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High quality video Slipknot's Duality

Below, people can watch and enjoy latest high quality video of famous band Sliphnot’s latest song Duality. This song has already become major hit online with millions of people worldwide becoming fan of this song. With the help option present below, people can enjoy this song in high quality video.

Leaked Pictures of Vanessa Hudgens

We all hear numbers of times about leakage of famous personality photographs in Media. In the present information world, these kinds of incidences have become affair. Below, people can find such leaked pictures of famous Hollywood actress “Vanessa Hudgens”. Many times, these kinds of incidences also emerge as only publicity stunts. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict in these cases that who is main culprit in all this. Also visit- Rare Pictures of Vanessa Hudgens

Video of Atomic Bomb Explosion

Below, people can watch the video of atomic bomb explosion and understand its power. Only few atom bombs have enough power to destroy whole world, however, countries around the world are only busy in making new bombs for self defence. These people do not understand this fact that just an accident can kill us all. Present generation is living under this threat which is brought over us by few power hungry politicians and dictators. This vide is taken in 1953.

Watch Promo Ghajni (Amir Khan’s new film)

Below, people can enjoy the exclusive promo of Amir Khan forthcoming film “Ghajni”. This film is scheduled to release in India on 25 December, 2008 because Amir Khan believes Christmas lucky for himself and his film. Already, Ghajni has become most talked about film and Amir Fans are waiting this eagerly. Two days back on Deepawali Day Amir released first promo of this film which people can watch below. According to Amir, Ghajni is true action film done by him and people will really life it.

Increasing Spread of Terrorism

In last few months, bomb blasts have become a common affair in India. Every month, we see terrorists targeting a major city in India. Today, serial blast in number of Assam cities also point towards this wide spread of terrorism in India. Terrorists have become so strong in India that they can attack any city in India at any time. This is really a big failure of Indian intelligence services and state machinery. Moreover, major problem is that this situation is only becoming worst with each passing days. Today, ordinary people are no longer safe in India anymore because they can become victim of bomb blast anytime. Whereas, our government is still not ready to take this matter seriously. Nobody has any answer to this question that how many more innocent people will die in these blasts in future. Political parties are only busy in increasing their vote banks over the dead bodies of innocent people. This continuous terrorist attack can derail growth story of India and push us into communa

Importance of Good holidays

It is very important in life to go for good holiday vacations some time because good holidays can remove lot of our daily stresses. Due to this reason, we see many people going for different vacation holiday. In the present market, it is very easy to find good holiday appetizers which can very well suit our needs. People can even search and book numbers of these kinds of holidays online. Moreover, time to time we also number of good options coming in front of us like big discounts or free travel tickets etc. It is always a great idea to exploit such opportunities and enjoy holidays at attractive cost. In future, we can only hope to see more increase in this trend where holidays will become important part of our life.

Finding inner Joy

It is very important for all of us to discover abundant joy present inside us which can easily transform our lives; people who succeed in finding this joy never feel any pain in life. Most of our pains start from lack of joy because we search for this joy in the outside world. We run behind people and worldly objects for getting this joy but we never succeed in this venture because actual joy is stored inside us. We do not require anybody’s help for discovering this joy, only a small friendship with our internal self or higher self whatever you call it can make a difference. There are people in world who are happy and joyful despite not having big bank balances, huge properties etc, whereas there are even more number of people unhappy in this world despite having huge money and worldly objects. All this only highlights to us that real pleasure is not present in outside world but it is our internal matter. We all are born with this abundant joy and we are only required to tune ourselves

Sachin is definitely best

Yesterday, after making two world records Sachin Tendulkar, star Indian batsman, has shown to world that he is best cricket player in this world. First Sachin broke the highest run in test cricket record of Brain Lara, second he become the only batsmen in this world to make more than 12000 runs in test cricket. Making records is not a new thing for Sachin Tendulkar and his fans also want only more and more records from him. Sachin still has few years left in his cricket career; therefore, we can hope that by the time Sachin will retire from cricket world, his records will become milestones in cricket history. Now Sachin holds record of highest runs in both ODI and test cricket. It is very difficult for us to find any other player who has same potential like Sachin Tendulkar. Whole of India is really proud of this cricketer who has given new standards to Indian cricket. It is always a great pleasure to write about Sachin’s achievements and I hope that I will get more opportunities of wr

Movie Review “Hello”

It is always a difficult task to present a good story in the form of a good film and same kinds of problems we can find with film “Hello”. Film Hello is based on the bestselling book of Chetan Bhagat “One night at a call centre”. Film revolves around few characters working at call centre and their experience of one night at call centre, which change their whole life. Main characters of film include Sharman Joshi, Sohail Khan, Isha Koppikar, Amrita Arora, Gul Panag, Sharat Saxena and Dalip Tahil, though we can also find Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in small roles. All these characters have different problems in their life and they are working hard to come out of them, however, their life is only becoming more problematic with time. On one particular night, which was their worst night of life, they found themselves in a situation where death remains just few seconds away from them. However, god gives them a new chance to start their lives fresh. Finally, they all solve their problems slo

Official high quality trailer of movie “Twilight”

Below, people can watch high quality official trailer of forthcoming Hollywood action film “Twilight”. Twilight is based on popular concept of vampires; however, this time we will see a super hero vampire. This film will release worldwide on 21st Nov, 2008.

Watch exclusive Pictures of Maruti A Star (video)

Below, people can watch exclusive pictures of Maruti’s forthcoming small car A Star. It is expected that Maruti will launch this car in India in November next month. Already, lot of people are waiting for this car in India and this car is believed as Maruti’s answer to Hyundai’s popular small car i10. According to sources, Maruti has developed this car by taking care of interest of young generation. This car will cost around Rs 4 Lakh in Indian market which is less than price of Hyundai i10. Also visit- Watch Video of Mahindra Xylo

Help in making wise investment decisions

One of the attractive and rewarding options available in front of people for increasing their money is present with investing it wisely. There are many examples available in this world where people have increased their small money in to big amount with the power of smart investing. Like them we can also increase our hard earned money if we learn to make wise investment decisions. However, we all know that it is not an easy task to make perfect investment decisions and we are required to have in-depth knowledge of many industry secrets. In simple, terms, it is a very difficult task for any individual to make such wise invest decisions. Therefore, we all need a good help from industry experts and other investors who have made wise investment decisions. However, most of help, which is available, is very costly and large number of people cannot afford this help. Therefore, ordinary people need help of services like Inner 8 , where they can access lot of such useful help for free. By visiti

Watch Live 1st test India Vs Australia (Bangalore)

Below, people can watch live 1st test match between India and Australia from Bangalore. This test series is very important for both India and Australia; therefore, both teams will try their best to win this test series. So far, Australia has good past record in test matches against India, still we can hope that India can improve its record against Australia.

Watch Full Vice Presidential Debate with Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden

Below, people can watch full Full Vice Presidential Debate with Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden. In this debate, both Palin and Biden presented their views about US and world affairs. With the help of this video, people can learn more about them.

Side effects of Tata Nano’s exit from West Bengal

Finally, Tata’s small car Nano will not be manufactured at West Bengal’s Singur Plant because Tata has decided to pull out from Singur and will manufacture Nano at some other location. Names of states like Gujarat and Maharashtra are emerging as front runners in begging Tata Nano project, though, we will able to see clear picture in coming days. Tata has already started manufacturing small car Tata Nano from Tata’s Panthnagar plant in Uttarakhand and 50 Nano cars are getting manufactured on the daily basis from this plant. However, this exit of Tata Nano from West Bengal looks to have affected future industrialisation plans of state very badly. Second, people of Singur are biggest sufferers because they have only lost and lost heavily in this whole struggle, as they lost good compensation, job opportunities, growth opportunity and many other opportunities. In future, any big industry will think twice before entering into West Bengal. Tata Nano has become a big success even before its o

Watch High quality official Trailer “Watchmen”

Below, people can watch high quality official trailer of 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros forthcoming film “Watchmen”. This film is based on 1986 famous comic series “Watchmen”. This film is directed by Directed by Zack Snyder and star cast of film includes star like Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Jeffrey Dean Morgan etc. This super hero based film is full of many exciting action scenes. This film will hit theaters on 9 March, 2009.

Few rules for Happy Life

Below, people read few rules essential for living a happy life. Today, we all live in a very stressful life in this world and hardly, get chances to remain happy. By following some of rules shown in this video, people can easily make their life a very happy experience.

Report on approval of Indo US Nuclear deal

Finally, 123 Nuclear Deal between India and US has got its final approval from US senate. Many people believe that this deal will provide a great boast to various Indian Nuclear Programs and end years long isolation of India from Nuclear Club. Below, people can watch ANI report on approval of this deal between India and US. Also visit- Watch former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam views on Indo-US Nuclear Deal Nuclear deal and nation’s politics Politics of the Nuclear Deal Who is the real winner in Indo-US Nuclear deal?

Video Press conference of Nach Baliye 4

Below, people can watch video of press conference of reality based dance show Nach Baliye 4. This press conference was conducted on 30-9-08 and all participants of Nach Baliye 4 were present to attend this press conference. With this video people can put closer look on all participants of Nach Baliye 4 and listen to some of these participants Nach Baliye 4 is going to start from 10th October. Participants of Nach Baliye 4 (watch)

Cleaning internal body

It is very important for all of us to clean our internal body. Like our outer body our inner body also accumulate lot of waste and toxins, therefore, it becomes very important to clean our internal body also. One of the best and simple options available in front of people is to drink plenty of water, however, in some acute cases this option may not work. In this situation, people require the help of some good detox product which can clean our internal body. We can trust some famous products like orovo detox for this purpose. Detox provides a great option in front of us to clean our body from harmful toxins which can otherwise cause lot of problems to us. People can also get the help of physical consultants before starting any such kind of therapy.

Participants of Nach Baliye 4 (watch)

Below, people can find names and video of all 12 participants of Nach Baliye 4. Nach Baliye is a dance based reality show where different celebrities participate in this show with their love mates (wives/husbands or girlfriends/boyfriends). Nach Baliye 4 is fourth show in this category and we can hope that this show will also get same fame like earlier ones. Nach Baliye 4 is going to start from 10th October and people can watch it on Star Plus at 8 PM on every Friday and Saturday. Names of all 12 Participants- 1) Jaspal Bhatti-Savita Bhatti 2) Veneet Raina-Tanushree Kaushal 3) Abhijeet Sawant-Shilpa Sawant 4) Karanveer Bohra-Teejay Sidhu 5) Kapil Nirmal-Anjali Abrol 6) Naman Shaw-Megha Gupta 7) Mazhar-Mouni Roy 8) Sudeep Sahir-Avantika 9) Jatin Shah-Priya Bhatija 10) Reshami Ghosh-Amit Gupta 11) Mohit Mallik-Aditi Shirwakar 12) Shaleen Bhanot-Daljeet Kaur Videos of all participants- Also visit- Video Press conference of Nach Baliye 4

Watch bad condition of US economy through Duck Tale

Below, people can watch funny presentation of bad US economical condition through Duck tales. In recent times, US economy is going through very bad times and many people believe that wrong government policies are major reason behind this condition. People can really learn lot of good lessons from these cartoon characters.

Watch Barbie Girls

Advancement in present technology has made many things very easy for all of us. Video making and showing these videos online is also one of it. Due to this reason, we all get many opportunities to watch numbers of good videos made by ordinary people. Below, people can watch a naughty video made by two girls on the popular song of I am Barbie Girl. This is a simple but interesting video to watch.

Watch Miracle of Pencil Drawing

Below, people can watch miracle of pencil drawing. We all see lots of good artist around us but this artist has something unique to tell to us. In this pencil drawing presentation, this artist is telling about his school experiences and about his teachers. People will really like his way of storytelling through his drawings.

Is this real Sarah Palin ?

Today, I got a chance to watch this video titled real Sarah Palin. This video looks to be made by the opponents of Sarah Palin who are not happy with her increasing influence in US presidential election. In this video, we can watch lot of personal attacks being made on Sarah which is not a good thing for healthy competition; however, it looks that for few people win in US presidential election is everything and for achieving this goal they can go to any extent. Below, people can watch this video. Also visit- McCain to suspend his campaign Watch and listen to Barak Obama’s Acceptance speech at DNC 2008 How healthy is John McCain? Popularity of Barack Obama Some important points about Barack Obama Watch interview of John McCain and Sarah Palin together US Presidential election war fought on Youtube

Safety of Bank accounts in US

Presently, lot of people in US are worried about their bank accounts because they do not know how safe their bank accounts are as banks in US are in very bad condition (do not have cash to pay bills). In recent times, three major US banks have collapsed and many more banks can also follow the same path.  At present, there is no sign of any positive improvement in US banking sector is available in front of us. Already, US banks have lost billions of rupees in recent times; therefore, many people do not believe their money safe in US banks. This is really a very bad sign for biggest financial hub of world.  Moreover, banking crisis in US is also affecting many developing nations because of major exposure of US banks in these nations. Lot of people in US are hoping for some rescue for US banks by government like 700 billion dollar bailout plan. Hopefully, soon we can expect some good news on this point. For time being people of US have no option but to worry about health of their banks.

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Watch and learn about Mars Rover

Today, every person know about Nasa’s Mars Rover project, where a robot is sent by NASA to Mars for learning more about existence of life on it. Mars Rover project has remained very successful for NASA and it has helped scientists in confirming existence of water and ice on Mars. In future, we can hope for much more vital information from this project. Below, people can watch educational video created by NASA to know more about Mars Rover and its working. Also visit- Watch Nasa TV Live (live solar eclipse)

Watch interview of John McCain and Sarah Palin together

Below, people can watch interview of John McCain (Republican US presidential candidate) and Sarah Palin (his vice president candidate) together for CBC channel. This interview was taken by Katie Couric. Both McCain and Palin gave answer to number of questions like what they think about attacks inside Pakistan. This interview was originally conducted on 29/09/08. Also visit- McCain to suspend his campaign Watch and listen to Barak Obama’s Acceptance speech at DNC 2008 How healthy is John McCain? Popularity of Barack Obama Some important points about Barack Obama US Presidential election war fought on Youtube

Search Trains, Train numbers and Train Schedules

With the help of links available below, people can easily search for trains, train numbers or train schedule. People can search for the trains as per their category. This links will lead to updated website of latest Indian Railway Train lists with train names, train numbers, train source and destination station details, train departure and arrival time etc. People can get complete schedule of a particular train checking particular box and pressing get schedule button present at bottom. Search Options- Special Trains Mail/Express Trains Rajdhani Trains Shatabdi Trains Special Tourism Trains Special Hill Trains Luxury Trains Also find Trains between Important Station Other options- Check PNR status (Indian Railway) Check Indian railway train status