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To create music from Heart we need right instruments

Though, we all know that music is created from heart because then only it can touch hearts. However, it is also totally important to have the right kind of instruments to play a good music. Every good musician knows this thing that he need many good music instruments like Ramirez guitars to play good music and other accessories. People can easily buy such items from the guitar center Roseville  . A wrong choice of music instruments can affect quality of music. Therefore, no musician will like to damage his reputation because of wrong instruments. Today, it is very easy to buy quality instruments online and there are many sites from which you can buy all instruments needed for good music creation. So get help of right instrument to play a good music from your heart, which touches the heart of people.

Power of Ayurveda - A wonder from India

After the huge success in the IT field, India has one more USP to sell to the whole world. This is nothing new but age old Indian wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has great potential stored in it which is required to be exploited in the near future. Already Indian Ayurveda has started showing the signs of great acceptance among the Indians and people from the outer world. The main advantage with the Ayurveda is that it comes directly from the nature and all the medicines and therapies used in the Ayurveda are made from the natural ingredients. Today in the time when more and more people are moving towards natural products due to their larger safety profiles, future of Ayurveda looks brighter. Today’s Ayurveda has gone more global and is getting lot of acceptance and publicity from the people of various cultures and societies. Ayurveda is also getting the help of modern technologies, many Ayurvedic medicines research centers have emerged in India to provide the accuracy and effectivene

Rich becoming Rich and Poor becoming Poor

Recently, I read a report which says that only 68 people in the world have more money than the 3.5 billion people of the earth. I totally got surprised after reading this news that how a big difference in rich and poor is present in the world. This report clearly states that the rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. All this clearly indicates that our policies are more favorable for the rich as compared to the poor. There are billions of people around the world who don't even get two time good meals and on the other side few have so much that they can't eat in many lives. Today, the time has come when we need to make some changes in the system and improve the situation of the poor. Without doing so, we can't create a better world for all. Today, our world is good for some and bad of many. I am not against the rich people; however, I want that everyone should get the basic comforts of life. However, everywhere we see more focus on the policies related to r

Love for Band and Orchestra

Bands and Orchestra are very popular among the people because people can enjoy good music through them. There are many examples of popular bands and Orchestra in the world which enjoy great fan following. Today, it has become easier to buy musical instruments and as  electric cello for sale at Such solutions have made it very easy for the bands to buy the quality instruments. People can easily buy all latest and branded musical instruments. With musical instruments, it becomes easy to play wonderful and fine music. Music is a source of great entertainment and it loved by everyone.

Need to stop increasing Pollution

Today whole of the world is facing acute problem of increasing pollution throughout the world. India and China are worst suffering countries when it comes to pollution. Many big cities of both these nations are among the most polluted cities in the world. The pollution in these cities is so high that it has become difficult to breath in the air of these cities. Every year, thousands  of people die because of the air pollution. This thing points out that we need to make a balance between development and the environment. We can't keep on destroying the nature in the name of development. It is not necessary that every person should move out in his big car everyday . People can learn to use environment friendly medium of transport like public transport, cycles etc. Today time has come when we should work seriously to save our environment and increase air quality. 

Failures and Successes of Pathankot Terrorist Attack

India saw the start of 2016 with Terrorists attack on the Pathankot Air Force station. Whole nation got surprised with news because how terrorists can reach such a sensitive place with such a high level security. First off it appears that there were many inputs available with the security agencies that some terrorists are trying to sneak into India and attack the airbase. However, still the security of the airbase was not strong enough to stop the entry of these terrorists. Moreover, police and security agencies failed to take timely actions on the information given by the abducted Gurdaspur SP that few militants have entered India and they are planning the attack the airbase. The sad part is that there was enough time available with the Indian security agencies arrest these terrorists before entering the airbase. Another failure was with the BSF which failed to stop entry of these terrorists into Indian border. The Indian border with Pakistan is guarded by thousands of BSF persone

To find the real love

Love is an important ingredient to live a happy life in this world. Without love, we can't think of a happy life. Many people miss love in their life and some even don't find it for the whole life. Most people fail to find love because they don't approach love in the right manner. To find the love, we need to move out of our comfort zone and do certain things which we may or may not like. You can see this difference in many people. While some people enjoy the abundance of love on the other hand, other's fail to get the glimpse of love. The first lesson for attracting love into your life is to start giving love to others. I will share a story of one of my friends who made many efforts to find the love of his life. He gave his girlfriend a beautiful personalized promise ring  and soon, he found that she has become more careful about their relationship. I don't advocate giving gifts; however, sometime mix of gifts and your emotions make your love relationship str