. So far, Anna Hazare looks to be coming out as winner from this battle and government looks to be losing this battle; however, in next few days clear picture may emerge in front of us.

Beautiful Video Presentation on Earth (She is Alive)

Below watch beautiful presentation on earth which tells us that our earth is alive and she is very beautiful; however, we human beings are killing earth for our benefits. This video clearly shows earth breathing in different forms. In present time, human selfishness is killing earth and if we do not stopped this massacre then soon our earth will die. If earth dies then surely we will die; so it is up to us to think and act.

Watch Anna Hazare’s Message to Nation

Below people can watch Anna Hazare’s message to nation after his arrest. This message looks to be created in advance by civil society anticipating arrest of Anna Hazare. In this massage, Anna Hazare is asking people to join this fight. He is saying people to give arrest and use non violent means. This message looks to have worked well because millions of people supported Anna Hazare today. In this 6 minute message, people can understand what Anna Hazare wants from them.

Massive Support for Ana Hazare

Today, we saw power of a common Indian, Anna Hazare. He was to start his agitation for strong Lokpal bill; however, Indian government and Delhi police didn’t allowed him to do so. Delhi Police arrested Anna Hazre in morning and later sent him to Tihar jail. However, all these actions of police and government failed to stop Anna Hazare from starting his fast.

According to news, he started his fast in jail and many inmates came to his support. Outside jail and across the nation millions of people came for the support of Ana Hazare. Support of common people was so high that government decided to release Ana from jail today itself. Today, millions of Indians are angry with increasing corruption in country; therefore, they want strong Lokpal bill to put some control of widespread corruption.

Government and its leaders tired everything to stop Ana from agitating; however, Ana faced all these challenges boldly. If this agitation continued for more time then we can see massive increase in support for Ana Hazare. Not only people are coming on roads to support Ana; moreover, many people are supporting Ana on social networking websites which are flooded with updates in the support of Ana Hazare. It is good to see common Indians coming out of homes for the welfare of nation.

Beautiful Pictures of Gobind Sagar Lake

Below people can watch some beautiful pictures of Gobind Sagar Lake which is a man made reservoir came in to existence due to the construction of famous Bhakra Dam (which is one higgest gravity dams of world and India). Construction of Bhakra Dam on Satluj River near Bhakra leads to submerging of many nearby villages, forests and free land. Gobind Sagar Lake mainly falls in Bilaspur and Una districts of Himachal Pradesh. Today, this lake offer many beautiful views and people can enjoy peaceful time around it.

Anger is biggest enemy of Health

Health is most important part of human life and it is very hard for any person to live a good life without strong health. To attain good health, we need peace of mind which is slowly disappearing from present time. Today, we live a very stressful life which causes many frustrations in us. One of side effect of this stressful life is increase in anger. Mostly, we feel angry when circumstances and situations of life do not go in our way.

Present world is very much ego oriented world where every person is busy in his or her own ego boosting. Mostly, people do not give importance to other people’s emotions and expectations. Our world has become a big market where everything is for sale including human expectations and emotions. However, in reality no person finds real satisfaction in these greed oriented surroundings. Therefore, we see increase in anger among people who find themselves being let down by others.

Long term anger and frustration leads to hypertension, increased blood pressure and many other health related problems. Anger is one state which creates lots of negative energy is body which is very harmful for us. The major side effect for anger is that it first causes damage to angry person then causing any harm to others. Therefore, it is very important for us to remain away from anger at any cost because it is very harmful for us.

In life, we need to understand and accept many realities which make us wiser human beings. Moreover, we should not do such things which become reason of anger of any person because we are doing great harm to person by making him angry. At end live happily and let other too live happily.

Pictures of Garib Nath Mandir Androli Distt. Una HP

Recently, I got chance to see beautiful Garib Nath Mandir (Temple) situated in village Androli Distt. Una (HP). This Temple is situated on the bank of famous Govind Sagar Lake created by Bhakra Dam. Many times, this temple partially get submerged in lake water when water level at Bhakra Dam increases then people are required to get help of boats to reach this temple. People can reach this temple by crossing Bhakra Dam though they need to get permit first for visiting Bhakra Dam or alternatively they can visit it from UNA link road. On the top of temple, people can see big Shiva Statue and inside they can see Vaishno Devi temple. People can enjoy delicious food in langer organized at temple.

Watch Trailer Hindi Film Rascals

Below watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi film “Rascals”. This film is directed David Dhawan and produced by Sanjay Dutt. The main cast of film includes Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Kangna Ranaut, Arjun Rampal, Chunky Pandey and Lisa Haydon. This film is expected to release on 7 October 2011 during Dussehra festival. Rascals is a comedy Hindi film and we can hope to see good comedy through this film.

Fear is great enemy of Human Growth

It is great desire of every human being to grow in life and become successful; however, large numbers of people fail in achieving desired goals of their life. One of major reasons behind human failure is human fears. Different people have different kinds of fears in life and thus fears stop people from taking challenges in life.

To succeed in life, we all are required to take some calculated risks and venture in to many unknown territories. However, our fears pull us back and we leave our ambitions and goals. Fear is present in every person because uncertainties of life create many fears. It is near to impossible to image a life without fears because our fears grow with us.

We all can control our fears to large extent by facing our fears. When we start defeating our fears then slowly our fears start disappearing and we emerge as strong human beings. Some people take the reverse method of running from fears which throw them further deep in to fear circle. Fears are great enemy of human growth because they destroy essential energy present in every human.

 A fearful person lacks important energy to grow and fulfill their goals; therefore, they hardly succeed in life. On the other hand, a fearless person is full of vital energy which helps him in achieving his goals.

Pictures of Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore

Below watch few of pictures from my recent visit to Yadavindra Gardens situated at Pinjore. This Garden is also popularly known as Pinjore Garden. This Garden is present on NH 22 which connects Shimla and Chandigarh. Yadavindra Gardens or Pinjore Garden is 20 KM away from Chandigarh and it is 15 KM away from Panckula. Constructed in Mugal style, Yadavindra Garden offers a great view. People can easily spend few peaceful moments in this garden. Every day millions of tourists visit this garden to see its beauty and take some rest. This place is very famous picnic spot because of its proximity to famous city of Chandigarh. In Envening, this place looks very beautiful because of lighting effects and the flowing fountains. This place is must watch garden because of its extraordinary beauty and it takes few hours to visit it.

When others want to be like you

One of greatest achievement of life is when others also want to become like you and they feel that you are living a wonderful life. Very less numbers of people actually succeed in it because it is too hard to become a perfect person in life. Overall life is very challenging and it surprises us at every point. In such situation, it becomes a great task to live an ideal life.

Mostly, it happens with a surprise when we start seeing beauty of life present around us. We can easily see beauty of life and every thing around us by slightly changing our point of view towards them. When we free ourselves from burdens of ego and negative emotions then we slowly start reaching a point where not only we realize tremendous happiness but others also see this change in us.

We are not required to attract people or ask anybody to follow us. People will come and follow us if they find us interesting. Trueness of life is present in its present state and we can find great happiness in present state only. By running around things, we just waste many beautiful moments of present. By freeing ourselves of worries and tensions of life, we can break a cage of miseries. Such happy and free people are appreciated by all and everyone wants to follow them.

Watch Vilnius Mayar crushing wrongly Parked car with Tank

Wrong vehicle parking is one of major reason of traffic jams and congestion on roads. It is illegal to park a car at wrong place or no parking zone around the world; however, many car owners do not take care of such restrictions and park their cars at wrong places. Mayar of Vilnius (capital of Lithuania) punished a wrongly parked car owner by crushing his car with a tank. According to Mayar nobody is above law. This video is clear warning to all people who park their cars on wrong places. Below people can watch complete video.

I am Successful

If we see life of large numbers of people in this world then we will find that they feel unsuccessful in life. Why these people feel unsuccessful? Does they are incapable of attaining success or there is some other reason? One of most obvious reason is huge competition in every sphere of life. For becoming successful in life, we are required to conquer many battle of life.

Our competition is not with a single person, it is with everyone around us. For example, we need to beat millions of other students in exam to get selected for a good job. Similar competition is present in every part of life. This competition is so hard that only few people can emerge successful out of this battle; therefore, large numbers of people fail. These failures some time compel people to think that they are failures in life.

This is very wrong approach adopted by large numbers of people and it leads to great mental stress in life. When we start feeling ourselves as failures then unconsciously, we kill our desire to be a success. With slight sift in thinking, we can easily get ride of this negative thinking because failures and successes are just part of life.

No person in this world can be completely successful because everyone has numbers of failures before his success. Moreover just worldly achievements do not make us a successful person because many successful people do not enjoy sound relationships. Every person in this world has some successes in his life, only we are required to see them. It is important to consider ourselves successful and enjoy life as it comes.
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