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A Short 30 Sec Video shows Difference between us and Primitive society and How they are better than Us

Mostly, it is claimed that we are much better than the ancient civilizations. However, this short 30 minute video will open your eyes to the fact that the people whom we say primitive are living much better life than us and they are living a life which is much nature friendly as compared to us. Now it is the time that we should learn simple lessons of life from the so called primitives. These people live in a world which is free from pollution, debt, prisons, selfishness. I hope that we will learn some lessons and start living an enriched life.

Side Effects of Spending too much Time on The Social Media (Video)

Today, it is common for every person to use a single or multiple social media networks. We may not find a people in real life; however, it is very easy to find a person on the social media sites. Many people spend hours on the social media while interacting with the hundreds of friends made on the Social media networks. The disadvantage is that people start treating their social life as real life while discounting the real life. Many of these friends on the social media sites may look real and helpful; however, most of them are so genuinely interested in us in the real life. You can watch a video study on this subject which will make you think on this matter. 

Are we missing Good Music these days

Today, we are not getting the original and pure music which gives calmness to our nerves. Nowadays it is very common to mix the music with unwanted loud sounds. Such music may attract the attention of the young generation, however, such music is good in the long run.  When we hear the music played with top quality and original music instruments like a  best buy piano , then we love to listen this music again and again. Thanks to availability of old music, I got a good chance to listen to music when I want. Old music provides a great calmness to mind and we love to hear such music again. I hope that new musicians will understand the importance of light and soothing music and they will come with such songs soon.

Movie Bajirao Mastani a clear winner over movie Dilwale

Before the release of movies "Bajirao Mastani" and "Dilwale" lots of people were trying to anticipate that which movie will be a winner. Both these movies got released on the same day this Firday. Dilwali is Shahrukh Kahn's movie while Bajirao Mastani is Leela Bhansali's Child. When two big movies got released on the same day, then it is clear that they will cut the business of each other.  Dilwale lost the first battle to Bajirao Mastani when the reviews of both movies come out. Where as Bajirao Mastani got the excellent reviews, Dilwale got only average reviews. The effect of these reviews was clearly visible on the Staurday revenues of both movies where the revenues of Dilwale decreased while Revcenues of Bajirao Mastaniui increased.  Shahrukh Khan's movie may also suffer because of the comment controversy. Already many organizations were protesting against his movie and telling the audience to not watch it. With the average review of film crit

Don't Give importance to what others think about you

Today, many people suffer from this issue that what the others will say about them. Due to this reason, they remain very conscious about the surroundings in which they live. Sometimes, due to this thinking many people even fail to do many things which they like. They give too much importance to what others may say that they leave such dream behind. This thinking is also one of the major reasons of failure of many people in this world. When we want to achieve something, then we need to do it as we want to do it without worrying about the others. It is common to face some criticisms or bad comments when you try to achieve something in life. However, it is very important for us to move forward in the way in which we like. All successful people follow this path only, if start considering the viewpoint of everyone around us then we may not be able to do anything in life. We need to understand that it is our life and we should live it as we want to live and not as dictated by the world.