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Never Lose hope in Life. You never know what tomorrow may bring (Hindi Thoughts VBlog 2)

  Below you can watch the second Hindi Thoughts Videos Blog on the Hindi Quote and Suvichar -  "जीवन में कभी भी आशा को न छोड़े क्योंकि आप कभी यह नहीं जान सकते कि आने वाला कल आपके लिए क्या लाने वाला है I"  Never Lose hope in Life. You never know what tomorrow may bring. In this video, you can understand the meaning of this Hindi Thought with a full explanation of the Hindi Thought. This video explains the role of Hope in our life. It also tells why we should keep hope alive in our life. There are many examples of people in the world who have achieved great success in life by hoping for a great future.  Watch the Video Explanation of Hindi Thought Below-

Watch the Hindi Thoughts Video Blog Episode 1 (To see how beautiful life is? we do not need to go far)

  Recently, I introduced a new Video Blog of Hindi Thoughts to put more light on the Hindi Thoughts and Suvichar. Today, I am sharing with you the first episode of this series and it will cover the Hindi Thought "जिंदगी कितनी खुबसूरत है ये देखने के लिए हमें ज्यादा दूर जाने की जरुरत नहीं है, जहाँ हम अपनी आंखे खोल ले वहीँ हम इसे देख सकते है ।" अरविन्द कटोच You can visit this Hindi Thought by Clicking the image.  Through this video blog, I tried to explain how this Hindi Thought came into my mind and what I was thinking at that time. The main message of this Hindi Thought is that we can enjoy life everywhere and we don't need any specific place. To learn more, you can listen to the video Blog present below.

Movie Review Vidya Balan Starter movie Sherni by Arvind Katoch

 Recently, I got a chance to Sherni movie on amazon prime. This movie is released on the same platform. I liked this so much that I created a video review of this movie. Sherni is a wonderful movie that puts you on the path of thinking. Today, the encounter of wildlife and humans have become very common. This problem is causing a great conflict in society. Unplanned growth is absorbing the land so fast that common people and animals have not left with any vacant land to move freely. This is causing more pressure on wild animals to venture into human territory and vice-versa. To get more on this movie and why you should watch you can watch the video review repaired by me below.  Watch my Video Review of the Movie Sherni of Vidya Balan-