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Movie Review “Slumdog Millionaire” (Dark face of India)

Danny Boyle’s latest film “Slumdog Millionaire” has shown another dark face of India to world on which any Indian will not feel proud. Though, in recent times standards of living for common people in India has seen significant improvement, however, still our 15-20% population is living under same ugly conditions as they were living 50 years back. India has seen an unparallel growth throughout the country where some places and states have grown tremendously as compared to other places and states. Why we should we go any far, we can give the example of Dharavi slum in Mumbai where story of Slumdog Millionaire mostly revolves. Dharavi is biggest slum area of world situated in the heart of Mumbai, definitely not a thing to be proud of, however, this is big reality of present India. We may become super power of world; however, these truths will always remain with us. Through, this movie Danny Boyle has tried his best to put forward best of worst in Dharavi. Slumdog Millionaire has already b

What is a Demat account?

Today, every person who buy or sell stocks knows the importance of a demat account. Demat account has become integral part of stock market investment. Today, it is almost necessary to have a demat account for investing in stock market. In simple terms, we can term demat account as an account with particular bank or financial institution (also known as depository participant or DP) which stores our stocks in electronic format, otherwise demat account refers to dematerialised account which dematerializes use of paper based stocks. The major reasons behind the introduction of demat account was to decrease number of paper based stock frauds and easing allocation of stocks. Introduction of demat account has really served its purpose and made it very easy for people to manage their stocks. Most of banks in India are offering demat account for very nominal fee and people can easily open a demat account with any of these banks as they open their bank accounts. From 2007 onwards, it has become

Read all Stock Market related Posts

We constantly see major ups and downs taking place in stock market. Despite all these risks, many people make good money by regularly investing in stock market. Now you may ask this question that what these people do differently which others fail to do? For getting good returns from stock market, it is very important for every person to research widely all stock options available his hands. With proper knowledge, it becomes quite easy to invest properly in stock market and get good returns. Below, people can link to all available Stock market related posts on this blog. This posts can provide get help in learning more about Indian stock market and major trends. This post will be always updated whenever any new Indian stock market related posted added to this blog. 1) Learning from Stock Market ups and downs 2) Revival of Indian stock market 3) Live Indian Stock Market Toolbar 4) Why Indian Stock Market is down? 2 5) Indian Stock Market Discussion Forum 6) Indian Stock Market Live

Review Mahindra Xylo

Today, Indian people are experiencing flood of many new luxury vehicles, though present economical slow down has slowed this speed to some extent. In this series, one more name got added today with the launch of Mahindra Xylo. This luxury sedan from Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) is priced between Rs 6.25 Lakh and Rs 7.70 Lakh and will give direct competition to Toyota Inova. Xylo is coming with 2498cc, CRDe, M-Eagle diesel engine which gives it a power of 112 Bhp @ 3800 rpm. Seven people can sit comfortably in Mahindra Xylo. Many experts believe that Mahindra Xylo offers a great package at this price. Dimension of Xylo includes length 4520 mm, width 1850 mm and height 1895 mm. Its ground clearance is 186.00 mm and fuel tank has capacity of 55 litres. Xylo also comes with other features like central lock controlled by remote, power windows, remote fuel filler, and rare wiper and parking sensor etc. Though, Xylo is not best in its segment, however, in current price range makes it very

Watch Video of Mahindra Xylo

Indian top vehicle manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) today introduced their UV Mahindra Xylo. This luxury sedan is priced between Rs 6.25 Lakh and Rs 7.70 Lakh which makes an attractive offer. Xylo is coming with 2498cc, CRDe, M-Eagle engine which gives it a power of 112 Bhp @ 3800 rpm. Some people believe it as innovative version of Scorpio while other sees it as copy of Toyota Inova. Below, people can watch detail video of Mahindra Xylo by zigwheels for learning more about it. Also visit- Watch exclusive Pictures of Maruti A Star (video)

Makar Sankranti SMS

Below, people can find beautiful Makar Sankranti SMS which they can send to their friends and relative on this auspicious festival. On this day, Lakhs of people take a dip in places like Ganga Sagar & Prayag and pray to Lord Sun. This festival also have other names like Lohri and Pongal. 1) Bajare ki roti, nimbu ka achar, suraj ki kirne, chand ki chandani aur apno ka pyaar. Har jeevan ho khushal MUBARAK HO AAPKO "SANKRANTI KA TYOHAR." 2) Wishing you a very Happy lohri & Makar sakranti as well. May this harvest season bring you prosperity n help you to fly high like a kite, let's celebrate together . 3) Meethe gur mein mil gaye til, Udi patang aur khil gaye dil, Har pal sukh aur har din shaanti, Aap sab ke liye laaye Makar Sankranti 4) Til Pakwano ki mithas zindagi me bhariya ptango ki tarah akash me bulandi paiya aur apni mehanat ki dor se us bulandi ko sambhal k rakhiya. Happy Makarsankranti 5) Our thoughts hold the power to build, bend or break our circumstances

Get CA Final Result 2009

Below, people can find link to get CA Final (CPT) year exam results which were held on November/December last year. CA exam results are likely to be announced on 16 Janaury, 2009. Students can also register their email address by visiting their website for getting result through email. This Result is Over, for latest result visit-  GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2011 Result

What is Stock Market? Let's Understand it

When I was young, I always used to ask myself that why some people remain so mad about Stock Market and what actually is a Stock Market? Why we suddenly see people making billions of dollars in months or losing billions of dollars in days? Therefore, through this article I am trying to make it simple for others to understand what basically is Stock Market and how it functions. The most basic work of any stock market is to facilitate trading in various company stocks and derivatives. Stock Market provides an easy option in front of companies to borrow money from people and financial institutions by offering company stocks in return to them. Any Stock is listed on Stock Market at particular face value plus premium value which is determined by various agencies affiliated with Stock Market. For example if a stock has face value of Rs 10 and premium value of Rs 100 then this stock will be listed at Rs 110 on stock market and will be available to people at this price. Face value is terme

Pictures of My Village (Vill. Kanarag, Baijnath, Himachal, India)

Below, people can enjoy some beautiful pictures of my village Kanarag situated in Hills of Himachal. My village is 6 KM from tehsil Baijnath of District Kangra of Himachal. It is always a great experience to visit this place. This time, I am getting help of pictures to show beauty of my village to all people of world. Hopefully, you all will like pictures of my village. For more pictures visit- Beautiful pictures from my Village Kanarag, Teh. Baijnath (Himachal) 2

Manyata Dutt to Fight Lucknow Loksabha Seat if Sanjay fails

It looks that Manyata Dutt is ready for her new role as MP from Lucknow. Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Amir Singh has made it clear that Manyata Dutt will fight Loksabha election from Lucknow seat on Samajwadi party ticket if Sanjay Dutt fails in getting permission from court for fighting Loksabha election from Lucknow. Earlier, Amir Singh announced that Sanajay Dutt will be fighting Loksabha election from Lucknow seat on SP ticket. However, we all know that Sanjay Dutt is convicted by Tada court, therefore, Sanjay Dutt require permission of court before fighting any election. Therefore, Now Samajwadi Party has come with idea of placing his wife Manyata from Lucknow If Sanjay dutt fails in getting permission from court. With this one thing is clear that either Sanjay or Manyata will fight from Lucknow Loksabha seat. Presently, this seat belongs to former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpaee. Samajwadi party knows that they require a very strong candidate for winning this seat. The

What is Cancer? Why it is dangerous?

Cancer is basically a disease caused by uncontrolled growth of cells in body which invade and spread in other parts of body also, which is in general caused by abnormality in genetic material of cell. Today, Cancer has become one of the most deadly killers because every year 12-15% people die from cancer. Moreover, numbers of Cancer cases are increasing with each passing year. Many scientists believe that present life style is major reason behind increase in this deadly disease. Cancer also becomes a very deadly disease because mostly it is too difficult to save people suffering from cancer. There are many therapies available for treatment of cancer, however, no therapy or treatment provides a 100% cure to this disease. Cancer mostly makes tumors inside body due to abnormal growth of cells; these tumors can increase their size and spread to other parts of body. Though, in cancer forms like leukemia (blood cancer), we do not see the formation of tumors. So far, scientists have not s

Tips for avoiding Risks in Stock Market investment

In last few months, we all have experienced various risks associated with Stock Market investment. Stock Markets around the world lost their 60-80% wealth in just few days which they accumulated in five to six years. This outcome also forced many investors to commit suicides because they were left with no money to pay their commitments. There are many lessons which we all can learn from this crisis. Below, people can find few of them. 1) It is not wise to put all our money in Stock Market alone. 2) Avoid short term profit games which are full of risks. 3) Not invest all money in single stock or company. 4) Do not invest more than 20% of investable money in single stock. 5) Not solely depend upon information provided by financial experts. 6) Regularly update yourself with latest information related to Stock Market 7) Giving importance to singles given by Market like Market stagnate at higher value for long time (indicating fall in market). 8) Always remain ready to exit stocks when th

Live Indian Stock Market Toolbar

Today, we have many options available in front of us for updating ourselves with the latest changes. Stock Market investments also involve lot of regular updating with latest news so that we can make right investment decisions at the right time. For all latest information related to Stock Market, people can depend on Free Live Stock Market Toolbar . With this toolbar, people can enjoy Live Indian Stock Market updates, live stock ticker, live business news, live business radio stations, option to watch hundreds of TV channels, easy email access, cool gadgets and weather updates. This toolbar provides a great option in front of all Stock market investors to access all useful and important information on time. People can also hope the addition on many new features in this future. People can also swap this toolbar with other toolbar like worldwide TV channel toolbar easily without downloading it. Also visit- Also read-1) Live NSE and BSE (Live Indian Stock Market) 2) Stock Market below 1

Petrol Diesel and Gas prices to decrease

After steep decrease in crude oil prices in world market, Indian Government is coming under lot of pressure to decrease prices of petrol and diesel. Therefore, Government of India has assured that they are considering following changes in Petrol, diesel and LPG prices Rs 5 decrease in Petrol price, Rs 3 decrease diesel price and Rs 25 per cylinder decrease in LPG price. With this people of India can get some relief because decrease in prices of petrol, diesel and LPG cylinder can further decrease the prices of other commodities because transportation cost will decrease. There is also one more reason behind this decrease in prices of petrol, diesel and LPG, as Loksabha elections are coming very near and within few days we can expect declaration in this regard. Any decision to decrease prices of LPG will definitely be a political compulsion because government is selling LPG on subsidy. This decrease will definitely provide a political agenda to UPA government. However, one thing is clea

Box office report Ghajini

At the end of year, Amir Khan has really emerged as topper with his only release of year Ghajini. In just two weeks Ghajini has become millstone for other films and we can say that Ghajini is biggest hit of Indian film industry so far. In just two weeks, Ghajini has crossed mark of Rs 200 crore on box office which is just like a dream for any other film so far. In third week also Ghajini is doing well, therefore, we can expect many new records from Ghajini. So far, Singh is King was biggest hit of last year which reached near 200 crore rupees, however, Ghajini has achieved this millstone in just 2 weeks. With the huge success of Ghajini, Amir Khan can say that he is real hero on box office. With this success, Ghajini has set new benchmarks of success in Indian film industry. Ghajini has also performed twice as well as compared to Shahrukh Khan’s “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”. Rab ne Bana Di Jodi has so far earned around 120 crore rupees and this film is losing heavily on box office as compared

Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll (State wise)

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Live Loksabha/Assembly Election 2009 result Blog Visit new post for revised results- Loksabha Election 2009 opinion poll/predictions (State wise) 3 Below, people can get state wise detail of expected results in 2009 Loksabha/Parliament elections. For more detail people can visit- Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election in India? (Opinion poll) 2 , Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election India? . Chances of BJP (NDA) in Loksabha Election 2009 (opinion poll) State Totalseats Congress BJP Others AP 42 14 2 18 (TDP) 4 (TRS) 4 Oths Assam 14 5 3 4 (AJP) 2 Oths Bihar 37 0 8 12 JD(U) 3 LJP 12 RJD 2 OTH Chhattisgarh 11 4 7 0 Delhi 7 5 2 0 Gujarat 26 6 20 Goa 2 1 1

Who will win 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) election in India? (Opinion poll)

Live results Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009 Who will Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009? (opinion poll) Slowly, 2009 Loksabha (Parliament) elections in India are coming very near. Most probably these elections will take place in April/May 2009. After these elections new government will take control of India. Presently, there are three main contenders for this position UPA (present government include parties like Congress, RJD, DMK etc), NDA (main opposition party include BJP, JD(U), BJD, Shiv Sena etc) and third front (which include parties like Communist parties, TDP etc). However, we can expect main fight between UPA and NDA. Presently, there are two big parties in India BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and Congress; however, due to emergence of many regional parties in India these parties cannot get power on their own. Therefore, support of these small parties become very crucial in these election. Small Parties like Communist parties, BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party), TDP (Telugu Desam Par

Beautiful Lohri SMS

Lohri is a festival of celebration and happiness which celebrated with lot of enthusiasm every year in North India. Lohri festival provides a great opportunity in front of people to celebrate new marriage or birth of a child in family. Therefore, this festival holds a great significance among people of North India. Below, I am adding few beautiful Lohri SMS for wishing Happy Lohri through SMS. 1) Mungfli di khushbu te gurh di mithaas, makki di roti te sarso da saag, dil di khushi te aapneya da pyar, mubarak hove tone LOHRI KA TYOHAR. 2) Lohri ki aag, aapke dukho ko jalla de…. Aag ki roshni, aapki jindgi me ujjale bhar de…… 3) Popcorn Ki Khushbu Mungfali Ki Bahar Lohari Ka Teohar Aane Ko Tayar Thodi Si Masti, Thodasa Pyar Ek Din Pehle O Mere Yaar Mubarak Ho Aapko Lohri Ka Teohar 4) Meethe Gud Main Mil Gaya Til Udi Patang Aur Khil Gaya Dil Har Pal Sukh Aur Har Din Shanti Aap K Liye Happy Lohri 5) Sunder Mundarie Hoy Tera Kaun Vichara Hoy Dula Bhati Vala Hoy Duli Di Dhi Viyai Hoy Bus Bus

Beauty of Homes

It is very important for all of us to make our homes as beautiful as we can. Today, we all have many options available in front of us which are helping us in doing all this. Recently, I saw many beautiful tv stands available in the market. These beautiful TV stands can easily make our homes beautiful. Moreover, they can also help us in managing our space well. Modern furniture is really making it easy for us to manage our home spaces well and simultaneously making our homes beautiful. People can easily search for many good furniture options in the present world, thanks to modern furniture option.

Watch Marjani Song Promo From Billu Barber

Below, people can enjoy latest video of Marjani Song from forthcoming Billu Barber. In this song, people can watch Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Billu Barbar is a comedy film of Shahrukh Khan’s home production. Main cast of film includes Shahrukh Khan, Irrfan Khan, Lara Dutta and Asrani. We can also watch Deepika Padukone and Kareena kapoor in guest appearance in this film. The story of film is based on between Krishna and his childhood friend Sudama.

Interview of Katrina Kaif (Exclusive)

Below, people can watch exclusive interview of Katrina Kaif after she won best actress in first "AAJ TAK MOVIE MASALA AWARD" show recently for her great performance in Movie “Singh is King”. Presently, Katrina is undisputed most favourite Bollywood heroine. Katrina termed this award as very special gift for her on New Year. Katrina also thanked her fans and audience for making her number one actress in Bollywood.

Watch All seasons of Year in 40 Second

Below, people can enjoy a beautiful video which provides us a chance to watch all season changes during a year in just 40 seconds. With the help of this video people can enjoy the beauty of nature and how nature changes with different seasons.

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating? Why not?

There is hardly any person today who does not know about super hit film “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Both Robert and Kristen have become hot favorite stars of today after giving great performance in Twilight. People across the world really enjoy watching these stars together and want that they should live together always because they find a great chemistry between them. However, sadly Robert and Kristen are not dating presently because Kristen has a boy friend and she is happy with him. However, their fans are still hopeful about their union because they believe that they are made for each other. Though, every person has a person life and it is his right to choose his lover or partner still they can consider others views. Also visit- Watch interview Twighlight star Kristen Stuart


We all are familiar with names like IIM Ahmadabad (IIMA), IIM Bangalore (IIMB), IIM Calcutta (IIMC), IIM Indore (IIMI), IIM Kozhikode (IIMK), IIM Lucknow (IIML), IIM Shilong (IIMS) because these are names of Prestigious Indian Management Colleges known as Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). Millions of Students in Indian and world have this dream to get admission in these prestigious Institutes. For solving this problem of students and providing them all information about CAT (Common Admission Test) IIMs has created this website This is very useful website for all CAT aspirants who can get all information on this website from where to get CAT application form up to CAT results. The main purpose of creating this website was to make it easy for students to access useful information on time and easily at one place. Students who want to give CAT exam in future are required to follow this website because IIMs do make available all information related to CAT on this website.

How to get CAT IIM 2008 results?

Indian Institutes of Managements (IIMs) do not need any introduction as these institutes have established themselves strongly in world’s management education map. Every year Lakhs of students from India and world give this prestigious test CAT (Common Admission Test) for getting admission in these institutes, however, very few lucky students succeed in this exam. CAT exams are mostly conducted In November or December month of year. Last year, this exam was conducted on 16 November, 2008. Now, all these students who have given CAT (IIM) 2008 exams are waiting for its results. Results of CAT (Common Admission Test)2008 exam will be declared on 9 January, 2009. All these students have two options to know their CAT results on 9 Jan, 2009. People can get these results by visiting or sending SMS to 57333 (details are available below). Option 1 This result is over for latest Visit-  GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2011 Result Option 2 Send SMS TO 57333 Type ‘

New Year New Beginning

It is very important for all of us to welcome New Year with new hopes and expectations while leaving behind old memories of past. Mostly, we all people carry forward our old worries with us in New Year and make another year sad for us. We all can easily shape our New Year and make it full of happiness irrespective of last year’s outcomes. New Year really provides new opportunities in front of us and it is important for us to make right use of these opportunities. However, we mostly accept our earlier defeats as our final defeats and stop working on new opportunities. Whereas, people who accept New Year as New opportunity mostly make maximum use of it and fill their lives with happiness. We all can also learn to accept New Year as New Beginning and starting our life afresh.

Enjoy free unlimited SMS in India

Below, I am adding link to an option which makes it possible for people to send unlimited free SMS in India. This is really a great option available in front of people who send lot of SMS. SMS throughout India are free with this service. People can send unlimited SMS with service for their personal use only because this service does not allow any commercial use of this service. This service also allows people an option to earn few rupees and download mobile discount coupons for saving money on their purchase. Get Unlimited Free SMS in India