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Watch official trailer of Shahrukh Khan's New Movie "Pathaan"

 We all know that Shahrukh Khan is one of the favourite stars of Bollywood and people wait for his movies. After his last movie "Zero" was a failure, we will see him again in his next film after a gap of five years. The name of this movie is "Pathaan" and his co-star in this movie is Deepika Padukone. The paid Shahrukh Khan and Deepika have given three hit movies previously "Om Shanti Om", "Happy New Year" and "Chennai Express". Therefore, the fans of Shahrukh and Deepika have many hopes for the movie Pathaan. The official trailer of the Pathaan movie is out and people love it. You can also watch this trailer below to get a glimpse of the movie Pathaan. Shahrukh looks very energetic and dynamic in this movie, therefore, we can hope for its success of it. Already, Bollywood and its stars are under great pressure from the South industry because of many successful movies made by South Indian Cinema. Hopefully, Pathan movie will give a repl

Watch the Portugal Uruguay FIFA World Cup 2022 heighlights

The fever for the FIFA football world cup is very high and we can see some of the best football matches so far. Many ups and downs have already happened and many more are to come in coming games. One such high-voltage football match was between Portugal and Uruguay in which Portugal defeated Uruguay by 2 goals. All football fans can watch the Highlights of this match below. Football game fans always look for such games of football that can give them an adrenal rush. I watched the highlights and found them so interesting that I am adding them below so that you can also enjoy it if you have not seen the game so far. 

Blogging 2.0 session - A new life to this blog

I have decided to aggressively work on this blog and give it new life as a new version of 2.0. In the previous version, this blog was quite successful and It was loved by many readers. This time, I not only want to repeat the earlier success but want to do more than that. We all know that today, blogging has got huge acceptance from people and we can find many established bloggers in the present world. If anyone wants to start a blog then he can go through the collection of posts written on becoming a successful blogger  (Click). On this page, you can find many important lessons to become a good blogger and not do mistakes in blogging which can derail your blogging experience.  I first started writing more than 15 years back and at that time, it was quite a different experience to write. Today, blogging has become much easier and we can even earn good money from it. A good blog can help you to earn a handsome income because many new companies need the help of bloggers to create awarene