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Are the black days back in India?

Not really, but the few decisions of central government of India are really taking us in this direction. India is going to witness an era of caste based reservation. This is not only the question of reservation; however it has the far reaching effect on the fate of India. These decisions taken only for the shake of vote bank are going to ruin India. Few months back when government of India implemented the reservation of 27% for backward classes then nobody had thought all this would become a burning issue in India. The country which I love and for which I am ready to do anything, May suddenly starts looking an unhealthy country to live. First when these issues of reservation come into the main stream then I thought that they will not affect me. However, all this come as an eye opener for me and how an inefficient government can do blunders to save his skin. Successive Indian governments were complete failure in putting forward the causes of sufferings of common people. To justify there

Deep inside a man there is present hollowness

Whether the person is successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor, big or small, strong or weak, there exists a state of hollowness. Hollowness is a state, where every thing seizes to exist. In this state there is no poor or rich, no strong or weak, no successful or unsuccessful. Here everyone is same like the others but most of us never realizes this factor and go on feeding our ego with success, wealth and fortune. Then ego plays its games with us and starts controlling us. In the control of ego we lose our power to think and analyze situations. We do what our ego tells us to do. If more and more success comes to us, more we feed our ego and finally become an ego dominated personality. All this is wrong for our families, friends and finally for society. Ego is a thing which never gets satisfied with anything and only tries to dominate more and more. Therefore we start trying to dominate our family, friends and society. This is not a fault of person because he is in the control of his eg

Story of Nepali’s and their contribution to us

Today I got chance to meet an 8-9 years old Nepali boy. He was accompanying with himself two dogs. The description of boy was like a thin child who hardy has any trace of fat on his body. Due to this he was looking even younger then his age. He told me that he wants to meet his uncle who lives inside. Actually his uncle was a servant who lives inside the house. His uncle name was Krishan, name of famous Indian god of love. He was working for ten years at my landlord’s house. He basically belongs to Nepal. His wife and parents are in Nepal. However he was not alone because his brothers and relatives work in India. This is common trend which is continuing for many years. I still remember when I was a kid; I used call mamu (an Indian name for uncle) to a Nepali servant working in our home. India has always accepted Nepali’s like own Indian people and all this is possible because of porous boundaries of India and Nepal. People from both the countries can move in and out of each country wit