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How someone can steal your ATM Pin in few seconds?

Here is a very informative video which highlights that how easily someone can steal our ATM PIN number through infra red sensors attached to iphone . Such kind of thefts has become very common throughout the world. This video also tells a method to secure yourself from such trap. By taking a few precautions, people can secure themselves against such frauds.

Don't show your weakness to Others?

To live a happy life and succeed in life, it is very important to not show your weakness to others because when others will get an idea of your weakness then they will only exploit it. We live in a very cruel world where people can go to any extent to fulfill their self ego. It is important to make yourself strong because when you are strong then no one gets an opportunity to hurt you. It is a common story of weak people in this world. People come to know about their weaknesses and then, they start exploiting it. Due to their weaknesses, people become forced to do what others want. In this way, there life becomes a prison for them. Therefore, if you don't want that this should not happen to you then you should not tell your weakness to anyone else. 

Live your life as you want to Live

To enjoy life fully, it is very important for everyone to live their life as they want to live. Mostly, we see people living a life which is sold to them from childhood. We are made to think and believe that by living life in a certain way, we can be happy and successful. Therefore, we mass movements of people in the same direction to find happiness in life. Does anyone can find happiness in life by moving on the path decided by others? The answer is No, because real happiness is unique for everyone. We all are required to find our own happiness. Overall, it is long individual search which we alone can travel to find happiness. When we live life as we want to live then we surely become closer to finding happiness in life.