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Difficulty of buying in stores near us

Recent demonetization move of the government has made it difficult to buy many things from the local stores near us because most local stores only accept cash and after demonetization, there is a huge shortage of currency notes of small denomination. I was looking to buy a few accessories for my electronic guitar; however, i don't have the small denomination currency notes to give at the stores open near me. So I decided to buy the music accessories from the online store because they accept payments by the card. I hope that soon local stores will star accepting payments by cards. Already, many stores in India have started this facilities and after demonetization move more local stores are added this facility so that they don't lose the business.

Power of Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking always has a great power to transform our life; therefore, people are always advices to think positively. There are many studies available in front of us which suggest the effect of positive and negative thoughts on the people. Therefore, if a person wants to become successful in life, then he must think positively. When thinking positively becomes a habit for us, then most of life problems don't make big troubles for us. Positive thinkers pass through the life struggles with much ease as compared to negative thinkers. You can also develop a habit of positive thinking to become successful in life and to make your life happier. Our thoughts play a major role in our lives, so it is always important to think positively. Positive thinking increases hope in life and it encourages us to take on my difficult things. With positive thinking, we not only earn success in the outer world, but always enjoy an internal peaceful life. With positive thinking, we enjoy health

When we will stop Polluting our rivers

When I see the current condition of Indian rivers, then I feel very sad because day by day condition of such rivers is becoming very bad. Some of small rivers have already died and other's condition is so bad that it is difficult to distinguish between a river or a sewage waste. Already, we are facing an acute shortage of quality water in India; however, still the awareness level among people is very low, about the increasing pollution in rivers. Even the condition of one of a big river of India, Yamuna is not fine. When Yamuna crosses through Delhi, then It loses its shape and flow, here it has only turned into a rainy river with only Delhi's waste flowing rest of the year. It is the duty of every Indian to not pollute our rivers and increase awareness among common people about the increasing pollution in Indian rivers. In some of the places, the condition of the Indian rivers is so bad that aquatic animals can't survive in them. The impurity level has gone so high in wa