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Update of Aishwarya’ first Karwa Chauth and video

Yesterday was a great day for the married life of Aishwarya because yesterday, she celebrated her first karva chauth. Overall first karwa chauth of Aishwarya was also not less than any filmy karva chauth in anyway. Bachan house Prateekshsa was totally absorbed in the colours of Karwa chauth. Aishwarya was wearing a dark red coloured sari and heavy jewellery on this occasion. Sari of the Aishwarya Rai was designed by the famous fashion designer Neeta Lulla for this occasion only.

Bachan family also called the best mehendi artist of the Mumbai city for the first karwa chauth of their bahu. However, Jaya Bachan preferred to remain in the simple outfit. Major karwa chauth function started in the evening with number of famous women celebrities reaching Prateeksha for observing the Karwa chauth Puja with Asihwarya bachan. Amitab Bachan’s daughter Shweta, his brother’s family and Aishwarya’s mother and sister were also present in the function.

Finally, Aishwarya broke her fast by watching the …

India-Pakistan series time table and Indian team

For latest visit-Timetable Cricket World Cup 2011
Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011

From 5th November onward cricket lovers can enjoy the exciting ODI and test tournament series between India and Pakistan. Pakistan will play 5 ODI and 3 test matches in India, which will start from 5th Nov and last with 8-12 Dec test match. In cricket, it is always an exciting experience to the watch any game between these two rival teams, therefore we can hope for great exciting tournament ahead. India has done surprise move by resting Rahul Dravid for the first two ODI matches. Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir are now again back in the India attack. Also Praveen Kumar a pace bowler from Utter Pradesh is new induction in team, he is selected for the team because his good performance in the regional games.

Indian team for the first two ODI-

1) Virender Sehwag
2) Gautam Gambhir
3) M S Dhoni (captain)
4) Yuvraj Singh
5) Sourav Ganguly
6) Sachin Tendulkar
7) Robin Uthappa
8) Rohit Sharma
9) Murali…

Mukesh Ambani is now world's Richest Person

After breaking the record of richest Indian in world, Mukesh Ambani has now again broken one more record by becoming “the richest person of the world”. Today as Indian stock market achieved new heights by touching 20000 marks for the first time, with this net wealth of the Muskesh Ambani also crossed the net wealth of the Bill Gates and thus helped him becoming the richest man of the world. With the rise in the stock market, Mukesh Ambani’s wealth roused to Rs 2,49,108 crore or roughly 63.4 billionwhich is slightly more than the net wealth of the Bill Gates which is believed to be around $ 62.3 billion.

Carlos Slim Helu, Mexican businessmen, is also believed to be in the second number with slightly more wealth than the Bill Gates. However, we are more concerned about the big achievement by the Mukesh Ambani, as he is first Indian to achieve this height by removing the supremacy of western nations in wealth chart. At present, Indian stock market looks to be in flying mode and therefore,…

India stock market crossed 20,000 mark for first time

Presently, India stock market looks to be on the flying mode with market breaking one record after the other. Today, Indian stock market touched the 20,000 mark for the first time during the daily trade and finally closed at 19,977 with 734 pinots jump. This is really a great achievement by the Indian stock market in small time. The main reason behind this push in the stock market is believed to the good support from the foreign investors, as during the period of10000 marks to 20,000 marks jump FIIs have invested whooping $ 26 billion in Indian stock market. Therefore stock market which was at 10,000 points on 6 Feb, 2006 crossed 20,000 points, a jump of 10000 points, in just one year and six months.

Moreover, further today’s increase in the stock market has also shown that most of the foreign investors have taken positively the recent moves by the Sebi on the regulation of FII money follow in India. Indian mutual funds have also remained second major supporter behind these fast jumps …

Aishwarya back home to celebrate her first karva chauth and Deepawali

Finally Aishwarya Bachan, star bahu of the Bachan family is back in India to celebrate her first Karva chauth and Deepwali after her marriage with Abhishek Bachan early this year. Aishwarya reached back home on Saturday from the Boston, where she was busy in the shooting of Hollywood movie The Pink Panth 2. Aishwarya Rai is playing a lead role in this movie and we will watch her as special expert providing help in solving the case of artefacts stealing. The Pink Panth, first movie in this series is already a big hit; therefore, Aishwarya will definitely have lot of hopes from this movie. So far, Aishwarya is not able to attain any significant success with her Hollywood ventures.

Presently, it looks that Aishwarya is one two week long holidays to celebrate her most important festivals after the marriage. Both Amitab Bachan and Abhishek Bachan were present on the airport to receive Aishwarya and even Amitab drove the car back home carrying her bahu, really a great show of love. Happiness…

know more about Karva Chauth fast

India is a wonderful country and it is known for its traditions and cultures. We can also say India as a country of various festivals. Tomorrow on 29th October, in India one festival will be celebrated by the married women across India, which is known as Karva Chauth. Karva Chauth is celebrated by the married women for the long life of their husbands. On this occasion, women remain on fast for complete day. Moreover, this is not an ordinary fast like other fasts, as in this fast not only the food, but water is also prohibited till seeing the moon in the sky. Most of the fasts in India allow drinking of water during fast. This fast really represents an example of great sacrifice by women for their husband.

On the day of karva chauth, women wake up early in the morning before the sun rise, approximately at 4 o’clock and then eat specially meant food for this fast known as “sargi” and drink water. Then after that for the whole day, they cannot even drink a single drop of water or eat anyt…

Getting familiar with Jaundice

Jaundice is one of the most common liver related diseases found in our world. Every year large number of people dies due to this disease (in the mid-twenties to sixty years of age, liver diseases are third highest reason of death). Though, Jaundice is found across the globe, however, it is more prevalent and deadly in developing and underdeveloped nations.

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is basically a yellowish colouring of the eyes and skin due to the high availability of billirubin in the blood.

Now what is bilirubin?

Bilirubin is a yellowish breakdown product of the red blood cells, which removed from the blood by the liver and finally excreted out. However, due to some dysfunction of the liver, if bilirubin is not excreted out from the blood then it leads to the jaundice.

Jaundice is mostly believed as the first sign in the beginning of liver disease.

Some common symptoms of the Jaundice are (which may vary from person to person)-
1) Nausea 2) poor appetite 3) vomiting 4) fever 5) weight los…

No to “No smoking” (Movie Review- No Smoking)

I have lot of hopes from this movie because as per the promos this movie looks to offer something different. Though, this movie is really a different movie but the problem is with overdose of experiments which makes it difficult for us to differentiate between real and unreal. In this review, I will not discuss the story of film because even after watching the movie, I am not able to understand that what the story of movie is? This whole movie looks to gone out of control. First half of movie is slight promising but second half is a complete disaster.

In this movie, people can watch some baba cutting the figures of people for smoking, putting their near and dear ones in gas chambers and even killing their souls or Atmas. Looks confuse, I am also confused after watching this movie. This movie reminds me of the childish comics where people’s fingers are cut and then again pasted back with some magic. From all this, we can say that story writer of this movie must be writing stories for co…

When Delhi Police killed 2 innocent people in the heart of Delhi City

This is a ten year old story of 31, March 1997 when two unarmed businessmen from Haryana Pradeep Goyal and Jagjit Singh faced number of Delhi police bullets on their different parts of body. This incidence took place in the heart of the Delhi at Connaught Place in the presence of hundreds of people. Both innocent businessmen (Pradeep Goyal and Jagjit Singh) dead on the spot while the third person seating on the back seat of the blue esteem car survived the injuries and become the main witness in this whole fake encounter.

This encounter team is lead by Delhi police’s ACP S S Rathi, which include nine other police men in plain clothes. Police opened fire on these innocent businessmen from Haryana because police has information about UP based gangster moving in same coloured esteem with UP number plate. It was the bad luck of these businessmen that they were also present on the same place with matching vehicle description. However, still Delhi police can have avoided this whole incidenc…

Love story of John Abraham and Bipasha Basu again in Lime light

Few months back, we all heard one story in various forms of media about the John Abraham and Bipasha Basu separation. This news basically emerged after the controversial kiss of Bipasha and famous football star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo during a party held after the announcement ceremony of Seven Wonders of the World in Portugal. Bipasha attended this ceremony as a host and being favourite football star of the Portugal, Ronaldo was also present in the celebration.

This party provided both the starts a chance to come near to each other and have few personal movements. However, this kiss created lot of controversy back in India and mostly it was believed that now there is nothing left in John and Bipasha relationship. Now with time most of the people and John have forgotten about the kiss and therefore, love story of John and Bipasha is again in lime light.

Some people believe reunion of both the star as only option available for them because Ronaldo and Bipasha story failed to take of…

What we need to know about Calcium?

Some interesting facts about the calcium which we all need to know.

1) In every person daily requirement of calcium depends on the age and gender.
2) Need of calcium intake increases with age in person.
3) Calcium plays a very important role in making our bones and teeth strong.
4) Calcium is highest found mineral in our body.
5) 99% calcium of our body is present in bones and teeth.
6) Calcium stored in our bones need regular top up because it is used every day in our muscles, heart, blood and also in the repair of bones.
7) Deficiency of the calcium in our body leads to diseases like osteoporosis.
8) Vitamin D is also required for the smooth absorption of the calcium.
9) Calcium carbonate and Calcium citrate are most commonly used calcium supplements in the present world.
10) It is best to take calcium carbonate immediately after the meal; however calcium citrate can be taken any time.
11) Element calcium is the actual amount of calcium in the supplement that will be available for body.
12) One…

Indian supremacy in twenty20 cricket

Just one month back, people got a chance to enjoy the exciting game of cricket in new 20-20 format. Moreover, this enjoyment increased many times when Indian cricket team won the twenty20 world cup. Team of young cricketer lead by captain M S Dhoni made many Indian cricket fans happy by brining first 20-20 cricket world cup to India. In twenty20 games, Indian team showed great performance by winning games against number of tough teams of world. Twenty20 world cup win also opened hopes in the minds of the people about the good performance by Indian cricket team in all the others forms of the cricket, however in just after 20-20 world cup held India-Australia ODI series, India lost series to Australia by 4-2, thus creating new doubts over ability of the Indian team. However, the good news for the Indian cricket fans came in the forms of India-Australia 20-20 match held on 20th October, after the completion of ODI series, in which young cricket team once again showed to the world that th…

Cost of living life in Big Cities

Read new and Improved Article at by visiting Cost of Living in Big cities
Mostly people believe that it is better to live in big cities then to live in small villages and this belief further gives rise to a trend where large numbers of people living in villages migrates to big cities. This trend can be easily seen in most parts of the world, as pollution of big cities is on rise. However, very less numbers of people have time to think about the cost they are paying by living in big cities. Mostly people come to big cities because they find it very easy to get good earning opportunities in these populous cities, whereas villages fail in providing adequate earning potentials to these people. Second in cities, there is more demand for various services, thus creating more job opportunities for large number of people irrespective of their education, caste or religion, which is mostly missing in villages. However, there are number of other issues which we mostly ignore due to earning compuls…

Watch (19 Oct, 2007) eight episode videos of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 2

Enjoy the embed videos below the watch the eight episode of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 2. Through these videos people can easily watch the performance of Jhalak Dikhlaja participants. This episode was aired on 19 Oct.

19 Oct episode videos

Video 1-

Video 2-

Video 3-

Video 4-

Video 5-

Video 6-

Get all the latest information and videos of Nach Baliya 3 and Jhalak Dikhlaja 2

Watch (19 Oct, 2007) Eight episode videos of Nach Baliya 3

Enjoy the embed videos below the watch the eight episode of Nach Baliya 3. Through these videos people can easily watch the performance of Nach Baliya 3 participants. This episode was aired on 19 Oct.

19 Oct episode videos

Video 1-

Video 2-

Video 3-

Video 4-

Video 5-

Get all the latest information and videos of Nach Baliya 3 and Jhalak Dikhlaja 2

Attack on democracy hopes in Pakistan

Today was one of the worst days in the history of Pakistan which saw the dead of 165 innocent and around 450 are reported dead. This whole tragedy take place when just returned home former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto’s convey was attacked by suicide bomber. The explosion was so strong that hundreds of people got injured in this blast.

Benazir Bhutto was lucky enough to remain unhurt in this blast, however severity of the blast clearly indicate that this blast was planted to kill her. Most of the political leaders of the Pakistan and world have severely condemned this incidence. With the return of the Bhutto in Pakistan after eight years of exile, there are lots of hopes in Pakistan about the return of the democracy.

This bomb blast has clearly conveyed the message that it will not be easy for Benazir Bhutto to get back Pakistan on the track of democracy. Moreover, this incidence has also highlighted the power of extremist groups in Pakistan, which are against any democrati…

Indian stock market crashing 1000 points in two days

Last two days have really remained very shocking for the Indian stock market, as within these two days stock market saw approximate 1000 points decrease. Moreover this whole situation could be much worse if market did not responded back after more than 1700 decrease within the first hour of trade on 17 Oct. However, Bombay stock market was able to recover back after the intervention of Sebi and finance minister. Even after all these assurances, Bombay Stock market further saw a dip of 717 points, making more 1000 points dip in BSE index in just two today. Most of investors will watch the today’s trade very carefully because some financial and stock market experts have even warned for further 1000 points dip in the stock market. The major reasons behind the crash in stock market are believed to be 1) Below than expect performance from the IT companies, which are struggling to maintain profits due to the decreasing price of US dollar against Indian rupee. 2) Increase in the crude oil pr…

Review Duplex scanner-Scanshell 3000DN

Digital technology revolution has clearly made our lives more simple and fast. Today, we have number of electronic gadget available with us like scanners, which are making our lives simpler. In the present world, it is very much possible for us to scan multiple files and documents with the help of scanners and then stores this useful input data for its use in near future. For multi-purpose and multi-document scanning needs people can easily get the help of duplex scanners. Duplex scanner is full of number of advance features which makes it possible for us to easily scan all the major kind of files and documents. One such advanced and portable duplex scanner available with us is Scanshell 3000DN. Available for a price of $319, this duplex scanner offer a good option to us in the comparison to other duplex scanners. Some of the major features of this duplex scanner include like

1) Scanshell 3000DN scans both sides of the documents simultaneously thus saving approximately half time on t…

Discovery of Murali Kartik as new Spin bowling talent

Many people in India put doubts over the sudden inclusion of the Murali Kartik in the Indian cricket team; most of the people have the view that Murali Kartik does not have anything new to offer to the Indian cricket team and he has already to deliver in the previous given opportunities. Even many cricket experts gave this verdict that BCCI should give chance to new talents then wasting time on the already tested players like Murali Kartik. However, with today’s great performance Murali Kartik has clearly showed to the world that he is still a good spin bowler. Today in the last and seventh India-Australia series ODI match, Murali Kartik took six wickets of the Australian team in his ten over spell and gave only 27 runs. Due to this superb bowling performance by the Kartik, whole of the Australian team got out in just 41.3 overs with just 193 scores on the board. Not only superb bowling but Murali Kartik also scored 21 runs in 34 balls to help India in winning this last game of the to…

Art of earning money with Google/Adsense

Adsense is one of the best available earning opportunities for the webmasters and numbers of webmasters from across the globe are making good fortunes with this program. From the time of introduction of Adsense program by the Google, this program has seen number of changes. Present Adsense is much better as compared to the previous versions of the Adsense and provides a more freedom of choice of ads to the webmasters. There are number of webmasters who are earning money in the range of $100 to $ 1000 per day with this program.

However, it is very difficult to get the exact figure of earnings because Google never discloses them. Even after these so many restrictions, one thing is clear that large numbers of webmasters are earning good amount of money with the Google/Adsense program and all this becomes clear when we saw number of teenage web entrepreneurs becoming millionaires. However, despite this great opportunity many webmasters find it very difficult to earn good amount of money wi…

Does Ramayana a myth?

Ramayana is one the most sacred and Holy Scripture for most of Hindus living across the world. Ramayana is story of Lord Rama life, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he lived in India around 1.7 million years ago (500 BC to 100 BC). Lord Rama has great influence on the Indian culture and sentiments of large number of devotees. The major reason behind the popularity of the Lord Rama is noble and disciplined life lived by him. Lord Rama is known for his highest respect for his parents, great help to the people and living a life based on the truth. Over the years, Lord Rama has emerged a symbol of an ideal and good person and therefore large number of parents wants their sons to follow the footsteps of Ram and daughters to follow the path of Mata Sita (wife of Lord Ram). From the last number of years, Both Lord Ram and Ramayana has remained an integral part of India life (organising Ram Leela every year before Dashahra).

However, the latest Sethusamudram project cont…

Review- Bhool bhulaiya ( A good movie to watch)

From the last few of my reviews, I am saying that Indian cinema is slowly reaching towards its maturity. Bhool Bhulaiya is again one more film which further supports this fact. Bhool Bhulaiya is good watch for Indian movie viewer because it offers a good entertainment package. Ashkay Kumar has again proved with this movie that he is the undisputed king of laughter and he has well justified his role in this movie despite his entry in the movie just before the intermission. This film is a remake of Malaylam super hit movie Manichitrathazhu, which also have other remakes in Kannada (Aaptamitra) and Chandramukhi in Tamil and Telugu starring Rajnikanth (both were hit). However, Manichitrathazhu (1993) original version of film is believed to be the best in the category and its leading actor Shobhana also got national award for this movie.

Now about Bhool Bhulaiya, then it is also a good watch, though not equivalent to Manichitrathazhu. This film can perform well in Hindi speaking belt becaus…

Blueline- A public transport or killer Transport

Fight between the blueline and general public is not a new thing. From many years, people of Delhi are fighting for a good public transport which can provide a good transportation facility while also insure the safety of the people. Large fleet of blueline buses is able to provide a transportation option to the people of Delhi but it failed in the safety concerns totally. Every day number of people becomes victim of Blueline menace and some of them are even have to lose hand with their lives. Delhi government introduced Delhi Metro for solving this problem and to some extent Delhi Metro has also provided help but it is not possible for Delhi government to run Delhi Metro on the every route, therefore an alternative good public transport is need of the hour. However, Delhi government has so far failed in providing an alternative transport facility which also provides a safety to the general public. Lots of previous incidences indicate that Sheela Dixit government in Delhi is even not s…

Doctor mother kill her son due to superstition

This information may look wrong to large number of people while at first glance but this is a big ugly reality from the Rohtak district in Haryana state of India. Mostly, we all have this perception that illiterate and poor people believe in superstition and these kinds of activities are performed by them under the influence of some tantriks or Gurus. However, this time a totally opposite thing has come in front of us, as the culprit in this case is a quailed doctor and professor in prestigious Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences or popularly known as PGI, Rohtak.

According to the news, Dr Promila Malik was upset with the poor performance of her elder son (Abhishek) in the pre-medical exams and therefore she tried to transfuse some blood of her 12 year old younger son (Piyush), who was very active in studies, in to the body of her elder son. However, in this whole process Piyush died due to excessive bleeding. She confessed to police that she done all this on the orders of Guru…

Indian stock Market crossing 18000 points, what is next?

On Tuesday, 9 October, Indian Stocked market achieved new heights, as BSE Sensex crossed 18000 points mark for the first time. Yesterday with 789 points jump stock market created history by reaching 18,327 points. In the yesterday’s jump in stock market Foreign investor played major role as they bought shares worth Rs 1416.72 crore, which is a big investment by foreign investors in the single day. Reliance group of shares also played vital role in the increase in market as Reliance group of shares contributed around 193 points increase in overall 789 point increase.

Moreover this trend is also continued for the second day as today on 10 October Stock market saw further gain of 378 points which raised the market to new high level of 18658.25 points. This more than 1100 points increase within two days in stock market has also seeded hopes of market crossing 19000 marks within this week. Tomorrow market only needs a 342 points increase for creating a new history in the stock market trade.…

Youth and addiction to net

Today Internet is a big revolution present in front of us which has completely changed the lives of billions of people around us. However, our younger generation looks to be more near to internet, as large numbers of young people across the world are finding internet a great way to get freedom from their boring life. And they are also right because no earlier generations on the earth have such freedom of expression and ability to interact with large number of people irrespective of their nationalities.

Today people have great option like blogs, online forums and community sites to raise their voices and they can also interact with people directly with the help of emails, chats, voice talks or video conferencing. This is really a great freedom in the hand of people of present world which was never been available to any previous generation of the world so far. However, this freedom is also becoming another threat to large number of innocent people and especially teens and children becaus…

Aishwarya to work with only Abhishek in Indian Movies

We all are aware that Aishwarya Rai is now a special member of Bachan Family. This journey of Aishwarya Rai from Rai to Bachan has also changed many things in the life of Aishwarya. Aishwarya now seems to very keen on her image after her marriage with Abhishek Bachan. Presently, Aishwarya has refused the film proposals of number of directors including Karen Johar, Ramesh Sippy etc because they wanted to caste her with some other hero and not Abhishek Bachan.

On the other hand Aishwarya Bachan is now only wants to act in Indian films with Abhishek only. Therefore, now directors who want to caste Aishwarya as heroine are also required to caste Abhishek as hero. This may be a good strategy by a bachan bahu to make her marriage more strong. Bachan family holds a great respect in India and therefore, this move by the Bachan bahu (daughter in law) could be a step in the right direction.

For getting married in Bachan family is like a starting new life for the Aishwarya Rai and due to this reas…

India wins fourth India-Australia ODI by 8 Runs

Today’s match was really a great cricket package for all the cricket fans. First fans got a chance to watch the good bating performance from the Indian cricket team and then finally a good chase from the Australian team. Read more about India inning by visiting-India gave 292 target to Australia in fourth India-Australia ODI match. Australia also gave good fight to Indian team by scoring fast runs with maintaining run rate mostly above 6 run/over. However due to the fast fall of the wickets, Australia struggled in the last overs and was able to manage only 283 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. The major attraction of the Australian inning remains M Hayden and Andrew Symonds, who scored 92 and 75 runs of the 92 and 84 balls. Mathew Hayden made fast 92 runs with the help of 11 fours and 2 sixes. However, in the end after the wicket of A Symonds, Australian team struggled in making the required runs.

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India gave 292 target to Australia in fourth India-Australia ODI match

Today, many of the Indian fans will be happy because today Indian cricket is able to make a good score of 291 to defend its total. However, so far it is only a half won battle and Australia will also fight back. The worrying point is that Australia has good bating line up and they have good track record of chasing big totals. Today we saw a good performance from the whole of Indian team, with all the players scoring runs. Saurav Gangulay and Sachin Tendulkar gave good start to India with their 91 run partnership. Saurav Gangulay was the first person to get out for 41 runs in 59 balls. Then second wicket 83 runs partnership between Yuvraj and Sachin helped India reach near 200 runs. Yuvraj Singh scored 39 runs for 55 balls and Sachin got run out for 79 runs in 119 balls. Rahul Dravid which today came to bat on the fifth number made 13 runs for 14 balls. In the end major attraction remain Captain M S Dhoni and Robin Uthappa who scored fast 50 and 30 runs in just 35 and 18 balls. In the …

How many more unborn girls will be killed in Punjab?

Today Punjab, one of the most influential and affluent state of India, is suffering from constant decreasing in the number of girls. Already Punjab has touched the figure of 793 girls per 1000 boys in the age group of 0 to 6 years. Moreover, in coming years, we can even hope to further decline in number of girls in Punjab because people of Punjab are finding it difficult to rise above their age old love for the male child. Today, even modern technology is helping number of these boys loving family by determining the sex of child inside the womb. The result of this sex determination is common, death of millions of girls before they get birth.

Female feticide has become a common story for Punjab, as numbers of nursing homes in Pubnjab are finding it as a good opportunity to earn huge money. I was reading one report which says that “The northern states are prosperous but they kill their daughters”.* Really a matter of shame for state like Punjab which is known as the land of Saints and Gu…

Great knock by Yuvraj Singh in third India-Australia ODI

Today in the third India-Australia ODI match in Hyderabad, we got a good chance to see another good performance form the Indian cricket star Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh scored 121 runs in just 115 balls, whereas on the other hand most of the other Indian players failed in this game. Yuvraj made 121 runs with the help of 12 fours and 3 sixes. Other three players who are able to score some runs are Sachin Tendulkar 43 runs, Captain Dhoni 33 runs and Harbhajan Singh fast 19 runs. Despite this great inning by the Yuvraj Singh India failed to win this match and lost this match by 47 runs. However, the good news for the Indian team is that now Yuvraj Singh is emerging as a new strong player in India team and we can hope number of good knocks from him in near future.

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India lost third India-Australia ODI by 47 runs

Many of the Indian cricket fans have never thought that Indian cricket team will go 2-0 down to Australia after giving a good performance in the 20-20 world cup. On the other hand, Australia has proved that they are real ODI champions. In the today’s match only hero for the Indian team was Yuvraj Singh who fought a lone battle in the match by making 121 runes of 115 balls. On the other side, all other players fail to make any impressive show. Only Sachin Tendulkar, M S Dhoni and Harbhajan are available to add few scores 43, 33 and 19 respectively. This is really a poor show of performance by the Indian players for straight third time. India bowlers except Harbhajan Singh today again failed to stop Australia from making a big score. In reverse of Indian performance, Whole of Australian team showed a consistent performance with both batsmen and bowlers doing their jobs well. Three players of Australia Matthew Hadyen, M Clarke and Andrew Symonds score half centuries, thus allowing their …

Viswanathan Anand is both world number one and world champion

This is really a great achievement by any Indian chess player and showed the world that Indians are number one in brilliance. Only few months back Viswanathan Anand rose to the top position in world ranking of chess and now, he is also a world chess champion for the second time. Viswanathan Anand won world chess championship held in Mexico last month. Viswanathan Anand is one of the few players India has, who have created their supremacy in the game. However, the problem is that despite consistent regular performance, Viswanathan Anand is not given the required attention by our people and media. Still there will be large number of people in India who might not be aware about this great performance of this chess champion. Though, Tamilnadu government announced prize of Indian rupees 25 lakh to him but a real sense of celebration is missing over this great win. In cricket crazy nation India, other games are still struggling to get the attention of people despite their good performance. …

Advantage of adding new skills

Large numbers of people on this world know this fact that there exist a great advantage in adding new skills; however the problem is that very less people actually do efforts for adding new skills. Today, we are living in a world where knowledge of new skills always provides a cutting edge to person over its rivals. Numbers of higher executives in the present world are enjoying exclusive control over their work because they constantly add skills into their armour. New skills always provide an extra confidence and another way of doing things to the person; therefore it becomes easier for a highly skilled person to leave a good impression. It is very important for all the people aspiring for higher positions to constantly add new skills in their work and thus creating more demand for them.

Find all the informative information on begging in India

Begging is one such problem in India which very less people believe that it is problem because they know very less about it. Best way to solve this problem it to create awareness about this problem. Below are some articles which will present the findings on the begging business in India.

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1) Spread of Begging in India
2) Why we do not have any solution for begging problem?
3) Do we see all this in begging?
4) Beggary and some solutions
5) Begging (inside story)
6) Appeal for help in stopping Begging menace from spreading
7) Hidden story of Begging Business in India
8) Even your doctor can make you beggar
9) Why not legalize begging?

Why we do not have any solution for begging problem?

Numbers of people and NGO’s in India have put their hard efforts to eradicate the problem of begging; however none of them got any permanent success. Though there are number of short term successes associated with their work but in actual, there is no net result and begging problem still remain same as before. Mostly people have the perception about the beggars that they will leave begging if they are provided with some good alternative work. However, very less of these people know these amazing facts like 1) Average beggar earns around Rs 10000 ($ 250) to Rs 15000 ($ 375) per month from begging. 2) There are number of expert beggars who pocket around Rs 25000 ($ 625) to Rs 50000 ($ 1250). 3) Today begging has become a more organised business than a mere a forced option. Now, how any person or NGO can think of providing an Rs 10000 to Rs 20000 job to these illiterate beggars, therefore the result of major anti-beggary programs is as expected, a failure. The only solution which lefts w…

Fate of animals in India

India is a country where numbers of people die due to lack of medical facilities and this trend is still prevalent even after 60 years of the independence. In this kind of atmosphere, it is even hard to imagine that animals in India will get the good treatment. All these things are exposed by the recent incident involving 75 year female elephant Arundhati. Till yesterday, Arundhati was waiting for the mercy killing granted to her by the Rajaji national park authorities.

However, Arundhati was destined to die a natural death and therefore she died yesterday late night. This whole incident has reminded us of the prevailing cruelties against the animals in our society. Arundhati provided great services to the forest department by carrying millions of tourists on her back around the Rajaji Park during her life time, but in the end, she got a painful and neglected end. The major fact in this whole discussion is that it was possible save the life of Arundhati by providing a good treatment to…