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Live your life what do not make other’s life Heal?

Everyone wants to live his life in his own style because in this way, we enjoy life to its fullest. However, it is also important to consider that you are making others lives heal by doing so. Today, numbers of such individuals are growing fast who want to complete their own dreams; however, they do not care if such acts are making harmful effect on others. We all live in a social world where we all are related. Here action of one person can affect life of other person. Therefore, we all share a social responsibility to make our society a good place for all. Sometimes, few individuals for their own gain took such decisions which put negative effect on people around. These individual justify these acts as freedom of life. I do agree with freedom and I respect freedom of everyone but with freedom, we all also share a moral responsibility to use right of freedom with care. If your freedom is creating troubles for others and making their lives tough then in true sense you do not deser

Watch HD Trailer of Shahrukh Khan's Hindi Movie "Jab Tak Hai Jaan"

Below watch Shahrukh Khan's upcoming romantic Hindi movie "Jab Tak Hai Jaan". This film is direct by Yash Chopra and wriiten, produced by Aditya Chopra. The main cast of movie includes Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. With this film Yash Chopra will return as director after a gap of eight years. By watching trailer, Jab Tak Hai Jaan looks very promising movie. This movie is expected to release on 13th Nov, 2012 near Diwali.

Does 80/20 rule has all solutions for our problems?

This is one of oldest principles which says that 80 percent of positive outcomes in life comes from only 20% of work whereas we get only 20% output from other 80% of work. Therefore, if we go by this principle then we can clearly increase output of our work by focusing on 20% of work which is giving us 80% results. Mostly, people fail in life or remain frustrated or complain that they have no time then mostly they are not giving proper focus to 20% of important work which is giving them most of output. Mostly, people remain struggling with 80% of useless work and finally waste lots of time. If we waste our most of valuable time on useless things then how we can expect to get good results. Only, we are required to change our mental attitude and learn to focus on tasks which give us maximum results. We need to get rid of negative emotions like hatred, fear, gilt, anger which waste our lots of time and energy. Many times, we get so much occupied with negative emotions that we waste l

Bilawal Bhutto Love affair with Hina Rabbani Khar – A Rumor or A Reality

Few days back, I observed on social media that some obscene pictures are circulated and below them it was written that they belong to Bilawal Bhutto son of Pakistan’s President Asif ali zardari and Pakistan’s Foreign Affair Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. Though, I did not give any attention to these pictures as they were neither clear picture nor there was any such news. However, in last few days such news have started coming on print media with lots of big news papers publishing stories related to this matter. There are many stories circulated on internet and most of them tell same story that Bilawal Bhutto is in strong love with Hina Khar who is 11 years older than him and mother of two children. Age of Bilawal Bhitto is 24 years and his date of birth is September 21, 1988 whereas age of Hina Rabbani Khar age is 35 year and her date of birth is 19 November 1977. Even husband of Hina Khar millionaire businessman Firoze Gulzar has rubbished all these news. According to some news i

Finding your Size

Sometimes, it becomes a great task to find your desired size while shopping online. This is main concern of most of shoppers only. Online shopping has achieved great popularity because we can find many options of sizes online. It is very easy to find many exclusive sizes easily available online which we may not find at store near our home. For example, if you are looking for plus size prom dresses then you can easily search for it online. Hundreds of new sites are coming up and they are offering good options of sizes to people. Therefore, if you fail to find your suitable size at local store then you can find it on these numerous online stores. Many people can get advantage of this option to get products of their choice.

Why we tolerate so much corruption?

Today, India is one of the most corrupted nations in world thanks to corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists. Corruption has become so wide that these people are now doing corruption openly. Nobody looks to have any fear of any kind because they know that neither law can nail them nor people will revolt against them.  Due to this reason, confidence of these people to do corruption is increasing and we are seeing new national records in scams. How long this story will go like this? No one looks to have any answer because we have become so much used to all this that we have started ignoring all this. It looks that we have given complete freedom to these corrupt leaders to do corruption. However, we all need to understand one big relationship between increasing inflation and high level of corruption.  If we remove corruption and scams from system then state revenues will definitely increase and it will decrease some pressure present on public. Corruption makes ri

Spamming in commits a big issue

Spamming is a common problem faced by internet because there are some ill minded people who try to use spamming for their own benefit. Spamming is banned by most of services; however, spammers always come up with new methods to complete their task. One of such trend is spam in comments because it is very easy to publish spam under the comments. Therefore, spammers now use this method to spread spamming. I daily moderate and delete hundreds of such spam comments. One of best way to avoid spamming is to activate manual comment publishing. In this way, you get chance to see all comments before they get published on your blog. Spamming is bad practice and I encourage people practicing it to avoid it because it create unnecessary problem to many and give bad look to internet.

Quota of Six Gas Cylinder per Year a Bad move for Middle Class families

One of recent moves of Congress Lead UPA government which is attracting negative comments from all quarters of life is setting quota of maximum of six cylinders per year for each family. This move will mean that now first six cylinders will be provided at subsidized rate and to get next cylinders you need to pay market price.  An average middle class family in India needs at least 12 cylinders per year. By giving only six subsidized cylinders will cause extra burden of Rs 2100 on each family. The other worrying sign is high inflation rate. First it becomes difficult for people to buy food and now it will become difficult to cook food. There are still millions of households in India where monthly income is less than Rs 10000.  Such families can not take this burden and this move will cause unrest in country. It is duty of country to take measures for the well being of its population. UPA government is involved in so many corruption scandals that it can easily increase its

How long Weak UPA government will survive?

Yesterday, TMC supremo Mamta Banerjee Withdrew support from Manmohan lead UPA government. So far, there is no immediate threat for Manmohan Singh government; however, one thing is certainly clear that it has become weak. TMC has total of 19 Loksabha MPs and it was poll ally of Congress from Last two Loksabha and Assembly Elections in West Bengal. Congress still has outside supports of Smajwadi Party and BSP. Other threat is coming to UPA government from its ally in Tamilnadu DMK which is going to take part in 20 September Anti UPA government Bandh. DMK has 18 Loksabha Member and it has remained stronger partner of Congress in both Loksabha and Assembly elections. If it also pulls out of government then UPA 2 government will become dependent on outside support. One of the major reasons of important allies leaving Congress lead UPA front is its decreasing popularity among common people. UPA 2 is blamed for wide spread corruption and high inflation. Some where most of people believe

Video Report on Wind Mills Gain Popularity in India

It is known to everyone that there is great shortage of electricity in India and every year, demand for electricity increases. Therefore, India needs to take some concrete steps to solve this problem. Wind mills provide a great option in front of India to increase its electricity generation. In recent years, India has done exceptionally well in this direction and today, it is forth largest producer of wind energy in world. Lots of credit goes to Indian company Suzlon which is also top producer of wind turbines in world. Government has announced many subsidies and incentives to corporate for developing wind energy. Below, you can watch video report on wind mills gaining popularity in India.

Increasing Trend of Hindi Blogging

Slowly the internet has opened its arms for native languages too; today it is very much possible for any person to communicate on the internet through his native language. One of such encouraging trends that we can find online is Hindi blogging. Today, more and more numbers of people are moving towards Hindi blogging because they are finding it very interesting.  Moreover, the number of readers of Hindi blogs is also increasing. So if you were not blogging because you do not have good English then now you can blog in Hindi if you are comfortable in Hindi. Writing in Hindi is very easy, there are a number of such tools available online to do so. You can even write in Hindi with the help of blogging platforms like without using any other tool.  Hindi blogging is likely to gain more popularity in the coming days because we are seeing a great demand for good writing in Hindi. Blogging is a free solution to express our thoughts and opinions with everyone and when w