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Election Days in India

In the next few months, India will see the biggest election of all times i.e. Loksabha election 2014. Loksabha or Parliamentary elections are biggest election in India and around the world for any democracy because near to 1 billion people take part in these elections. Not only India but people around the world have an eye on these elections. All political parties and top leaders are trying their best to influence Indian voters and win maximum votes to make next government. At present, we are seeing many favorable talks for the ordinary man because now ordinary men and women of India will decide next government. It is the duty of every Indian to vote responsibly and choose better leaders so that they can make good laws for us. It is wrong at the hands of people to vote for wrong and corrupt leaders because they only make money by reaching at the top position. 

Very bad service of BSNL Punjab

From Last 9 days, our BSNL broadband and landline is not working and in the meantime, we registered complaints three times; however, till today no response. In recent times, condition of BSNL services in Punjab has gone very bad. When you look at this bad service then you feel that employees of BSNL are not giving their 100%. This bad service of BSNL will only help private companies to expand their networks on the cost of old BSNL customers. Already, large numbers of old BSNL landline users are surrendering their landline and broadband connections because of poor services offered by BSNL. In the present competitive market, BSNL can’t afford to move forward with such approach because customers want quick and best service.  

New looks for Kitchen

Today, we can find many options to increase the beauty of kitchen by adding beautiful contemporary kitchen cabinets. In the market, we can find many options of good styles and designs in kitchen cabinets. Moreover, people can find many good options to find attractive designs at affordable rates from many online stores. Online shopping has made it very easy for us to find many good buying options from the comfort of our home. These attractive kitchen cabinets are very useful and make it very easy to manage kitchens. They also give a very attractive look to our kitchens and working in the kitchen becomes very comfortable.

Love your work

It is very important for all of us to love their work if we want to get give success in life because when we love our work then we put great efforts in it and soon attain great success in life. Without love what we do, it is not possible for any person to attain a true success in life. There are many examples of big achievers in the world who have attained great success in life because they loved their work very much. On the other hand, people who don’t love their work fail in life. Now it is your choice that you want to become successful or not. If you truly want to become a successful person in life, then you must start loving your work. By loving the work, you find many options to increase your productivity and attained higher levels of success.

Your success starts from your brain

Most people give so much importance to other factors for their success that they forget about main internal factors. The first real success starts from the brain and then we see it getting shape in the real world. It is not possible for any person to get success in life when he doesn’t feel this success in his mind. We can define this concept as confidence because all people who become successful in life have confidence in their skills even before getting any success. Therefore, if you also want to become successful in life, then you must start believing your skills and inner strength. Soon success will touch your feet and the whole world will recognize your true potential. It is something deeper inside you which makes you special than others. Your true belief about yourself reflects in terms of your success or failure. So start conditioning of your brain for attaining great success in life.

Time to opt LED lights

Today, we hear an increasing voice from across the world to save electricity because we want to save our vital resources. The great solution is present in front of us in the form of LED light to save electricity. LED bulbs and lamps use many times less electricity than conventional bulbs; therefore, we can save lots of electricity. Recently, we used beautiful white led christmas lights and found great difference in electricity usage. Moreover, the good point about led lights is that we don’t compromise on light effects. I also want to request everyone to use LED light more and more to save electricity and important resources.

Top 10 Hindi Thoughts and Quotes Picture Messages by Arvind Katoch

Below you can see top 10 and famous Hindi Thought and Quotes picture messages by Arvind Katoch. To Read more Hindi Thoughts and Quotes by Arvind Katoch or others, you can visit- 1) Hindi Thought Picture Message Spreading Happiness खुशियाँ बाँटने 2) Hindi Thought Picture Message on Learn from a Flower हम एक फूल से यह सीख सकते है 3) Hindi Thought Picture Message on Difficult Time in Life जिंदगी में मुश्किल समय 4) Hindi Thought PIcture Message Person's Ego इन्सान का अहम् 5) Hindi Thought Picture Message on Excess of Knowledge ज्ञान की अधिकता   6) Hindi Thought Picture Message on Blame/ Criticise दोष/आलोचना 7) Hindi Thought HD Picture Message on With Confidence आत्मविश्वास के बिना 8) Hindi Thought Picture Message on अस्तित्व ही नहीं रखते Do no Exist 9) Hindi Thought HD Picture Message on Desire of Immensity अत्यधिकता की चाहत   10) Hindi Thought Picture Message on The Most Valuable Thing सबसे बहुमूल

Extreme importance of Living in Present

 Today, we live in a world where most of the people are worried about the future and work hard to make their future bright; however, in this race they forget to live and enjoy their present. Many of these people completely wastes their present life for an unknown future. Sadly, some of them never see future for which they work hard. In this way, they neither enjoy their present nor future. It is very important for every person to understand the importance of present because it is something which is our hands. It is wrong to postpone happiness and essential things to future because time never comes back. Once you lose something, you lose it forever. Therefore, it is important for all of us to understand the importance for present time and start enjoying it. The happiest people in this world are one who knows to enjoy their present and not the one who only work for the future. It is also fairly important to secure our future; however, it is totally wrong to waste present for an unknown

Video Presentation of My New Book "Amazing and Wonderful World of Flowers"

Here is a video presentation on my new picture book "Amazing and Wonderful world of flowers". In this book, you can see HD quality picture of flowers. You will see the different dimensions of flowers in this picture. You will notice in this book that a flower can look beautiful from backside too. In this book, you will see raindrop photography and water drop photography. Discover, how small raindrops and water drops increases the beauty of a flower many times. To buy Kindle (ebook) or Paperback book visit- Amazing and Wonderful World of Flowers (HD Picture Book)

Do first what is Important?

Large numbers of people in the present world fail because they don't do first what is important and waste their time with unimportant things. Due to this reason, they lose many golden opportunities to make money or get success. Most of people lack, a discipline in life and waste their life on unimportant things. After becoming unsuccessful in life, they blame circumstances and situations for their losses. However, in reality they are mainly responsible for their failures. It is very important to prioritize things or works in life and do the most important work first. The main difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that both of them know well what is important for them and what you needed to do first. IF you also want to get success in life, then do start working on the important things in life instead of wasting time on unimportant things. When you know exactly that what is right for you then you are sure to get success.