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Problem caused by Cheap Chinese Handsets without IMEI numbers

From tomorrow, all cheap Chinese mobile handsets with no IMEI number or with faulty IMEI number will stop working. Government of India has given option to all these handset owners to get new IMEI numbers for all these handsets if they want them to work after today. Therefore, today many of these designated shops for validating IMEI numbers saw huge rush as people started to get multiple SMSs from their mobile operators to get new IMEI number or saw discontinuation of service. This whole issue caused lots of problems to many common people who bought these sets without having any knowledge of this problem. It was duty of government to first completely stop import of such handsets to India so that they should not be available in Indian market but government did not took any step or took late steps. Millions of such sets were available in almost every city of India just one month back and these shopkeepers were selling them by faking their IMEI numbers. Innocent people without having any s

Review Kingfisher/Kingfisher Red Airline

Kingfisher is one of the premium Airlines from India and people can find many luxury items included in their flights. Kingfisher operates domestic flights in India with two different names of Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red. Kingfisher Red is economical airline service from Kingfisher which covers small metro cities and tourist destinations. For major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc where large numbers of people travel every day, Kingfisher operate its Kingfisher Class for economy Class passengers and Kingfisher First for Business class passengers. These planes have world class in-flight entertainment system with live TV channels and FM radio stations and they also offer complementary meal on these flights whereas Kingfisher Red flights generally do not have in-flight entertainment system and meal is also general as compared to other class. It was fine experience for me to travel on both these options of Kingfisher Airlines. Food was fine in Kingfisher Class flig

Video of Shilpa Shetty’s reception party

Below, people can watch video of Shilpa Shetty’s reception party. Shilpa Shetty married famous businessman Raj Kundra recently. Numbers of big personalities from Bollywood and business world were present on this occasion. Both Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty were looking very exciting about this reception party.

Always connected with internet

Today, we live in a world where we are always connected with people around us and major thanks go to internet for making it possible. With the help of high speed internet and various social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc, we can easily remain in contact of our friends and family members. Moreover, many new websites and applications are coming in front of us every day for making our communication easier with others. Many people around the world are utilising these features for their maximum gain by making good network of friends online. Online we can easily interact with N numbers of people and share our views with them. Similarly, we can also find many like minded people who share same views like us. Future also indicates towards an always connected world where every person will be connected with billions of people through these social networking platforms. Internet has already become a huge success among young population of world and slowly it is becoming a nee

Nice Time spent with friends

It is very hard for any person to forget good and nice time spent with friends. Every person in this world has few friends and every person likes to spend more and more time with his friends because our friends help us in enjoying our lives. It is hard for any person to celebrate good moments of his life alone and we need good friends for celebrating these moments. It is very important to have some true friends in life because it is very hard to enjoy and live life without true friends. These friends make it very easy for us to have all funs of life. In true friendship every friend supports other friend thus we create a very good circle of trust around us. With unity, we also become strong and nobody tries to unnecessary mess with us. Life is only made of numbers of good memories only and large numbers of these memories are created by our friends. Our friends make us happy and help us in difficult time; similarly, we also do the same. It is important in life to open up and make friends

How to reach Port Blair from New Delhi (Flight Detail)

In this post, people can find all available information on flying from New Delhi Domestic Airport (IGI 1D) to Port Blair Vir Savarkar Airport. Presently, there are two options available with people to fly from New Delhi to Port Blair but none of them is actually a direct flight. JetLite operates flights between New Delhi and Port Blair by Kolkata and Kingfisher operates flights to Port Blair by Chennai. Jet Lite Flight departs at 6:15 AM from New Delhi and it reaches Kolkata at 8:20 AM after 2h and 5 minutes of journey. It departs from Kolkata to Port Blair at 9:10 AM reaches Port Blair at 11:10 AM. Cost of tickets of Jet Lite flight from New Delhi to Port Blair can vary from Rs 11000 to Rs 15000 depending on availability of tickets and date of booking. This flight can be considered as only direct flight between New Delhi and Port Blair because it takes a short break at Kolkata Airport for 50 minutes. Kingfisher do connects people to Port Blair from New Delhi by its New Delhi- Chenna

Video of Makeup of Amitabh Bachan for movie Paa

Presently, Amitabh Bachan is in news for his child appearance in forthcoming movie “Paa”. It took hours to makeup artists to do makeup of Amitabh Bachan. Makeup artists from Hollywood are specially called to do this extraordinary makeup. After complete makeup, it was very hard for any person to recognize Amitabh Bachan. This film is expected to release in December month. Below, people can watch how makeup of Amitabh Bachan is done for movie “Paa”.

Watch Katrina Kaif’s pictures in Sari?

Katrina kaif is no doubt one of the most beautiful actresses from Cine world. Katrina Kaif look beautiful in every dress which she wears; however, she looks more beautiful in Sari. Therefore, we see Katrina Kaif in Sari in many Bollywood films. Below, people can enjoy collection of pictures of Katrina Kaif in Sari. After watching this video, people can watch see this difference.

Why to avoid Criticism?

If any person looks back in bad memories of his life then he will definitely remember some sharp criticisms among his other bad memories. This fact is true for every person in this world because nobody like sharp criticisms and often we remember these criticisms for long time even up to our death beds. These criticisms hurt people so much that they never forget people who criticized them. Recently, I became witness to a real act where a woman took revenge of thirty year old criticism by finding an opportunity to criticize the same person who criticized her thirty years back. Why to go any far away even some times, I also plan or wish to give strong reply to people who criticized me. This story is true for every person because nobody likes sharp and unwanted criticisms from few self obsessed people who think that they are most intelligent people on this world. It is important to remember that nobody wants to commit mistakes but mostly we commit them because we learn in this way. Second,

Violence and Democracy

Generally, democracy and violence do not support each other but often few antisocial people try to use violence for justifying their wrong acts. This fact is also true for India where we commonly see use of violence by such people to express their power. India is a democracy; therefore here, there is no place for violence but from last many years our successive governments have failed to stop such acts because they have also remained indulged in such acts e.g. anti Sikh riots under the leadership of Congress party which have governed India for most of times after independence. We can find such examples in every political party of India which has used violence for securing its hidden agendas. In such cases, our police also work in biased way by helping parties in power. It is shame for democratic country like India that violence is still present in our society even after so many years of independence. Divide among people also contribute to such problems because some people only think ab

Pictures Chennai Vacation

Below, I am going to share few pictures from my recent Chennai visit. Chennai is one of vibrant and modern city of India and it is growing fast. Anybody can feel mixture of growth and old tradition in Chennai by visiting here. In Chennai, I visited few temples, main markets, Anna University and famous beach. The only problem, I faced in Chennai is super hot temperature of city even in the month of November. Chennai city looked mush cleaner to me as compared to other Northern Indian cities, which is a good point of Chennai. Overall, it was a great experience for me to visit Chennai and explore its beauty for first time. Pictures by Arvind Katoch Click on Image to See in Large Size. Reply to Me here Share on Express Your Thoughts

Pictures of Andaman Nicobar vacation Day Four

Below, people can enjoy pictures of day four of my recent Andaman Nicobar visit. On day four, I visited Baratang area of Middle Andaman where I got chance to see a live mud volcano, limestone caves and some Jarawa tribes on way. On day four, I got chance to see inner parts of Andaman and its beautiful and dense forests. Andaman and Nicobar islands offers many unique destinations in front of us to explore and I hope that many people will enjoy this beauty in near future. ALso visit- Pictures of Andaman Nicobar vacation Day One Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Two Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Three (Havelock Island Visit For more Detailed Pictures and Videos of Andaman and Nicobar Pictures by Arvind Katoch

Validate IMEI numbers of Chinese Handsets and Get new valid IMEI numbers

Finally, government of India and Dot has decided to stop use of all Chinese made handsets in India which do not have unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. From 1st December all such handsets will stop working because all mobile operators across India are asked to stop services to such handsets. IMEI number is a unique 15 digit identification number assigned to each mobile handset device and it is possible to track a mobile number with the help of this unique IMEI numbers. In last few years, many cheap Chinese handsets have entered in India which either do not have any IMEI number or they have cloned or duplicate IMEI numbers. All handsets with no IMEI number or with duplicate or cloned numbers will come under this ruling and will become idle from 1st December, 2009. To check IMEI number of your handset type *#06# on mobile keypad and soon a 15 digit long unique number will appear on your mobile screen. This 15 digit unique identification is IMEI number of your

Review Radio Taxi service Delhi and Chennai

Recently, I got chance to use Radio Taxi services available in Delhi and Chennai. Radio Taxi service makes it very easy for people to arrange a Taxi at particular place and at particular time by just calling Radio Taxi call center. Mostly Various Radio Taxi services charge Rs 15 per Kilometer plus extra waiting charges if any. Radio Taxi service has made life of many people easy; however, I recently observed that does they are charging fairly to its customers or they are taking advantage of ignorance of people. After traveling through Radio cabs of Megacabs service in Delhi, I observed that they are charging two different rates for same distance and even taking longer route to reach a location. Driver of Megacabs charged Rs 250 to reach Airport while on return its other driver charged just Rs 125 for same distance. On other instance another Megacabs driver took long distance to reach New Delhi railway station. While on the other hand, I had fine experience in Chennai despite language b

Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Three (Havelock Island)

Below, people can find day three pictures of my recent Andaman Nicobar vacations. Third Day, I visited beautiful Havelock Island. This island is situated slightly away from main Andaman Islands. People can reach Havelock Island through ship and regular ship service run between Port Blair and Havelock. It cost Rs 190 for non AC ship cabins and Rs 240 for AC ship cabins. People can catch these ships from Port Blair Port. It takes around 2 and half hours to reach Havelock from Port Blair and vice versa. On the way, people can enjoy great sea beauty and sometimes flying fishes (these fishes comes out of water and fly for few seconds before going back in sea) and dolphins. On reaching Havelock Island, people can visit famous beaches of Radhanagar and Elephant beach. On elephant beach, people can even watch training of elephants and elephants swimming in sea. People can also explore other adventures activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and sight seeing small boats etc. ALso visit- Pictu

Searching answers of Life’s questions

In life, we all people search for numbers of answers and mostly we find answers of very less questions. Some times life becomes so unpredictable and unanswerable that we fail in finding answers. Below, people can enjoy hit documentary film “Waking Life” in which answers to numbers of these questions are provided by scholars. This film is must watch for those people who are looking for various answers related to life.

Watch Trailer (Three) 3 Idiots

Below, people can watch exclusive and HD trailer of forthcoming Hindi film “3 Idiots”. Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, and Boman Irani are playing lead role in this film. This film is expected to release on December 25, 2009. This film is believed to be based of famous book “Five Point Someone”. Story of film is based on three friends and how they change each other’s life. This film is directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

Poor condition of New Delhi Railway Station

Last week I visited New Delhi Railway station two times for boarding Amritsar bound Shatabdi. It was really horrible experience for me to see total mismanagement on platform number one. New Delhi Railway station is main Railway station in Delhi and many long destination and deluxe trains run from here; however, condition of platforms is not up to mark. It is very hard to find a good seating place on platform and even it is difficult to walk on platform because large numbers of passengers just remain seated on ground occupying space available for walking. It is even difficult to reach other platforms because of too much rush on over bridges available to reach other platforms. There is hardly any working information centre available in New Delhi station from where people can get desired information. Security is also another issue because adequate security personals were not available in Station and Metal detectors were not working. Next year New Delhi will host common wealth games and ma

Madhu Koda and money of poor people

In India, it looks that it is very hard to find good politicians who look for the benefits of people first. Here we mostly see politicians who are engaged in making money by utilizing their positions. Recent reports of former Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Madhu Koda making money in the tune of 5500 crore during his two year chief minister ship has surprised many people. This case again remind us about wide spread corruption present in our political system. Many politicians in India use big posts for making good money through all corrupt means so that they should never need money for whole life. These kinds of practices are present across all parties and every politician looks to follow such ways to earn easy money. Already, thousands of crores of hard earned money of Indians is present in Swiss Banks which is also result of many politicians stealing money of ordinary people. It is important for law enforcement agencies to nail all culprits and recover hard earned money of people. Mostly,

Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Two

Below, I am going to share few pictures of second day of my recent Andaman Nicobar visit. On second day, I visited famous Ross Island (where British settled in Adaman Nicobar for first time, now under Indian Navy Control), Viper Island (used as prison and hanging prisoners) and Northwest Coral Island to watch live coral. It was really great experience for me to watch amazing beauty of Andaman and Nicobar islands. I also got chance for first time to see beautiful coral life inside sea through snorkeling on this day. I will definitely recommend people to explore great beauty of Andaman and Nicobar whenever they get a chance to visit here. ALso visit- Pictures of Andaman Nicobar vacation Day One Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Three (Havelock Island) Pictures of Andaman Nicobar vacation Day Four Visit For more Detailed Pictures and Videos of Andaman and Nicobar Pictures by Arvind Katoch

First Look Movie “Paa”

Below, people can get first look of forthcoming movie “Paa”. Movie Paa is special in many ways because in this movie Abhishek Bachan will be playing role of Amitab Bachan’s father thus a son will do role of a father of his real father. Amitab Bachan will be playing role of a child who is suffering from a rare disease Progeria which causes a child to grow much faster as compared to other children. This film is directed by R Balakrishna and Vidya Balan will play role of Amitab Bachan’s mother in this film. This film is expected to release on 4th December, 2009.

Increasing incidences of shootouts in America

In recent times, we are seeing constant increase in cases of shootouts in America. Yesterday, a well educated US army psychiatrist opened fire on US soldiers and killed 12 of them while injuring dozens of others. Presently, it is not known that why this psychiatrist opened fire on other soldiers; however, one thing is clear that something is clearly wrong in US. Earlier, these kinds of incidences were common in US schools where small children were targeting other children and school teachers. This increase in such incidences only indicates towards increase in psychological programs and frustration among people. America make numbers of claims of providing good life to its people but somehow large numbers of people are not satisfied with life available to them in America. It is important for US to first manage own country then look for helping other nations. By engaging in other nations, US has created many complex situations for its people and specially for US army soldiers who are figh

Aishwarya to spread smile to children

Famous Indian film celebrity and actress has become goodwill ambassador for Smile Train, an international organization which provides cleft lip and cleft palate surgery to children suffering from these problems. Aishwarya Rai is known for her smile and therefore, now she will help thousands of children around the world to get similar smile. Aishwarya Rai’s own charity foundation Aishwarya Rai foundation will also work together with Smile Train movement to help children suffering from this problem. Below, people can watch video report on this whole news.

Pictures of Andaman Nicobar vacation Day One

Below, I am sharing few pictures of day one of my recent visit to Andaman Nicobar. It was a great experience to enjoy virgin beauty of these islands. On first day, I visited a beach near Port Blair, famous cellular jail and a park near Junglighat. Port Blair is capital of Andaman and Nicobar and people can find shops of all necessary items here. Convenient taxi and auto service is available for visit many places near port Blair. People can also get the help of local transport service for traveling around port Blair. People mainly speak Hindi in Port Blair; therefore, it is easy to communicate with others in Port Blair. People can easily find reasonable lodges and hotels around Port Blair for stay. ALso visit- Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Two Pictures of Andaman Nicobar Vacation Day Three (Havelock Island) Pictures of Andaman Nicobar vacation Day Four Visit For more Detailed Pictures and Videos of Andaman and Nicobar Click on Pictures to See them in Large Size. Pictures