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Read Thoughts (Quotes) in Hindi on Android Phone (Download App)

Finally, I succeeded in making a good working Android application which can be used to read daily new Hindi Thoughts on any Android device. I tested it on my Android phone and it is working fine. Already, hundreds of people have downloaded this application within few days of launch and I am expected even more success for this app. With the help of Hindi Thoughts Android app , you can easily read thousands of Hindi Thoughts. Moreover, new Hindi Thoughts will be updated in this app daily. Hindi Thoughts will be from categories like life, Freedom, Motivation, Love, Inspiration etc. Below, I am sharing few options to download this app for free.   Visit This Page to Download Application

Extremely Melodious Love/ Romantic Song Mujhe Pyaar from Movie Jannat 2

Below listen extremely melodious romantic song from forthcoming Hindi Movie "Jannat 2". Moreover, you can watch this song below with great romantic presentation. I enjoyed this song very much and listening it again and again. Hope you will also like this song so I am sharing it below. Great music directly reaches soul and heals it; therefore, I like such music very much. In this song, we can fall deep in love and forget for sometime that who we are?

Be different is key to success in Business

One of main mantra for success in business is to be different because when we do things differently then chances of attracting attention of others increases many times. Therefore, it is important for any business to look for options to add innovation and creativity to their work and surrounding . Small –small changes in surrounding like plastic business cards can make big difference when it comes to attracting customers. It is very easy to get attractive translucent plastic business cards online from numbers of web stores. A good looking business card can provide an opportunity to influence a future customer while a bad business card can drive away a future customer. Therefore, to be highly successful in any field, it is very important to create a different look so that customers can pay attention to you.

Watch HD Trailer Movie Jannat 2

Watch HD trailer of new upcoming Hindi movie "Jannat 2". This movie is sequel of 2008 hit movie Jannat. Jannat 2 movie will be again directed by Kunal Deshmukh, and produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. The main cast of movie includes Emraan Hashmi, Randeep Hooda, Imran Zahid and Esha Gupta. While Jannat movie was based on illegal trade of match fixing; Jannat 2 will be based of illegal trade of arms.

Review Hindi Movie Kahaani (Must Watch)

I decided to watch Vidhya Balan Starrer recent release Hindi Movie Kahaani because there were many great reviews about this movie in news papers and they all were saying one thing that Vidhya has given one more good film. So I watched movie and at end felt quite thrilled with acting, screenplay, story, drama, direction and suspense. I didn’t expect all this from movie. In my views, Kahaani is a wonderful movie to watch and it retains your attention till the end. Suspense of movie is so good that you never release at beginning of movie that there is any suspense in movie. I am truly thrilled after watching this movie and have become fan of Vidhya Balan’s acting. In Dirty pictures, Vidhya gave a superb performance and now she has again rocked in Kahani. This film has already become a big hit by earning three times more money of its cost. Kahani is not only a film which belongs to just Vidhya Balan; however, everything is done perfectly in this movie. All supporting actors are wonder

My Thoughts are free

It is very important for any person to free his or her thoughts from world’s influence. We live in this world under the influence of many things; therefore, in result our thoughts become influenced. To live truly in this world, we need to free our thoughts so that we can see this world in true spirit. With free thoughts only we can become a true human being who is capable of taking full responsibility of his life.  Thought process plays an important role in every person’s life because it helps us to create a reality for us. Without free thoughts, it is impossible to behave in uninfluenced way. Though, it is itself a big task to attain a mind which creates free thoughts. From many centuries humans are conditioned to believe many things and we pass on this conditioning to our children. Under the influence of such conditionings, we develop certain perceptions and see world through these perceptions.  To be truly a free soul, we need to first free our thoughts of all bondages wh