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Watch Picture Tour of Taj Mahal (Beautiful Taj Pictures)

Below people can watch pictures of Taj Mahal and around it with the help of picture tour created by me. This video is serial wise collection of my pictures from recent Taj Mahal visit. With the help of this video, people can get some glimpse of amazing beaty of Taj Mahal. These pictures step by step lead a person from entry point to Taj Mahal. This video is great tool to discover Taj.

Video: How a person got saved in Road accident?

We all know this fact that driving on Indian roads is very dangerous act and here many people do not obey traffic rules while driving. For two wheeler drivers risks increases many times because direct impact of a heavy vehicle with a two wheeler can cause fatal injuries to a two wheeler driver. Below, I am sharing similar incident where a car smashed a bike rider though luck favored bike rider and he succeeded in saving his life from this fatal accident. In this accident, total mistake was of car driver who was driving very fast and taking wrong cut. 

Selfishness at the core of Human existence

Many times, we blame many people around us for being selfish with us; however, with time, I have realized in life that selfishness is present at the core of human existence and it shapes human existence. It is very difficult for us to imagine a world without having selfish people in it. Selfishness of each person motivates him or her to achieve specific goals and accomplishments in life. At core every person is a selfish being and we first look for our welfare first than for the others. We expect from others to behave selflessly; however, in reality when we ask for this then we are behaving ourselves in selfish manner. Our world is unique and moves forwards because selfishness motivates people to move forward leaving behind what is not important or not related to them. Selfishness is attached with human ego and it helps a person in shaping his or her own identity. In this world, every person is motivated by his self ego to do numbers of selfish acts to get what he feels important

Beautiful Happiness Quotes

Below, people can watch beautiful presentation of some interesting happiness quotes. These are very interesting quotes and we can learn to remain happy with the help of these quotes. I found this presentation very interesting so I am adding it here. Today, large numbers of people are finding it hard to remain happy; therefore, we can find positive motivation by watching this video.

To Live Happy Life

As per psychology, main desire of every person is to get happiness; therefore, we see a race in this world to find happiness. However, biggest question in front of all of us is that where we can find true happiness or do we truly know to distinguish between true happiness and temporary happiness. Large numbers of people in world fail to distinguish between true happiness and false happiness; they run behind false happiness and waste important time of life. Finally, these people land as sad people because they chased wrong things in life. To find true happiness in life, it is very important to chase right things in life so that we can find right happiness in life. Many times, life creates so confusing situations in front of us that we fail to see trueness of life and make wrong decisions. However, with some patience and wisdom, we learn to see true things in life and make right decisions related to life. Initially, we are required to struggle hard to get true happiness; however, true

Does Government of India is making life difficult for common Indians?

When we see at high prices of eatables and other essential products like petrol then we can understand that it has become very difficult for poor and middle class people to live comfortably in India. However, Government of India is totally blind to such difficulties of common people and it is further increasing prices of these essential items. Inflation has remained in double digit from the time of Congress government in centre. Today, it has become near to impossible for a person earning Rs 10000 to manage his household expenses in proper manner. Price hike is not restricted to some products only; however, prices of all essential products have gone up by 50 top 200 % in last few years. Though, earning potential of common people has not increased in similar proportion. Moreover, many experts believe that price hike to continue in similar manner in near future too; therefore, it will be very hard for common people to see any relief from this ghost of inflation. The biggest problem wi

Advantage of getting discounted products online

Today, internet has emerged as great tool in front of us to get great discounts and offers on many products. We can easily buy many products at good discounts by shopping online. Many online stores offers mega deals and discounts on major products which we do not find on regular retail stores in our neighborhood. For example, if you are looking for discount shoes then you can visit websites like where you can get amazing discounts on all major brands of shoes. Moreover, from time to time online stores offer many schemes and discounts to attract customer; therefore, we can save good money by getting advantage of these schemes. Online shopping has become very trustworthy and enjoyable experience in present world and we all can get advantage of this new trend.

Watch HD trailer multi starrer Hindi Film “Players”

Below, people can watch High definition official trailer of mega starrer Hindi Movie Players. It is an action thriller movie directed by famous director Abbas-Mustan. The main cast of film includes Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Omi Vaidya and Sikander Kher. Story of this film is based Hollywood hit film the Italian Job. This film is expected to release across the world in early 2012.

A Beautiful Sun Set from my Village Kanarag (Baijnath, Himachal)

Below, enjoy pictures of beautiful sunset over Palampur/Baijnath Valley in Himachal Pradesh. I have taken these pictures at end point of my village because from here we can easily see Baijnath Valley and Palampur Valley. This point makes very good sunset point because of its location and valley view. I hope to bring more pictures from this location in near future till then enjoy these pictures of beautiful sunset from my village Kanarag which is present in Baijnath Tehsil of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. 

Stress is Modern age silent killer

Today, we may boost of modernization in every sphere of life; however, sad part of this modernization is high level of stress in every part of life. The major side effect of stress is that it is a silent killer. Today’s life style has made us very busy that we hardly have few peaceful moments in our life. This busy and fast life leads to stress in life. This level of stress can vary from mild to intense depending on life conditions.  Condition of stress puts extra pressure on human mind and body; thus increasing chances of various ailments in body. Blood pressure is one common example of ailment caused by high level of stress in body. Similarly, high levels of stress in body increases chances of many deadly diseases many times. High levels of stress or constant stress can be very deadly because it causing major health problems; therefore, it is very important to work in direction to eradicate or reduce stress from our lives if we want to live a healthy and happy life.  There