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Let others live their life Freely

This is a very common problem which we face in today’s world. Here everyone wants to live his or her life freely, but he doesn’t think same for others. Most of miseries, problems, angers, fights and frustrations of the present world are the result of this attitude of people. This attitude also highlights s selfish approach of a person. We blame others for their selfish behavior, but at the same time, we fail to see how selfishly We are acting. Real Freedom exits in living freely, and by allowing the same freedom to others. Sadly, we are happy to get our freedom but we fail to offer it to others. It is important for everyone to understand that our freedom works on give and take mechanism. When you offer freedom to others then in return, you expect freedom for yourself. You can’t afford to have two different rules for freedom. Other’s freedom is as important as we want freedom for us. Thus start respecting the freedom of others to enjoy your own freedom, or none of you will ha

Huge Wealth made by Babas and Spiritual Gurus in India

The most surprising thing about Babas, and so-called spiritual Gurus of India is not their great spiritual power but it is a huge wealth accumulated by them. Recently, I felt surprised after listening to a news report that one of such Baba has wealth worth Rs 850 Crore. How an ordinary looking Spiritual Guru can have such a huge wealth in a poor's country India? This is not a story of one Baba or Spiritual Guru in India; we can find plenty of them. It takes years for many organizations or companies to accumulate such wealth, and only few of them actually succeed, whereas, these Babas and so-called Gurus make money by just playing with religious emotions of people. Most of times what they teach to others, they never implement same in their life. Innocent people suffering from physical or emotional pain find some mental relief in their spiritual words, but sadly, Babas use this opportunity to suck money from people. These Babas and Gurus are biggest thieves of today, and their s

When a father burns his two daughters alive

In a very shocking incidence, a father burned alive his two daughter. He has total of four daughters and one son. He was upset for having four draughts and there were also news of neighbors making his fun for having four daughters. Therefore, according to news he was very upset because of all this. Yesterday, he become so frustrated that he burnt alive two of his daughters. This is very shocking news in country like India where girls and women are still not safe. I am also a parent and it is beyond my understanding that how a father can kill his child. It is sad part of society that it still differentiates between male and female children. Many innocent born and unborn girls become victim of this bad thinking of people and society. It is great shock to see all this even after so much of progress in society. It looks that this problem is very deep rooted in our society and we are required to take many more steps to stop all this. Centre and state governments have so far failed to a

People are very demanding

Today, we live in a world where people are very demanding and sometimes, we feel very hard to complete these demands of others. However to become successful in life, it is important for any person to be ready for such demands. Many times, we face very high demands from people which are very hard to complete; however, we are required to do our best. We live in a people’s world where people around us influence our life greatly. Some people provide great help to us while some other create difficulties for us. Therefore, in dealing with demanding people we are required to keep in mind type of people we are dealing with. It is always advisable to complete demands of helping and good people while we can avoid demands from bad people. Also we are required to keep in mind before completing a demand that we are in position to complete this demand or not.

You have to become a hard person to live a good life

We live in a world where we face numbers of human animals daily who try hard efforts to make you life miserable. Now if you are not a strong person then you can’t survive such hard world. Therefore, every person should make every effort to become a hard person otherwise this world will eat you one day. With constant efforts, we all can develop you to become a hard and strong person. In this world, we can easily find many people who can go to any extent to destroy you for their own gain. However, many people do not understand this thing or they understand it very late. Such people always become victim of this trend. Now it is your choice that you want to become a hard person and live a good life or want to become victim of world’s cruelty.

Always remember that you have to win at any cost

The greatest motivation which any person can gain in world is from his inner self only. If you are thinking to get motivation from external world then it is very hard to find such real help. Mostly, people see bad points in you because they do not bother to notice your positive points. Moreover, it is tendency of large numbers of people to convert others like them. Therefore, it is foolishness to think that such people will give any positive motivation to us. Our biggest guide and guru is our inner self only which always guide us in a true way. To listen to our inner self, we are first required to communicate with it and it can only happen when we learn to stop communicating with outer world. The world out there is full people who are only interested in themselves; therefore, it is very hard to find real help from them. Only you can get motivation from them if you start working as per their directions. This is biggest misery of our world where we face large numbers of selfish people