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About Rafale Fighter Plane, India’s new Fighter Plane (Pictures)

Finally, Indian has cleared name of French fighter plane Rafale for 126 fighter plane acquisition. Process to buy 126 new multi role fighter planes for Indian Air force was continuing behind the scene from last few years. There were many countries in this race to sell fighter planes to India because of large value of this deal and as per many estimates; this will be biggest deal in weapon industry so far. This deal is expected to cost India $12 to $15 billion. India chose France for this deal rejecting proposals from countries like USA and Russia. Rafale fighter planes are manufactured by French firm Dassault. Though, Indian government is still to sign official documents for the purchase of these planes which we can expect in near future. This deal is a great disappointment for major weapon partner of India Russia which was selling its new fighter plane MiG 35 to India. One of reason of success of Rafale against other bidder like Eurofighter is its much cheaper price and

Sad and unwise move by Army Chief of India (Age Controversy)

Presently, whole of India is witnessing a drama over the age controversy of present Army Chief of India Gen. V.K. Singh. The main part of controversy started with request of Gen Singh to Government of India to change his date of birth from 10th May, 1950 to 10th May, 1951. As per official records available with government of India, age of Gen Singh is 10th May, 1950 and he took earlier promotions with this date only; now Gen Singh wants to change it to 10th May, 1951 because as per his stand, it is his original date of birth and it matches with record of his 10th class certificates. He sent request to Government of India for making changes in his date of birth; however, Government of India rejected his application thus making it compulsory for him to retire by 31st May. 2012. Yesterday, this controversy took big shape when Army Chief went Supreme Court against government of India. It is first time in the history of Indian army that any Army Chief has moved Court for settling his is

To make retail business profitable

Every retailer wants to make his retail business very profitable and successful; therefore, retailers always look for new opportunities to achieve this goal. Today, there are many solutions available in the front of retailers to easily manage their shops and make their business profitable. One of such solution is available in the form of Retail POS System. Today, this system has become an integral part of many retail shops across the world are enjoying its benefits. With the help of this system, retailer can do retail management with much ease. They can easily do daily works like billing, stock checking etc with a POS system. Retailers can easily buy a POS system online from numbers of web stores.

Watch official Trailer Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Official Trailer (HD)

After the success of 2007 movie “Ghost Rider”, now it is time for sequel of this movie “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”. The main cast of film includes Nicolas Cage, Ciarán Hinds and Idris Elba. This film is directed by Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor. This film is expected to release on 17th Feb, 2012. In this film, Johnny Blaze will again fight devil to save human beings. Below watch HD trailer of this movie. Powered with super action, we can expect much from this movie.

Watch HD trailer “The Amazing Spiderman”

Watch trailer of new Spiderman movie “The Amazing Spiderman”. It is first part of movie and with the help of this movie, people will again get chance to enjoy adventures of spiderman. This film is directed by Marc Webb and main cast Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan, Martin Sheen, Sally Field. This film is expected to release on July 3, 2012. Below, watch HD trailer of this movie to get glimpse of this movie.

Finding Best Life Insurance Plans

Today, life insurance has become an integral part of our life; therefore, large numbers of people opt for life insurance plans. Life insurance plans provide a great security cover from sudden bad situations life. Life insurance is great solution for living a relaxed life. However, it is very important to choose a good insurance plan so that we can hope for good returns. If you are looking for cd type annuities then it is better to compare other options. There are many websites available online which make it very easy for people to compare different insurance plans and buy a best insurance plan. With slight awareness, people can hope to buy a best insurance plan for their family.

Are we victim of our Ego?

I have seen great role of ego in every person’s life including me. Ego remains a strong part of every individual and it is very hard for any person to neglect its presence. However, there is a very negative side of ego which stops large numbers of people from thinking beyond a circle. Generally, people love and remain comfortable in situations (real or false) where they do not see any compromise with their ego pride.  This problem can go up to extent when people do not see right things and remain occupied with false believes. Most of people do not go beyond the barriers of their ego. If their ego tells its right then it is right, they have nothing to do with truth. To some extent, we all are victims of ego game which force us to believe something and do not believe the other thing.  The biggest disadvantage of this ego struggle is that many times, we make wrong decisions and repent later. We start blaming luck for our bad situation and circumstances; however, we never realiz

Real Victims of Bhanwari Devi Case (kand)?

From last few months, Bhanwari Devi Case of Rajasthan has got major limelight. This case is clear example of use of power and politics for personal advantage. As per the information, Bhanwari Devi was behind power and money so she made relationships with top political leaders and ministers of Rajasthan. She used her beauty to lure political leaders and make relationship with them. While she went very close to former Rajasthan minister Mahipal Maderna which resulted in the formation of a CD (popularly known as Bhanwari Devi Sex CD). Further available news tells that she was blackmailing Maderna for advantage. Finally, Bhanwari just disappeared from the scene, now believed dead. Already, all victims are in CBI custody and soon, we can expect breakthrough in this case. However, the major question present in front of us is that how a nurse from small town succeeded in making relationships with top political leaders and how our political leaders can go such down. This is very very sham

Success Mantra: Positive Thinking

All successful people in this world possess a great quality which helps them in achieving all goals of life. This great quality is positive thinking. Successful people always think positively and take every difficult situation as a lesson. Positive thinking helps a person to see new possibilities and work constantly to achieve new goals.  A positive thinker is a self-motivated person who drives motivation from all difficulties of life. While a negative thinker losses life battle even before starting a fight because his mind demotivates him to so much extent that he hardly find the mental and physical energy to do a task.  It is not true that luck always favors successful people, they also suffer many setbacks and face many difficult situations; however, their positive mental attitude always motivates them to move forward and achieve success in life. It is very hard for any person to become successful in life without having a positive frame of mind.  Our mind can be our g

Watch Bajaj RE60 (New World’s Smallest Car) Video

Today, Bajaj launched its first and smallest car of India RE60. Bajaj is a leading two wheeler maker in India and RE60 is first entry of Bajaj in to four wheeler segments. Bajaj tried to get attention for RE60 by launching it today two days before the start of auto expo. RE 60 is powered by 200 cc engine which generates 20 bhp powers. As per company, RE 60 has fuel efficiency of 35 kmpl which is highest in this segment and will definitely draw attention. RE 60 is a very environment friendly car because CO2 emission is very low. At present, there is no announcement on price; therefore, we are required to wait for some time to know exact price of RE 60. Below, people can watch Exclusive video of RE 60.

Assembly election 2012 and no hike in petrol prices

It looks that government of India do not want to take any risk by increasing prices of petrol before assembly election 2012. In next two month, five states of India will go for vote and any rise in petrol prices can put negative effect on voters. Congress lead UPA government does not want to take any risk. At present, it looks that Congress is likely to perform better in these elections and there is favorable ground for it. Therefore, any wrong step can create problem for Congress in this election. Congress is already blamed for massive rise in prices of eatables. In last year, we saw sharp increase in the prices of petrol. With weakness in Indian rupee against dollar, it is expected that we will see increase in price of petrol again. Earlier, petrol companies were to increase price of petrol price by 2 Jan, 2012; however, due to the announcement of election, government decided to postpone this decision. At present, we can thanks assembly elections

What you will call them car bikes or bike cars?

Numbers of times, we get chance to see many innovative products which succeed in getting our attention. Today, we all know this fact that traffic situation has become worse across the world and fuel prices are going out of hand. Therefore, we need some innovative products like shown in video below. These are innovative bikes with comfort of cars. In this car, we can get mileage of bike and comfort of car in one product. These bikes occupy very less space and people can drive them at a fast speed. To know more about them please watch complete video and decide that it is a car bike or bike car.

Watch an incredibly fast ATM Robbery Video

Below people can watch video of an incredibly fast ATM robbery which took less than one minute. Here thieves looked very professional and highly trained because they did this task with much ease. In last few years, ATM robberies have become very common across the world because it provide thieves an easy option to steal lot of money while taking very less risk. Many ATMs remain unguarded during night hours; thus, thieves try to exploit this situation for their advantage. It is important to create new security measure for the safety of ATMs so that ATMs can remain safe.

Golden opportunity in Silver Investment

Last year, we saw many records being made by gold prices. People who invested in gold last year saw great returns while silver also showed great returns. However, in last two months silver investment has become very attractive because silver prices have sky rocketed and provided even more returns than gold investments. Many experts believe that silver investment at present is likely to provide more returns than investments in gold alone. People can easily invest in silver by buying silver bullion bars. With investment in silver, people can hope to get rich returns in future. It is very important for all of us to invest in numbers of options to decrease risks and increase earning potential.

Watch Elephant playing water

I just came across this video of two elephants playing in water with each other. This video is shot in Cambodia where Elephants are found in abundance. Though, today their numbers are decreasing very fast; therefore, we need efforts from all to save them. Elephants are big and smart creatures of our world and it is very hard to imagine a world without them. If there are no elephants in future then we will never we able to see such beautiful plays by them.

Success Mantra- Doing important things first

One of most told success mantra is doing important things first. Large numbers of people know this open secret; however, very less numbers of people actually work on it. It is human tendency to run behind unnecessary things and avoid important things. It mainly happens because of lack of proper motivation or will to do a hard task for betterment; therefore, we remain indulged in easy and unnecessary tasks and waste our valuable time.  This is common story of many people who struggle to succeed in life. Success can only happen in life when we learn to work on priorities and avoid wasting our time. Successful people are mostly sharp on their goals and achievements; and they hardly miss anything because they are always working on completing important tasks. While unsuccessful people leave important tasks and waste their time in unimportant tasks.  It is very important for every person to clearly define his or her priorities and work in direction to complete them first. When we start

Watch Trailer (HD) Men In Black 3

Below watch trailer of forthcoming Hollywood movie “Men In Black 3”. This movie is third sequel of famous Men in Black series. This film is expected to release in mid of 2012 and we can hope that Men in Black 3 will be hit like its previous parts. The main cast of movie includes Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. This movie is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Story of Men in Black movies revolve around Aliens and their co-3xistence with human beings.

How much you like social media?

Every year, many new words enter our dictionary and become part of our life. Few years back, it started with revolutionary search engine google and now it is time of facebook and twitter. Today, it is very easy to find most of people on facebook from all age groups and many of these people can’t live without them. At present facebook following is very strong with more and more people joining it. Moreover, with time facebook is emerging with new methods and technique to engage people with it. Today, facebook and twitter like websites can be accessed with ease and for free of cost from most of mobile phones. Many people now like to send facebook updates or tweets to their friends then using SMS service from mobile operators. Main advantage with facebook and twitter is that we can send our messages in seconds to worldwide audience and all this at fraction of cost. For example, it cost me Rs 10 per minute to talk with my brother in law living in Australia through mobile phone; however

Amir Khan with his New born Son

Presently, Amir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao are happy because of their new born son Azad Rao Khan. Azad is just one month old and presently, he is love of both. According to Amir, he is so small that he does not recognize him. He is also said that he enjoys playing with him every day. Below, people can watch interview of Amir on this matter and picture of him with his new born son Azad.

Wasting Present for Past or Future

Problem with 90% of human beings is that they remain occupied with past or future worries so often that they totally forget about present time. In this way, they never get chance to live their present time properly. When we do not live our present life properly then we actually do not live our life properly because our past died much back in time and our future is still unseen; therefore, thinking mostly about past and future, we think about unnecessary and non existence beings.  While our present is our true identity and it remains available in our hands for fraction of seconds only. It is generally very difficult to understand and feel present because it moves very fast between past and future. Within a second our present moment become past and a new moment from future become present. This process continues for whole life; however, large numbers of people do not see present and drag in past and future. This circle is so fast and happens rapidly that anyone hardly get chance to re

Pictures of Green Fields and Village road

Below watch some of pictures of a village road and green fields around it. Sometimes, we do not give importance to many wonderful things around us; therefore, totally miss what they are saying or how beautiful they are? It is not important that we must be at a very popular place to enjoy its beauty; however, many times, we may be surprised by ordinary places. Therefore, it is important to remain open for all surprises present around us. I captured these pictures while on a short walk. These pictures show the beauty of villages in Punjab.

Easy Youtube Downloader Solution

We all know this fact that youtube is a great revolution in sharing videos online and it is number one service used for this purpose. We can easily find many amazing and interesting videos on youtube which we may like to download. Therefore, we need a solution or software to do so. Now, people can easily download all youtube videos in different formats with the help of youtube downloader . This solution is so simple that it takes a few seconds to download desired video from youtube . People are required to download this software and after download, a download icon will start appearing below all youtube videos. People are just required to click on this download button and select desired format to download any youtube video. This product is very simple and any person can use it. This software is available from trusted site which is regularly checked for virus and malware by Macefee and Norton. Therefore, people can trust this solution for easy downloads from youtube .

Watch Amazing and Wonderful Loins of Gir?

Loins of Gir forest are example of government’s efforts and human helping hand for saving our wildlife. Today, we can see many wonderful and amazing loins in Gir Forests. These creatures were recently video graphed while enjoying sun bath along the road. Loins are basically social animals and they live in groups. Many of Loins of Gir forests were found showing rare qualities like human beings. Below, people can watch short film on Gir Loins and example of their human like behavior.

No People’s Lokpal Bill? What we got?

Does people’s Lokpal bill will remain a distinct dream or there is any hope for it in 2012. In the beginning of New Year, we can ask this question. Last year, many people say a dream of making India corruption free with the help of people’s Lokpal bill. Many people believed that people’s lokpal bill is a strong instrument for bringing culprits behinds the bars and it can eradicate corruption from all systems. Though, people’s lokpal bill did not found acceptance in political setup of India and especially with government of India. Therefore, Indian government brought its own lokpal bill which many experts and common people believed as weak bill. Anna Hazare emerged as new hope for people and many people stood behind him during last year to put pressure on government for bringing a strong lokpal bill; however, government did what it thought best and give lokpal bill a new color. Just before the beginning of New Year, Anna Hazare stood up again to put pressure on government; however, t