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Death of 22 School Children due to Midday Meal- Clear Negligence of Bihar Government

After successive rules of Nitish Kumar, everyone started feeling that everything is fine in Bihar. However, again from last two years many bad news are coming from Bihar. Yesterday, 22 innocent school children died in Bihar after eating Midday meal and 50 other got ill. After this incident Bihar government looked totally helpless. According to government, they believe some controversy in this matter and there is no negligence on Government’s part.  This total statement is very shocking because it is responsibility of state government to insure good quality midday meal to students. However, Bihar government does not look to be in position to handle this problem. State chief minister did not find time to address public and other ministers are only looking for conspiracies. This is really sad state of Bihar again.  When it started looking that Bihar is coming out of worst past then one after another many loopholes in system again started emerging. One of TV Channel’s reporters v

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Weak Eyesight of Children

Today, numbers of such children is increasing fast who have a weak eye sight . There may be many reasons behind it however , main reason of this problem is lack of essential nutrients in Indian children foods. Due to either poverty or ignorance, many parents do not give proper diet to their children and therefore, they face shortage of essential nutrients in their body. As per a Govt report majority of Indian kids lack good and nutrient rich food. Though, Vitamin A dosages are given to children through local dispensaries; however, this effort alone is not enough. With Good diet to children, many parents can avoid problems in their kids like weak eyesight. Otherwise only option to correct eye problem is children s prescription glasses. We can clearly see increase in numbers of children wearing glasses. In recent development, govt of India has took some steps like insuring proper food to every person in India and we can hope that such steps will mark end of such issues.

We love children because of their innocence

One of major attractions of any child is his innocence and it is main factor which attracts us towards children. Sometimes, we may feel angry after seeing their foolish moves; however, soon we realize that they are very innocent in nature. It is very hard for any person to remain angry with a child because they know very well to make us happy again. In present world, many people have forgotten numbers of basic human attributes which we can easily learn from children.  They come to this world with a clean mind and they remain open for everyone. After the birth of my son, one and half years back I feel that they have learned many things from him. He is always a constant source of happiness for me; though, I also get angry with him; however, due to his innocence my anger does not last long. Today, we are seeing a trend where youngsters do not want marriages and kids. From my experience, I will say that they are doing a biggest mistake. If any wants to see god then kids are great exa

Success comes with step by step efforts

Today, we live a world where everyone looks to be in hurry. We all want success so fast that we do not want to wait. Everyone is looking for a formula of instant success and due to all this hurry; we are seeing increase in numbers of frustrated people. It is important for us to understand that success come with step by step hard efforts. For example, if you are planning to achieve a big goal then you should divide it in to numbers of small-small goals.  Now focus on these small goals one by one. After achieving one small goal, you should move towards next goal. By doing so whole process of achieving success will become very easy for you. On the other, if you try to finish a goal in hurry then you are likely to land as a failure. Now it is yours choice, how you want to go about it. Every successful person of today world has achieved big success after completing many small successes in life. You should give importance to small-small success in life because when they are combined th

Trend of Late marriages and arising difficulties

Today, we are seeing a new trend in India where large numbers of educated people opting for late marriages because of numbers of reason. One of first reasons of late marriages is carrier development before marriage. Many youngsters believe that they can postpone their marriage till they achieve their carrier goals. However in this race for carrier goal, they sometime cross their prime and later find it hard to get a suitable match.  Other reasons of going for marriage late are trend of remaining single as long as you can and non-availability of match as per desire. Today, desires of people about perfect match have gone very higher and they look for many things. The main difficult comes ahead when they ask for much higher than they deserve.  In my locality, there are 10 plus such people who are 30 plus and struggling to find a good match. It is responsibility of parents to educate their children about benefits of marriage on right time. In present stressful world, life becomes

Now self publish your books with KDP Amazon

It is a dream of every author to publish a book one day; however, up to few years back it was very difficult to publish a book because of cost of publishing a book was high. Therefore, it was like a dream for new writers to publish a book. Now this wait has gone with KDP self publish service by Amazon. This service allows new and established writers to publish their book for free to Kindle readers.  Today, there are millions of Kindle readers and they constantly look for new and good books. Moreover, Amazon is offering 70% share of profit to writers; therefore, it is a great way to publish a book and make good money from it. After the success of book on Kindle, writer can easily publish hard copy of their book with other services offered by Amazon.  I have found this option very interesting and ready with few manuscripts and hope to publish my book in next few days. If you are also a writer or planning to write a book then must think about publishing your book to kindle. Whol