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Simple and Pure Music of Wind Bells

I enjoy listening to the music of the wind bells because I find this music very simple and pure. Large numbers of people love to put wind bells on their windows and doors. Some people even put them in their gardens. The advantage of putting wind bells is that the whole surrounding becomes musical when wind starts flowing. Wind bells are musicansfriend  because they provide them new ideas related to music. One of my musician friends has many wind bells at his home and when the  wind starts blowing then, the whole of his house become, a music player. It is very easy to buy a wind bell and put it in a suitable place.

Demonetization to clean Black and Fake Money

At present, we are seeing a huge rush of people in front of banks to change or deposit old currency notes because the Indian government has announced that all old currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 value is not a legal tender any more. This situation has caused some panic in the general public and we are seeing hurry in them for changing the currency. This situation has slowed down most of businesses in India because of the unavailability of hard cash. Most of the market and cinema halls look waiting for the customers; however, very few of them turn to them. Government of India is assuring people that the situation will be fine soon and they are additional efforts to ensure enough cash with general public. Many people have filed cases in various courts across India and the Supreme Court said that the Government of India was ill prepared to handle this situation and they must have made adequate arrangements before announcing Demonetization,

Lack of Knowledge of Safety Rule among ordinary people

Today, traffic is constantly increasing on the roads and simultaneously the numbers of road accidents are also increasing. The main reason behind the increase in road accidents in lack knowledge among people about the safety and traffic rules. To ensure proper road safety, it is very important to educate people about the road safety and traffic rules. When people who don't know the safety and traffic rules drive on the road; then they cause a threat to many lives. This is the main reason why millions of people die every year in the road accidents. Government of India is making many changes to ensure driving license only be given to those people who know all traffic and safety rules.