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Who will win Punjab Assembly ELection 2017?

With Punjab assembly elections just a few days away, this question is arising in every person's mind that who win 2017  Punjab Assembly election. The 2017 Punjab Assembly Elections are special for Punjab because this time Punjab will see three cornered fight between BJP-Akalis combine, Congress and AAP. In the 2012 Punjab Assembly election, there was straight fight between Congress and BJP- Akalis . In this election, BJP-Akali Dal won 68 seats (BJP-12 and Akali Dal 56) while Congress won only 46 seats. With this win, Akali Dal-BJP alliance came to power for the second straight term. Congress was quite confident of winning 2012 Punjab Assembly elections because of incumbency factor; however, people of Punjab voted back Akali Dal-BJP alliance to power. This time, the scenario of Punjab politics has quite changed and with the entry of AAP, this time Punjab Elections have become very tough to predict. At present, all three political parties or alliances are making claims of their w

Getting things repaired

One of the hardest things in this world is to get things repaired on time. Because, we find it hard to locate the service centers of a brand and it causes lots of inconvenience to us. Today, many companies are showing the locations of their nearest service stations on their websites so that their customers don't face any difficulty. The Same is true for guitar center and we can find the exact location with addresses of all their service centers on their websites. With directions, you also get the timing of each service station and how long it is open. Such services are very useful for the customers because they make it easy for customers to find the repair centers with ease. Such actions help companies to make loyal customers and improve their brand image.

No one actually wants you to grow

Sometimes, you are born with a big bad luck and for whole life, you fail to come out of this bad luck. Whenever, a good opportunity starts coming your way, many people who actually don't want you to grow create many problems for you. For the whole life, you just wait for a good opportunity to come so that you can utilize it. But, there are few people who do everything to destroy your dreams because they fear that if you become successful, then they can't use you. This is quite a hard situation for you and more or less you have no control over it because all good opportunities need some resources. Life is good and full of opportunities; however, many opportunities are restricted to people who have money or resources. In my case, I am an abandoned being whom everyday wants, but no one  truly cares. I do not blame anybody because it will not solve any purpose. Whether, I will succeed or fail, I need to accept it as a solider. Life is  a fight and sometimes, we may not win it tha

Does demonetization fail to give desired results?

In the last few months of 2016, we saw whole of India suffering because of the demonetization. It became so hard to get cash that we saw huge lines in front of the banks. More than 100 people died because of the demoetization and millions of people felt various shocks. Millions of people lost their jobs and many industries saw shut down. All credit agencies pointed out that the Indian growth rate will be much lower because of demonetization as it was predicted earlier. At first government of India said that Demonetization is for cleaning the black money from the market; however, almost all money came back to the banks which shows that this purpose of demonetization completely failed. Then government of India said that it is for dizitalisation; however, again it doesn't sound well with the people. Overall the loss of people and the country are much higher than what is achieved with demonetization. The Government of India was not well prepared before taking this decision. It is w

Advantage of Good Credit Card Financing

Recently, I came across some of the best offers issued by credit cards. These days, credit card financing is becoming very popular because they are offering many good options for people who need a financial solution. Sometimes, people time is hard to pay all the cash in a single installment; therefore, they opt for easy financing solutions. One of great credit card financial solution, I found at musicians friend credit card review. They offer two good 12 and 6 month financing offers where people can save good money on the internet charges. From time to time, we get numbers of good offers from various credit cards which give us a chance to save money and make big purchases with easy installments.

Finding yourself alone in your journey

It is quite often in Life that we find ourselves alone on the life path. Despite having many people around us, we feel alone. Now it is up to us that how we plan for the next move. It is quite hard to move forward alone in the unknown territory and requires lots of courage. However, we have no choice because no one is willing to help us. This situation comes in front of almost everyone at some stage in life. Here we need to take a wish decision so that we can move ahead despite all the issues and problems. It is not right to wait for help from the others because those who have to help you, they never wait. When we wait for help, then we only waste our time. Therefore, we need to take a step and move forward. I know that this path is full of fear and unknown dangers, but for a good future, we need to move on it so that we can reach our destination.

UP assembly election 2017- Biggest Election Battle of Year

In just a few days, UP assembly election 2017 will take place in seven phases. These are the biggest elections of this year because of the importance of Uttar Pradesh in Indian politics. Today, the BJP is in power with full majority is only due to UP because they won more than 70 Loksabha seats out of 80. Therefore, every political party wants to occupy UP so that they can increase their chances in the 2019 Loksabha elections. The main fight in UP is between BJP, SP+Congress alliance and BSP. Last time, SP won the UP elections on its own and ruled the state for 5 years. This time BJP wants to repeat its 2014 success in Loksabha election; however, with so many challenges, it is not going to be an easy fight for BJP. Last month, the family drama of Samajwadi Party remained in the limelight and it was assumed that Samajwadi Party may split; however, most of things have gone in the favor of Akilash Yadav present CM of UP. To increase its chances in the election, SP has formed alliance wi