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Toyota Etios Liva in India (Video)

Yesterday, Toyota launched its small car Etios Liva in India market which is priced Rs 3,99,000 - Rs 5,99,000. With launch of Liva, competition is this segment is likely to intensify because of presence of dozen of other cars. The main competition of Etios Liva will be with Maruti Swift, Ford Figa, Tata Indica, Fait Punto, Hyundai i10/i20, Chevrolet Beat etc. Etios Liva comes with 1197 cc, 3NR-FE, Gasoline, 4-Cylinder 16V, DOHC engine which looks strong in first look. Company claims that Liva gives mileage of 18.31kmpl in petrol version. Toyota’s slogan for Liva is “Live Tomorrow today”. Company also claims torque of 1200 rmp for initial acceleration of Liva. First Look of Tyota Etios Liva is very impressive and there are good chances that Liva will make a separate market for itself in coming days. To get glimpse of Toyota Liva, people can watch official video of Toyota Liva.

Understand importance of Time before it’s too late

It is very important for every person to understand importance of time and utilize it in best possible way because in future, we may not have same buffer time in our hands which we used to enjoy today. Mostly, when we start life or in early years of life, it looks to us that we have plenty of time in our hands and we can postpone many important works to later days. However, time moves very fast, mostly much faster than our expectations; therefore, soon we find ourselves in situation of time scarcity. Time is very valuable asset and it is needed to be used very wisely so that we can convert time in hand in to a useful output. Here generally comes the role of time management because time is limited and we can only manage our time to get best results. As we progress in life, we feel constraint of time and we find it hard to manage it well. Most of people fail in time management and they are dragged by situations of life. Time Management is great art and successful use of this art can op

Life is Challenging

Life is a great challenging journey which takes many tests of people. We face numbers of hard situations and challenges in our life which sometimes, look hard to crack. We can also say that life takes our tests and surprise us with sudden difficult situations. These challenges of life take true test of capabilities of a person and his inner strengths. Large numbers of people surrender before these challenges and difficult situations while few face them boldly. World only recognize people who show exceptional skills and emerge winners while facing such difficult situations. Though, success or failure sometimes may not be in our hands however, it is very important to give our full efforts so that we may succeed or our efforts got recognized by others. There are many examples in history where many unsuccessful men and women are praised for their glory and hard efforts. Every person goes on facing challenges of life till he is alive and breathing; though intensity of these challenges m

Watch Toyota Corolla Altis Launch Video

Below, watch launch video of Toyota’ Corolla Altis Sedan. Toyota launched this car with slogan of “Genius inside. Gorgeous outside”. Corolla Altis comes with new Dual VVT-i engine and Super CVT-i with 7-speed Sequential Shiftmatic which are likely to increase performance of new Corolla. People get new features like touch screen DVD audio, smart entry, new meter etc. The new variant of Corolla Altis will be sold in capital in the price range of Rs 10.53 lakh to Rs 14.77 lakh and Rs 11.46 lakh to 14.55 lakh in petrol and diesel variants respectively.

Punjab Assembly Election 2012

In the beginning of 2012, Punjab state of India is all set to witness Assembly Election. Still there are six to eight months remaining for this election; however, high powered election campaigns have started with ruling party and opposition trying to attract people of Punjab in their favor. Present ruling government in Punjab is of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) alliance which came to power in 2007 Assembly Election by defeating previous Congress government. The two main political parties of Punjab are Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress and main election fight always remain between these parties. Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) does have considerable presence in certain belts of Punjab; though it mainly works as supporting party for Akali Dal. Punjab is one of vibrant and culturally rich state of India with one of highest numbers of NRIs in India. Main occupation of people of Punjab is agriculture with good presence of industry. Punjab which was once most affluen

Finally Aishwarya Rai is pregnant

Millions of fans of Aishwarya Rai, a famous India actress, were expecting this news from last four years that Aishwarya will become a mother soon; however, today they got this news that their famous film actress is expecting a baby. Aishwarya Rai married famous Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachan on 20th April 2007. Even within few months after their marriage, media was full of many such speculations; however, tomorrow all speculations came to end when Amitabh Bachan father of Abhishek Bachan posted on his twitter account that Aishwarya is Pregnant and he is very happy.  Aishwarya Rai is older than Abhishek Bachan by 2 yrs and 2 month and she is now 37 years old. This is great news for Bachan family and all Bachan family fans that they will soon see a new Bachan. So for, no further news is available on this topic and people are required to wait for some time to learn about all details. All fans and well wishers of Aishwarya, Abhishek, Amitabh and Bachan family are sending their best wish

Design Story of Nokia N9 (Pictures, Video and First Look)

Everyone knows this fact that market share of Nokia is decreasing rapidly; therefore, Nokia needs to do some hard efforts to restore its lost reputation. To fight back, Nokia has made many changes in its handset designs and usability. In few days, Nokia is going to introduce dual SIM mobile phones. This is totally reverse of early Nokia’s policy to make only single SIM handsets. Moreover, to make its position strong in smart phone segment, Nokia is shortly going to launch Nokia N9 (a totally touch screen phone). Below, people can watch video and pictures of Nokia N9 which highlight various features of this smart Nokia. In this design Story, people will come to learn that how present design of Nokia N9 came in to existence. Nokia N9 is based on easiness to swipe and use handset for daily use. First of Nokia N9 is very impressive and we can hope for success of this handset in market.

From Lakhpati to Crorepati with Saving

Mostly, we think that we need to earn lots of money for becoming extremely rich; however, we mostly miss vital ingredient for becoming rich. This vital ingredient is good habit of saving. Saving has great power in it to increase our wealth many times and completing many of our dreams. I know one of my friends who first become Lakhpati with the help of habit of saving and now slowly, his saving and wealth is going to make him crorepati soon. My friend saved hard when my other friends did not give any importance to saving. Today with his habit of saving, he has two plots worth Rs 25 Lakhs and a good house. He used to save 30 to 70% of his earning depending on circumstances which may look impossible to many. After accumulating good saving after two to three years, he used to invest his savings in to land or gold. With time, price of land and gold has increased many times so his wealth has also increased many times. Amazing thing about him is that he was employment with moderate salary o

Are we heading towards World economic crisis?

Today, if we see around then we can clearly see a big economic crisis coming our way. Half of world nations are facing revolt by common people because of increasing prices, unemployment and poor living conditions. Remaining half of world nations are finding it very hard to remain on track of sustainable economical growth. Prices of essential food items have increased rapidly around the world; thus making it hard for billions of ordinary people to eat healthy diet. Almost every nation of world is facing acute condition of unemployment. Overall, there is great restlessness among ordinary people across the world where people are finding it hard to remain calm; therefore, we are seeing great protests by ordinary people to change governments or to change corrupt leaders. Our world mainly runs on oil energy; however, crude oil prices are making new records; thus derailing growth story of many nations. 80% of world governments are corrupt and 50% of governments have lost faith of people.

Watch Trailer movie Politics of Love

Below watch trailer of Malika Sherawat’s forthcoming Hindi Hollywood movie “Politics of Love”. The main cast of film includes Brian J. White, Mallika Sherawat and Loretta Devine. The story of film is inspired from a real love story which got publicity during election campaign of present US President Barack Obama. This film is directed by William Dear.

Major fall in Indian stock Market

Today, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) saw fall of 363 points and it closed at 17506. National Stock Exchange saw fall of 108 points and it closed at 5257. This is a major crash in Indian stock market which shows decreasing trust of investors on stock market. In last few days, Indian stock market has seen constant decrease because of bad economical results, increasing crude oil prices and global pressure. This trend is likely to continue for coming few months unless we see recovery in major sectors of economy. Many countries of world are facing acute economical crisis and it is very hard for India to sustain high economical growth in this scenario. Most of world is affected by inflation, unemployment, poverty; thus in such atmosphere it is near to impossible to sustain a good growth because industries can only sell their items or services to people who are capable of buying them. It is becoming costlier and costlier day by day to get loan because governments want to control inflation;

Do we truly want welfare of our regional languages?

Recently, Baba Ramdev started agitation against black money and through this agitation; he also raised voice against massive use of English language in our system. In past too many people have raised such voices and advocated use of local or regional language in main stream. These efforts have yielded some results and many state governments now strictly follow local languages in daily official activities. This action of many state governments is very encouraging and it gives some life to regional languages. However, in present metro culture and in upper class of society, we hardly find acceptance of local or regional languages. Local or regional languages have become political symbols than real agendas. It is very hard to revive local or regional languages in India unless we make our younger generation familiar with such languages.  Regional or local languages are alive in our society because people living in villages have deeper link with them and they are real caretakers of such

Comfortable sitting

Every person wants to enjoy comfortable sitting because it provide a great pleasure. For comfortable sitting, we can find many varieties of chairs in market and online. It is important to buy a comfortable chair so that people can sit on them for long time and enjoy their conversations. One of popular and comfortable chairs available in market and online are wooden Adirondack chairs. These foldable chairs provide a comfortable experience and they come in many stylish looks. It is very easy to buy such chairs online and most of such products come with replacement warranty. By buying Adirondack chairs, people can get many amazing discounts and guarantees. People can easily enjoy benefit for online buying for comfortable shopping experience.

Watch Trailer of Movie “Aarakshan”

Below watch trailer of Prakash Jha's forthcoming Hindi movie “Aarakshan”. The main cast of film includes Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. This film is directed by Prakash Jha. Movie Aarakshan is expected to release on August 12, 2011. As main suggests, movie Aarakshan is made on the background of Aarakshan struggle in India. This film is likely to clear many facts related to Aarakshan and Aarakshan politics in India.

I should control my life

One of major reason of frustrations among millions of people is that they do not have control over their lives. Means they can’t do independently what they want to do or experience. Human life start with many restrictions put by parents, society, culture, nation, religion etc. Thus because of such restriction on various dimensions of life, a common person finds it hard to live a life as he wants. When someone tries to break these restrictions and live his life as per his free will then he faces hard rejections by people concerned. Every Human being is a social animal and it is hard for it to live alone or take actions which are disapproved by society. Due to such concerns, many people live a restricted life where they do not have full control over their lives. In this pleasing attitude towards concerns of others, people sometimes miss their true potential or identity which leads to frustrations in them. When we have control over our life then we can live it on our own terms which

Its inner peace which matters most in life

Mostly, we run behind unimportant objects or situations in life because at that time we rate them important part of our life; however, after some struggles in life or with passage of time, we realize that there is nothing important for us as inner peace. All successes and achievements of life fail at some point to please us and there arises a need for inner tranquility. When we are in peace with our inner self then we can remain calm and happy under all situations. Life is very tempting and our wisdom makes life further complex for us. It is very difficult to be a wise in this world because there is so much to learn and experience in world that no one can become truly wise. Generally, people start believing themselves wise after attaining some knowledge or gaining some success. Soon people realize that knowledge attained by them is not useful enough to support their decisions or success gained by them is no more relevant. At this stage, only inner peace can provide help to us and