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Enjoy first interview of Sachin Tendulkar (1989)

Below, people can enjoy first and exclusive video of first ever interview of Sachin Tendulkar recorded on 19 Jan, 1989. This is very rare video and most of Sachin fans will love to watch this video. In this interview, young Sachin is telling about his desires and ambitions. Sachin Looks very confident and visionary in this video. Today, Sachin Tendulkar is a legend in cricket world and every record of cricket book is registered on his name. Sachin is still playing and making new records; therefore, today it looks very interesting to listen to this young Sachin. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

Personal Space

Every person has a personal space and we all like our person space. No person likes that someone violates his personal space; however, many times numbers of people violate our personal space and make us uncomfortable. It is very important for every person to understand this fact that every person has a personal space and he feels threatened or unhappy when other people violate his personal space. If we are looking for a strong relationship then it is important for us to not ignore personal space of others. Understanding personal space of others helps us in learning about comfortable level of these people. When people start becoming comfortable with us then we can easily hope to have a comfortable relationship with them; however, if we make them uncomfortable then we cannot have good relationships with them. Respecting other’s personal space is one key factor in making good relations with them. 

Please do not change me

We find many people in this world who are only interested in changing us. Many of these people remain present in our close relationships like husband-wife relationships, brother-sister relationships etc. In general, no person wants to change and generally, we do not like those people who want to change us. Due to this reason, many times our relations with these people start becoming spoiled. We can easily live happily with any person if he never tries to change us; however, it is near impossible to live with a person who always finds faults with us and tries to change us. No person is perfect in this world and we all hate to listen to our shortcomings repeatedly; therefore, when someone who is not perfect himself tries to teach us then we feel very humiliated and become agitated. Many people fail in making good relations because they only irritate people with their talks. No one likes such people around him; therefore, such problematic relationships die very fast. Sometimes, people ask

End of Life

Two days back, my grandmother died because of a massive stroke, it was a very painful moment for whole family and it is impossible for us to come out of this grief ever. I will always pray to god that her soul should get good place in heaven. Life of every person comes to an end and with this end this person becomes a part of many memories. It is very important for every person to understand this fact that we all have to die. Any person who remembers this fact will never do any harm to any person. Good people are always remembered by many people after their death because of their good works. Second important learning from life is that life is very small and it passes away very fast; therefore, it is important to do or say early what we want to say or do. Sometimes, we take lot of time in doing numbers of things or in saying good words to others. Time once lost never comes back; therefore, it is important to live our life to fullest potential so that we should not regret anything when t

Review TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) stay arrangements in Tirumala

Recently, I stayed in one of guest houses run by TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) in Tirumala. I did online booking for a single room under Rs 500 under category from their online booking website After reaching Tirumala, I did not get any problem in getting a room and system was very smooth so I got room allotment in just 5 minutes. Rooms under this category are average and can accommodate 5 people. In these rooms, TTD provide two beds with full bedding, two chairs and attached bathroom with Geyser. Room was clean when I entered my room; however, geyser in bathroom was not working plus pillows were not completed clean. Otherwise, it was one of best and economical arrangement available in front of people for stay in Tirumula. Rooms are available in the category of Rs 100, Rs 150, Rs 300, Rs 500 (non AC) and Rs 750, Rs 1000, Rs 3000 (AC). All these rooms can be easily booked online by visiting TTD online booking website ( People from nort

How to reach Tirupati Balaji from New Delhi ?

People can reach Tirupati Balaji from New Delhi by Rail or air route. Air India offer direct flight to Tirupati from New Delhi by Hyderbad (Flight No. IC 942)and Indian Railway do have direct rail service from New Delhi to Tirupati. Alternatively, people also follow New Delhi-Chennai and later Chennai-Tirupati route. Tirupati is just 150 KM away from Chennai and people can find regular 10 minutes bus service between Tirupati and Chennai. Passenger train service is available between Tirupati and Chennai and vice versa. KERALA EXPRESS (2626) is daily train from New Delhi to Tirupati and there are few weekly trains too available between New Delhi and Tirupati.  Good air connectivity is available between Hyderabad and Tirupati; therefore, people can first come to Hyderabad from New Delhi and later Hyderabad to Tirupati. Tirumala where main temple is situated is just 22 KM away from Tirupati and TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) run very-2 economical bus service to and fro between Triupa

Taxi (Cab) service in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) Celcabs

Last month, I was in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) capital city of Indian state Kerala. Here I used safe and economical Taxi service with the name of Celcabs. I stayed in ginger Hotel and on enquiry; they told me that it will cost Rs 450 for reaching airport through Taxi arranged by them. However instead I called 04712453553 (alternate no. 047160609090) number of celcabs and booked a Taxi (cab) for myself from Ginger Hotel to Trivandrum airport. Driver of Taxi reached 10 minutes before time and it cost me just Rs 220 only to reach airport by using this service. I used this service to visit numbers of famous places across Trivandrum and it was a very pleasant and good experience for me. This service is very good alternative for people who are visiting Trivandrum for first time. Celcabs offer a reliable and economical solution in front of people to move around Trivandrum. There service is very fast and people get immediate messages about their booking and billed amount; therefore, peop

Taxi service in Kanyakumari (Cabs)

People who want to get a good taxi service in Kanyakumari then they can contact our trusted taxi service operator in Kanyakumari Mr Anand Mob no- 09791718813. Mr Anand operator numbers of taxis in Kanyakumari and he also provide Trivandrum airport Taxi pick up. During my Kanyakumari visit I used his Taxi service and I am completely satisfied with his services. Mr Anand Knows Hindi, English and Tamil; therefore, people can easily contact him for any taxi service related queries. He can also provide help in Kanyakumari and Trivandrum Hotel booking including Kerala Ayurvedic Message centres and back water boating. He can also provide help in arranging visit to many Kanyakumari nearby places which are less explored by tourists. Taxi Service Kanyakumari - Mr Anand 09791718813 (Can give my reference Arvind Katoch)

Beautiful pictures of Stray Dogs

Generally, stray dogs are not looked nicely in our society and very less numbers of people show any respect for them. Stray dogs are also beautiful creature of god and they also need our help. Below, I am sharing few beautiful pictures of these stray dogs taken by me. In these pictures, people can enjoy beauty of these creatures. I also want to request all reader to show sympathy towards stray dogs and help them with food and necessary supplies.

Too much of expectations

I have seen it in many people’s life that too much of expectation starts killing main adventure of their lives and turn them in to sad personalities. It simply depends on us that how much we should expect from others? It is very easy to expect more and more from others; however, it is also important to first satisfy their expectations. When we expect from people then other people also expect from us. In this way, we find ourselves in ever increasing circle of expectations. It is important for every person to learn that too much of expectation from any relationship can ultimately break this relationship. Therefore, it is important to go with care in these relations and avoid too much of expectations from a relation. Mostly, it matter more that how much we give first to a relation instead of asking and generally, we also receive same response from other person positive or negative depending on what we give to him. People who know the importance of giving never ask for unnecessary things

Some odd couples of Bollywood 2001-10

Below, people can watch some odd pairing of Bollywood stars with each other in 2009-10. Some of these pairings worked well in films like Wake up Sid of Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen and in other films like Pyaar Impossible of Priyanka and Uday failed. In video available below, people can learn about such more pairs.

Turing wrong decisions right

Many times, we all take numbers of wrong decisions or our right decisions turn out to be wrong with time. One option available in front of us is to accept these decisions which will only lead to failure and bad feeling. While on the other hand, we can again work hard to turn these wrong decisions in to right ones. It is possible for us to fix numbers of such matters and convert them in to successful affairs. Our wrong decisions teach us numbers of lessons and we can learn from these lessons to improve our decision making power. Life always provides us with numbers of fixtures to fix old problems. There is no person in this world who does not take wrong decisions; therefore, nothing is to worry about wrong decisions taken by us. Instead of worrying, we need new methods to again succeed and convert our wrong decisions in to right ones. Many examples are present in this world where numbers of people have seen numbers of failures because of their wrong decisions and still people have emerg

Starting a good love relation

Love is a beautiful emotion present in world and every person highly desire to have this emotion in his life. Love knocks at every person's door; however, very less numbers of people actually succeed in opening their closed doors for love and to start a love relation. Like other relationships, love is also very delicate relation present in our world and people need lot of care in handling this relationship. Any love relationship has great powers stored in it and it can easily transform any person's life in good way. Therefore, it is very important for every person to have a love relation in life so that he can understand meaning of life and love. True love helps people in understanding their hidden potentials and powers. First step to start a good love relation is to open our closed arms for new people and create a strong relation of trust with them. Second step is continuous work on this relationship to make it a strong love relationship. Generally, it is very easy to have a g

Enjoy Romantic Valentine’s Day Dance

Below, people can enjoy very romantic dance by young couple for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, across the world will celebrate this day of love by expressing their love fully. Dance provides a great opportunity in front of people to express their love; therefore, we can easily get help of dance for expressing our love emotions. Also visit Thoughts on Valentine’s Day Untold story of Saint Valentine’s Day and History Valentine’s Day in India

Pictures Jai Mata Di Club 9 Ludhiana Shani Dev and Kali Temple Free Seva

Below, people can watch some pictures of today’s free service done by Jai Mata di Club 9 members at Shani Dev and Kali Temple in Ludhiana. In pictures you can see members of club Deepak Mishra, Sandeepji, Sameer Sachdeva and Arvind Katoch. Our club organise numbers of religious activities and do various free services including every Saturday free Seva at Shani and Kali Mata temples respectively. We do also offer helping hand to various religious and social activities, for any help people can contact our President Mr Sumit Joshi Mob no 9357170467, 9501070467 or alternatively you can contact me through contact link available above.

My name is Khan- A good film (Movie Review)

With movie “My name is Khan”, Shahrukh Khan has again beautifully presented various problems faced by Muslims in USA after 9/11 attacks. Story of film revolves around Rizvan Khan played by Shahrukh Khan who suffers from Asperger's syndrome. Due to this syndrome, it becomes difficult for Shahrukh Khan to make social interactions and express himself fully. However with time, Rizwan not only overcomes his problem but also presents a good example of loving Muslim in front of world who wants to see every person on this earth happy. Kajol has played main lead role opposite Shahrukh in this film and their chemistry has again worked well. Overall, we can rate this film as a good film which not only entertains us but also presents a good example of love and sacrifice in front of us. The message of this film is that we cannot achieve anything with hatred and love is only option available in front of us to make happy world around us. 9/11 attacks have not only killed thousands of innocent peo

Official trailer movie “Raajneeti”

Below, people can watch official trailer of forthcoming movie “Raajneeti”. Katrina kaif is playing lead role in film as female politician of India. Other cast of film includes Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Arjun Rampal, Vivek Oberoi, Nana Patekar and Manoj Bajpai. This film will be released on 28 May, 2010.

Where is real happiness?

From many years, I have seen many people making numbers of claims about real happiness. Some people tell us to find it in happy married life, some tell to find it in career achievements or some tell to find it in social work or religion. However, nobody is able to tell exactly that where we can definitely find real happiness because real happiness is not dependent on all these factors. Real happiness is something which has routes inside all of us; and, a real happiness can widely vary for person to person. Therefore, it becomes very important to search for our own version of real happiness. We may wonder from one place to other or from one relation to other; however, this real happiness starts and ends from inside us only. There is no real happiness available for us in outside world. We seek for real happiness from other people who are also seeking for real happiness from us. Therefore, we all are only seeking real happiness, now people who are also seeking real happiness can’t give it

When BSNL will improve its services

There are few questions in this world which have no answer like when BSNL will improve its services because some adamant people in BSNL do not want to see BSNL growing. BSNL offers numbers of services in India including mobile, landline, broadband, 3G etc; however, quality standards of numbers of these services are much poorer as compared to other private players. Problems like Call failing, call drops are commonly faced by millions of BSNL mobile users. Same situation we can find with BSNL broadband and 3G services. The main problem with BSNL is lack of good service to customers. People become mad after visiting BSNL offices again to solve their trivial problems. We use BSNL broadband service in Hoshiarpur Punjab because in Hoshiarpur, there is no good alternate available for broadband connection; therefore, here large numbers of people depend on BSNL for broadband connection. In last two years, we faced numbers of problems associated with BSNL broadband connection and visited BSNL ma

Pictures Kerala Backwater Boating Part one

Below, people can enjoy part one of pictures from my recent visit of Indian state of Kerala. Kerala is one of very beautiful states of India and it is famous for number of things like Backwater boating. In Kerala, people can enjoy backwater boating through numbers of interconnected small canals of fresh water. Through backwater boating, people can understand importance of these small backwater canals on Kerala lifestyle. Lot of people live around these canals and use them for transportation, bathing, cleaning, washing and numbers of other things. During Kerala visit it is almost must to enjoy backwater boating experience. Click on Picture to see it in Large size Pictures taken by Arvind Katoch

Complexity of New relations

We all enter in to many new relationships throughout our life and face their complexities. Whenever we enter into a new relationship then people from both sides expect more from other side and due to this reason we start facing complexities of relations. Mostly, people only give importance to their own needs and do not think about others; therefore, we see high levels of stress and strain in these relational. Sometimes, these stresses and strains become so hard that they start threatening existence of our relations. It is hard to imagine any relation without these complexities and nobody can clearly solve these problems. We all are required to face these complex situations tactfully and come at some solution which is acceptable to all. If we fail in handling these complex situations then our relationships also fail. Complexities will be always present in our life and it is important to face them and not run away from them.

Shahid Kapur and Pankaj Kapur to work together

According to latest news film start Shahid Kapur and his father Pankaj Kapur will be seen in one movie. So far, Shahid and his father Pankaj Kapur have never worked together. They will be seen together in film Mausam in which Pankaj Kapur will also show his directorial skills. Hopefully fans of Shahid and Pankaj Kapur will love this pair in single film.

Saving Indian Tigers

Today, there are only 1411 tigers left in India and if nothing is done by us then no tiger will be present in Indian forests soon. Government of India has taken numbers of steps to ensure safety of Indian tigers; however, these efforts are not enough for conserving these animals. Tigers look very dangerous to us due to their killing nature but they are as innocent as other animals in forest. Tigers do not want to harm human beings; however, human greed is shrinking their natural homes. Number 1411 is very alarming and any further decrease in this number will cause great harm for Indian tigers. Indian people may have numbers of other problems back home; however, this matter need immediate attention of all of us. If any how we failed in saving our tigers then it will be a big shame for all of us. Hopefully, more and more numbers of people will come forward to support this cause and in creating awareness about this matter. Tiger is our national animal and if he is not safe in India then h

Safety of good through courier service in India

Recently, I sent a pen drive to my friend in Varanasi through DTDC courier and hoped that it will be delivered to him safely; however, today I learned that it was stolen by DTDC courier employees during journey. Now, it is hard to exactly pin point that where pen drive has got stolen during its journey; however, it has become clear to me that how unsafe it is to send any valuable item through courier services like DTDC in India. Tomorrow, I will complain about this matter to higher DTDC authorities and ask for some action against these people. If a just Rs 300 item is not safe through courier than what we can expect for higher value items. People who stole pen drive were so professional that they repacked packet in similar way so that nobody should detect this wrong work. It is very important for courier services like DTDC to add some mechanism is their system so that no other person in future should face similar problems.