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Congress on Winning row

It looks that acceptance of Congress has increased lot among people because people of India are showing confidence in Congress again and again. Recent win of Congress in three assembly election in states of Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal also indicate towards this trend. Some analysts say that this affect is due to popular government of Congress at Centre. In last few years, government at centre has started many new schemes for poor and backward classes which are showing good results; therefore, these people saying thanks to Congress by giving votes to them, while some people also believe that these wins of Congress are result of poor opposition faced by Congress from various opposition parties of India. In recent few years, opposition parties across India have lost their shine and due to this reason, confidence of people on these parties in decreasing which is clear from results. Reasons may be many but one thing is clear that Congress is showing very good performance at this leve

25 Crore advertisement by Aish and Abhi

Recently, famous couple celebrity of India Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan has completed 25 Crore Rupee advertisement. With this ad this couple has become most expensive brand promoting couple from India. By paying this much or more money, advertise can get this couple for working in their ads. Below, people can watch some clipping from this ad and more report on this ad.

Promo Song movie “Kurbaan”

Below, people can watch promo song and trailer of forthcoming Saif and Karina’s Hindi movie “Kurban”. This movie is in lot of news because of presence of Saif and Karina in it. Fans of both believe that they will get chance to watch love chemistry of Saif and Karina in this movie. Songs of these film has already become hit and we can expect same from film.

Analysis Haryana Assembly Election 2009 Result

Final results of Haryana Assembly election 2009 are available in front of us and it is clear that Haryana Assembly will be hung for next five years. Congress has emerged as single largest party by winning 40 seats out of total 90 seats. Any party need support of 46 MLAs to form next government in state; therefore, Congress will need support of 6 more MLAs from independent MLAs or other parties. Position of other parties in Haryana is INLD 32, BJP 4, HJC 7 Oths 7. Therefore, Congress has two options available in front of it either ask independents or go to HJC. On the other hand major opposition parties like INLD, HJC, BJP can also look to form next government because their combined numbers will come out of be 43 and they will also need support of 3 more independent MLAs. Many options are available for next government and we are required to wait for few more days to see exact picture. Stability of next government of Haryana will also remain a big issue and we can even see formation and

Live Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election Result 2009

Below, people can find three options to get live results of Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2009. Arunachal assembly elections were held on 13 Oct, 2009 and there counting will take place on tomorrow. With the help of these multiple options, people can get live results of Arunachal assembly election as they will appear. Option 1 Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Assembly Election Results 2009 (Live Update) Option 2 Live Election results update Blog Option 3 Watch Live Haryana, Maharashtra, Arunachal Assembly Election 2009 Results

Live Haryana Assembly Election Result 2009

Below, people can find three options to get live results of Haryana Assembly Election 2009. Haryana assembly elections were held on 13 Oct, 2009 and there counting will take place on tomorrow. With the help of these multiple options, people can get live results of Haryana assembly election as they will appear. Option 1 Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Assembly Election Results 2009 (Live Update) Option 2 Live Election results update Blog Option 3 Watch Live Haryana, Maharashtra , Arunachal Assembly Election 2009 Results

Live Maharashtra Assembly Election Result 2009

Below, people can find three options to get live results of Maharashtra Assembly Election 2009. Maharashtra assembly elections were held on 13 Oct, 2009 and there counting will take place on tomorrow. With the help of these multiple options, people can get live results of Maharashtra assembly election as they will appear. Option 1 Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Assembly Election Results 2009 (Live Update) Option 2 Live Election results update Blog Option 3 Watch Live Haryana, Maharashtra, Arunachal Assembly Election 2009 Results

Watch Trailer Movie “Rocket Singh”

Below, people can watch latest and exclusive trailer of Ranbir Kapoor’s forthcoming film “Rocket Singh Salesman of Year”. The other cast of film include Shazahn Padamsee, Sharon Prabhakar and Gauhar Khan. This film will be released in worldwide theatres on 11 Dec. This film is directed by Shimit Amin and produced by Yash Raj banner. Story of film revolves around an ordinary salesman played by Ranbir Kapoor.

China as threat for India

In recent times, Chinese threat has increased many times for India and China is constantly putting pressure on India through different channels. In recent move, China showed Jammu and Kashmir as independent country and not part of India. China is also criticizing India for allowing Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to visit Arunachal Pradesh next month. China wants to present Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territory between India and China; therefore, China has increased its efforts to do so. Recently, China has also increased its army strength on China Arunachal border for increasing pressure on India. With strong army strength, China want to make all illegal claims legal whereas China do not want to accept Tibet as disputed territory which was annexed by it forcefully. All Chinese claims on Arunachal and Ladakh are based on old Tibetan documents which is itself a disputed territory. Present Indian government is tackling this problem with lot of care and it is giving strong messages

For making a good world

We hear lots of talking about a good world where no person has any problem; however, it is very hard to find people who actually do work to create a good world where expectations of large numbers of people are met. Today, our world is still controlled by small numbers of people and these people give more importance to their own needs. Due to this reason, many people feel cheated by present world order and they look for new alternatives. Most of crimes and terrorism also come out of these failures on the parts of world government to truly represent their people and their expectation. Presently, India is facing acute problem of Naxalism and the main reason of this problem is failure of our central government and state governments to provide full development to all people. Few of the main reasons behind naxalism include lack of education and poverty in naxal affected area. Today, government is even not in state to define naxalism and what actions it should take against naxalites. Large nu

Almost hit by Car and Bus, Great escape

Below, people can find very interesting video where a person was almost hit by a car and bus and he has a very-2 narrow escape. This person survived by difference of less than one second. This video is from New York City and captured by traffic camera. Hopefully, no person will like to go through similar experience.

Price of Priyanka Chopra per film

Does any one know that how much money famous Indian actress Priyanka Chopra charges for a single movie? Large numbers of people may not have any idea about it. According to latest news in media, Priyanka Chopra has asked for 6 crore from single film. The main reason of this high price is continuous hit films by Priyanka in last year. By watching report available below, people can learn more about it.

Watch Trailer film “De Dana Dan”

Below, people can trailer of Priyadarshan's forthcoming Hindi film “De Dana Dan”. Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Katrina Kaif are playing lead roles in this film. Other cast of film includes Paresh Rawal, Neha Dhupia and Sameera Reddy. This film will release on 27 Nov, 2009 in India and worldwide. De Dana Dan is a comedy film mostly shot in Singapore and it is produced by Vipul Shah.

Review Reliance Post paid services

Reliance is providing post paid mobile services in India from last six years and in these six years, its services have become very popular. Today, Reliance provides services in CDMA, GSM and landline services. Initially, Reliance entered Indian market with CDMA based mobile service but later it also entered in landline and GSM based services. Therefore, now Reliance has full range of products to offer to public; however, despite of so many services in its kitty Reliance is still struggling to become a number one player. In last few years, competition in telecom sector has increased significantly and margins of profit are decreasing. Reliance CDMA network has achieved good network penetration in most parts of India and its services are available in most of Indian cities and villages. Network clarity of Reliance is better as compared to numbers of other mobile operators in India but its wireless internet services are not up to mark. Reliance has also launched first wireless broadband net

Difference between Laptop and Notebook

vToday, it is very hard to find any difference between a Laptop and Notebook because with time difference between them has stopped to exist. Laptop name came forward because of option of putting a small sized computer on our laps: though, we can also put a Notebook on our laps. These two names came because different manufacturer launched their products with two different names of Notebook and Laptop. Initially, Laptops are used to have more features and performance levels as compared to Notebook like lack of CD drive in initial Notebooks. Notebooks were made with concept in mind to provide general electronic notebook experience to people where people can store, write and manage their electronic data. On the other hand, Laptop was designed to give full computing experience in small size. We can consider a laptop as a small computing machine which we can put on our laps and it has same power of big desktop computer. Generally, a laptop is bigger in size as compared to a Notebook. Today,

My Review Nokia 5800 Express Music

Nokia 5800 express Music is a premium touch phone launched earlier this year by Nokia. Nokia 5800 is complete touch phone and it does not come with any keypad. This phone is suitable for all people who want to use advance features in mobile like 3G, video calling, big display screen, web browsing, gaming, maps, emailing, one touch music, live tv etc. Nokia 5800 express music is full of all advance features and it cost Rs 14000 presently in India. Initially, models of 5800 also have video output feature so that people can directly play their videos captured with mobile on TV; however, Nokia has discontinued this feature in new models of Nokia 5800. I am using this mobile from last nine months and today, I am going to share my bad and good experiences with this phone. Overall, Nokia 5800 is a good mobile option available in front of use with 8 GB memory and its wide screen make it very easily to enjoy Live TV and videos. It is easy to operate this mobile and most of functions start with

How to increase speed of Computer/Laptop?

Below, I am sharing few methods which can provide lot of help in increasing speed and performance of a computer and laptop. Mostly, we all observe that speed and performance of our computers and laptops start decreasing with time. Recently, I discovered that my laptop is taking lot of time for loading and doing various functions; however, it was very fast when it was new. After consulting few friends, I learned about few methods which are very useful in increasing speed and performance of a laptop or computer. After using these three methods shared below, people can see lot of increase in speed and performance of a computer. 1) Constantly delete Temporary files - While doing web browsing or using various software our computer download numbers of temp files which are stored in “Temp” folder. Mostly a particular space is allotted to this folder which can be increased or decreased. If we do not delete these temporary files on regular interval then it can stop further download of new temp

Learning from Stock Market ups and downs

In last one year, Indian stock market has seen many ups and downs. Earlier this year, we saw big dip in Indian stock market which was parallel to other stock markets of world; however, in last six months Indian stock market has seen major recovery and prices of most of stocks have increased two to three times. Last year has told us many lessons about investing money wisely in Stock Market. First lesson whicht we can draw from last year ups and downs is that there is no need for panic because if market is going done then it will also come back to its earlier position sooner or later. Therefore, investors need to work with lot of patience for getting maximum benefit of Stock Market investment. Second lesson is that big falls in stock market actually provides a great opportunity in front of us to buy good stocks on very less price; therefore, it becomes important to make some investments when stock market is down. Third lesson is that it is important to go for systematic investment plans

Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Assembly Election Results 2009 (Live Update)

Below, people can get live update of results of recently held assembly elections in Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Pradesh. Live updates will be available on 22nd October and 8 AM onwards. On this day, people will learn about fate of different political parties present in these states. Counting of Votes have started Option 1- Haryana Assembly Election 2009 Live Result s Total Seats 90 Results Available 90 Party Leading Won Total Congress 0 40 40 BJP 0 4 4 HJC 0 7 7 INLD 0 32 32 Oths 0 7 7 Maharashtra Assembly Election 2009 Live Results Total seats 288 Results/Trends Available 288 Party Leading Won Total Congress+ 16 129 145 (Congress 11 71 83 NCP 5 57 62) BJP+ 36 52 91 (BJP 8 41 49 Shiv Sena 3 38 41) MNS

Negative Emotion “FEAR”

Generally, we are told to fear from various things from our childhood; therefore, we grow as human beings with lots of fears rooted in us. Sometimes, these fears rooted in us become great obstacles in front of large numbers of people to live a life which they actually want to live and thus deter their achievement level. By reducing most of these fears, any person can easily increase his potential and level of success in life; however, it is not easy task to break away from these fears which are rooted in us during our childhoods. With the progress of life levels of fears among people only increase because they accumulate more fears. Too much of fear in life is like a disease and it only kills people slowly. According to one of ancient Indian scholar if a person wants to kill his enemy without actually hurting him then he should seed seed of fear in his mind. Fear is a great barrier and lots of people fail in breaking this barrier throughout their life. Fearlessness is a great bless and

Diwali and Pollution

Diwali is a great festival and it is celebrated in India with lots of enthusiasm; however, in last few years this festival is actually becoming a source of pollution. On Divali night, people crack large numbers of crackers which leads to lot of air pollution simultaneously killing large numbers of innocent birds. Many people have stopped or decreased use of crackers on Divali; however, still lot of more is required to be done. Some people only give more importance to their own fun and show off then caring about pollutions and birds. Slowly, governments across India are also awakening up to this issue and they have set up various teams to check offenders. Instead of only making laws, it is more important to convince people to stop using large amounts of polluting crackers. I hope that next Divali people will show more respect to environment and birds then only considering about their own fun.

Happy Deepavali

I Wish readers very Happy and Prosperous Deepavali and coming New Year. May this year bring lot of Happiness in your Life.

Excess Weight can kill

It is very important for people to understand that excess weight can even kill them slowly because excess body weight lead to numbers of other diseases in body like cardiac problem, diabetic etc. Our heart is required to work more hard for pumping blood to a fat body as compared to a slim body. Similarly, fat body put more pressure on numbers of body organs and this creates problems for them. Therefore, it is important to take care of excess weight before it becomes too late for us. People can easily get the help of numbers of weight loss methods like exercise, dieting, weight loss pill etc for reducing excess weight. It is very much possible to reduce excess weight with timely efforts; however, a strong determination is required to do so. With weight loss, people can easily enjoy numbers of health benefits.

Watch multiple Trailers Main Aur Mrs Khanna

Below, people can watch latest and multiple trailers of forthcoming Bollywwod film “Main Aur Mrs Khanna”. Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Sohail Khan are playing lead role in this film. This film is directed by debutante Prem Soni and it is a joint production of Sohail Khan Productions and UTV SpotBoy Pictures. In this film, people will get option to watch triangle love story between Salman, Kareena and Sohail.

Watch Trailer London Dreams

Below, people can watch latest trailer of forthcoming Bollywwod film “London Dreams”. Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin Thottumkal are playing lead role in this film. This film is directed by Vipul Shah. London Dreams is a musical film and revolves around the story of two childhood friends.

Watch Trailer Hrithik and Barbara’s movie Kites

Visit for latest trailer Watch latest trailer of Hrithik’s movie “Kites” , New Trailer movie Kites Below, people can watch latest trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s forthcoming film “Kites”. In this film, Hrithik Roshan will be seen with hot Spanish actress Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut. This film is produced by his father and producer Rakesh Roshan and directed by Anurag Basu. Movie Kites looks to be a love story between two people who do not understand each other's language.

Power of Live chat

It is very important to properly utilise power of communication to tap maximum potential of websites. Today, we can easily find many useful software like live chat software for giving more edge to overall communication. With the help of live chat software, webmasters can easily interact with visitors visiting their websites. Already, large numbers of webmasters are using power of live chat for knowing their audience well. Therefore, it is very common to find wide use of live chat on all major websites. People can easily find many useful live chat software online. Mostly, it is very easy to utilise these software on websites and people do not require any advance skills to do so. Live chats make it is very easy for visitors to ask questions from webmasters and get relevant answers.

Haryana Assembly Election 2009 Exit Poll Result

Get Live Haryana Assembly Election Result 2009 Today, voters across Haryana voted for next state government. Results of today’s poll will be declared on 22nd Oct, 2009. So far exit poll results by leading two TV channels are available in front of us and they are giving comfortable majority to Congress in today’s held elections. These exit polls are giving 52 to 57 seats to Congress out of total 90 seats. According to these exit polls, main reason of win of Congress in Haryana is fight between various opposition parties because combined voting share of major opposition parties is much more than vote share of Congress. Seat telly of other opposition parties will be Haryana Janhit Congress 8-11, Indian National Lok Dal 13-17, BSP 5-7, BJP 1-2 and Oth 3-6. These exit polls are providing good news to Congress because these results will alter history of Haryana where no party wins for second time. Actual results of Haryana Assembly Elections 2009 will be only available in front of us on 22nd

Maharashtra Assembly Election 2009 Exit poll result

Get Live Maharashtra Assembly Election Result 2009 Today, Voters across Maharashtra voted for next state government. Results of today’s election will be declared on 22nd Oct, 2009. Some exit poll results from various TV channels are available in front of us and they are indicating towards hung assembly in Maharashtra. There are total 288 seats in Maharashtra assembly and any party or alliance will need support of 145 MLAs to form next government. According to these exit polls, Congress-NCP alliance will emerge as biggest political alliance by winning 132-138 seats and BJP-ShivSena alliance will get 112-115 seats. Therefore, fight is very crucial in Maharashtra and actual results can easily show numbers of surprises. Maharashtra NavNirman party (MMS) is likely to emerge as king maker as per these exit polls by winning 8 to 16 seats. Third front is likely to win only 4-6 seats while 20-25 seats will go to others including BSP. Therefore, importance of MNS and others will increase many ti

Enjoyment of Driving

Driving provides a great enjoyment and large numbers of people across the word love to drive. Today, more and more numbers of people are finding it easy to afford auto vehicles and thus get enjoyment of driving. However, it is also important to give importance to all safety measures while driving so that people can have good and safe experience with driving. It is important to fit all essential accessories on vehicle like wind deflectors, so that they can increase driving experience. People can easily find many helpful car accessories in market which increase pleasure and show of driving. People can also find many attractive products related to car accessories online. With all positive measures people can only increase comfort and enjoyment associated with driving.

Movie Review “Wake UP SID”

Lots of people might not have much hopes from this film; however, movie “Wake up Sid” has turned out to be descent one. This film is produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions and it is directed by new director Ayan Mukherji, who has worked under famous directors Ashutosh Gowariker and Karan Johar. This film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma in lead roles. Story of film revolves around a lazy and irresponsible rich boy played by Ranbir Kapoor. The main star of film Ranbir Kapoor finds meaning of life and love with the help of main lead actress Konkona Sen. Overall, wake up sid is very simple film; however, its simplicity is its main attraction. This film tells more deep meaning of life other than just sexual attractions. Wake up sid is totally clean flim without even a kiss scene but still it offers us great love story and emotional struggle of a person. Most of Indian films lack originality despite showing so many things whereas wake up sid is purely original form of In

Haryana Assembly Election 2009 (Final Opinion Poll)

Get Live Haryana Assembly Election Result 2009 People in Haryana will vote for next assembly on 13 Oct, 2009. There are total 90 seats in Haryana and any party will need 46 seats to make next government in Haryana. The main fight in Haryana is between Congress, Indian National Lok Dal, HJC, BJP and BSP. Presently, Congress looks to be strongest political party in state after winning 9 Loksabha seats out of total 10 Loksabha seats. All major opposition parties are fighting with each other; therefore, they are providing only more help to congress. In 2005, Congress swept state assembly by winning 67 seats while the BJP and INLD got two and nine seats respectively. Congress also is planning to do same this time by calling early elections. In my last predictions, I have already suggested 50-60 seats for Congress again ( Haryana Assembly Election 2009 ). Some TV channels and leading news papers have also presented their opinion polls and they are also giving similar figures. Below, I am wri

Insurance solutions

Today, insurance is available in our world from long time and large numbers of people trust insurance solutions for covering unexpected risks. Various insurance solutions are widely used and recognised across the world and it is hard to find any replacement for them. With the help of a good insurance plan, any company or person can easily avoid future unseen losses. A good insurance plan saves people during difficult situations by covering their losses. There are many good insurance solutions are available like key man insurance for Key person or employee. It is important to cover Key earning person of family and Key employee of business because their sudden death can put lot of other things on risk. By selecting a proper insurance plan, people can easily secure themselves from future risks. Insurance is a great solution available in front of us and it is important to properly use it for our benefit.

Seeing Opportunities

It is always important to see opportunities in life before others see them because some ideas and opportunities can be used by few first ones. Therefore, people who see opportunities first and work on them first, they mostly outperform others. Seeing opportunities on right time and then working on them fast is one main important factor for becoming a successful person. Large numbers of opportunities come very fast and simultaneously they go very fast; therefore, it is important to take some fast actions for getting benefit of them. Mostly, people do not see large numbers of opportunities available in front of them because they do not trust their wisdom and themselves that they can utilise these opportunities. On the other hand, people who first see these opportunities and then trust their wisdom and hard work for achieving success through them. Our world is full of many wonderful opportunities for all people; however, we are only required to see them and work on them before others are

Rakhi’s interview on her relations with her family

Below, people can watch Rakhi Sawant’s interview on her relations with her mother, brother and sister. Presently, Rakhi Sawant’s mother is taking part in famous reality show “Big Boss”. This news has irritated Rakhi Sawant because she is worried that her mother will reveal some wrong facts about her through this show.

Problem of Cancer

Today, cancer disease has emerged as big health problem across the world. Numbers of patients suffering from cancer is increasing very fast, thus leading to increase in death tool due to cancer. Numbers of treatments and drugs are available for treating cancer; however, it is very important to diagnose this problem at early stage. It is very important for any cancer patient to understand cancer treatment & prescriptions for getting better treatment. Lot of useful information is available online where people can understand about cancer and its treatments. Good knowledge can provide some help in getting better treatment for this problem thus increasing chances of recovery. Cancer treatment drugs are available in most parts of world at affordable price; therefore, it is important to properly take these treatments.

Amir Khan to play Kishore Kumar

Soon we will see Amir Khan playing role of legendary actor Kishore Kumar in forthcoming film. This film will be based on the love story of Kishore Kumar and his second Madhubala. Vidya Balan will play role of Madhubala in film. This film will be first film of Amir and Vidya together. Now it is to be seen that Amir will succeed in surprising us with his new avtar or not.

Haryana/Maharashtra/Arunachal assembly election 2009

Get Haryana, Maharashtra and Arunachal Assembly Election Results 2009 (Live Update) Assembly elections for three states of India Haryana, Arunachal Pradesh and Maharashtra will take place on 13 Oct, 2009. Outcome of these election results will decide future direction of Indian politics. Situation is very critical for Congress because Congress has present governments in all these states (in Maharashtra with NCP alliance). In recently held Loksabha election 2009, Congress has shown good performance in all these states thus Congress must be hoping for winning assembly elections of these states once again. In Haryana, Congress won 9 Loksabha seats out of total 10 Loksabha seats which indicate towards strong support of Congress in Haryana. Most of opposition parties in Haryana are fighting with each other thus providing more help to Congress; therefore, Congress can easily expect win in Haryana assembly election. In Maharashtra, Congress and NCP alliance wants to repeat history third time