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Mumbai rains and people suffer

Now this story is becoming very much common in the financial hub of India Mumbai. It is looking clear that Mumbai’s out dated water clearing systems are not in the state to provide relief to the Mumbai people in the rains. Today most of the Mumbai waked up to see water collected in the most parts of Mumbai. Many trains ran slow or canceled due to the water collection on the tracks. Like every year, last year also million of rupees are spent by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation to avoid any problem to people, however, realities are much different as Mumbai become stand still with the first rain. The chances of situation becoming out of control are there if rain persists for more days. This is one more failure for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Maharastra state government in providing relief to the people during the rainy season. The major problem is that situations are becoming worst with the time. Mumbai is the financial hub of India and therefore if any kind of problem comes

Pratibha Patil in Problem

Really lot and lot of things are looking going wrong for Mrs. Pratibha Patil. Suddenly from no where new and new allegations are coming against her and most of them are big ones. Some are as serious as related to murder case against her brother and frauds of worth crores of rupees. First she was blamed for helping her brother coming out of a murder case; second her sugar company has to still pay 17 crore rupees to the government. As per the latest RBI statement, there are high level irregularities in the corporative bank with her name for which she was one of the managing directors. All these things clearly show that there is really some thing very serious with her candidature. Due to this reason, now many people coming together to put pressure on congress to withdraw her candidature. This is first time in India history that person who was nominated for President post has so many allegation against him. President post holds a lot of respect, therefore choosing any such person for this

Retail boom in india

Presently, India is seeing a big retail boom with number of big bazaars and stores coming up everywhere in all parts of India. Moreover, it will be not be wrong to say that time for big retail stores has arrived in India. People are also diverting towards these big stores because they are finding these big stores more attractive and full of varieties. Second many big retail chains like Vishal, big bazaar, V-mart, Ansal, Subhiksha, Relaince Fresh etc are entering every market of India (big or small). Chains like Subhiksha are even targeting small cities of India and already, they have established their stores in many small cities of India. The main thing is that people are also accepting these retail chains and they even prefer to buy goods from them. The main advantage which people find with these chains is that they get the entire requirement from single place, therefore, now people can easily buy all important things of their requirement from the single place. Second, many newly ente

Enjoying Kilimanjaro climb

We all love adventure because we have hidden desire for adventure inside us. Adventure provides every person an opportunity to test his limits against the hard task of the nature. Hills climbing provide a good opportunity of adventure, due to this reason many people love to climb hills. For this purpose, many people opt for Kilimanjaro climbing. Present in north eastern Tanzania, this hill has offered many people opportunity of climbing. However for enjoying Kilimanjaro climb, people require to have a good guide which has good experience of this hill. Eddie Frank of tusker group offers a good guide option because of his 30 years experience with the Kilimanjaro. By choosing a good guide like Eddie, people can easily increase their climbing experience.

Provide help in speedy Trail of Nitish Katara

We all know about the Nitish Katara case in which, he was brutally killed for loving a girl of his college. Nitish Katara was studying in Institute of Management and Technology, Ghaziabad. He was in love with his classmate Bharati Yadav, daughter of former MP and Liquor mafia D P Yadav. The main victim behind the killing is Vikas Yadav brother of Bharti Yadav who committed this crime because it was unacceptable for him to see his sister with some one. This case is a simple example of completely immoral and power dominated behavior on the part of Vikas Yadav. D P Yadav also has number of criminal cases registered against him in the various police stations. Yadav family is known to commit various crimes and mostly they come out of them safely with help of power, money and criminal support they hold. While killing Katara, Vikas also has the same belief that he will come out safely unhurt from this matter too. However, people power is making this case alive so far. For last five years, thi

I will also die one day

I know this truth that death is my final destination and no power of this world can separate me from uniting with it. I also know that death will destroy all of my identity. Death will erase every single presence of my existence from this world. Some people may weep at the time of my death but this world will follow the same path soon after. For some, my memories may be important but death will also erase the existence of these people with time. Therefore one day death will erase every thing related to me and on that day I will die completely. I know all these facts but still I live in this world as I will live here for ever. Like me other also behaves in the similar manner and thinks that they are not going to die ever. Really a strange belief which we all foster for so many years while living that we will never die. However one day this false dream just got burst in the form of sudden death, an unknown destination which no one of us wants to follow. With this ignorance we all create

Rain disasters and Mumbai

We all still remember the fate of the Mumbai in the last two years during rains. However, the apathy is that nobody learned from that bad experience and today again Mumbai is finding herself in the same condition. At present, Mumbai is living on a time bomb where it is not in a state to face any heavy rain. With the rainfall of few hours, water starts entering into many homes and situations appear looking going out of the control. All these things indicate towards some major problems with water drainage systems of Mumbai like sewerage systems, small rivers of waste water etc. Every year after these types of the happenings a lot of projects and initiative being announced by state and a local governing body but hardly anything productive looks to be appearing on the ground. Yesterday first heavy rain in Mumbai caused a state of chaos for all Mumbai residents. This is the consecutive third year of major rain related problems in Mumbai. Last two years have seen the worst panic related

Best Prepaid mobile connection in Punjab (Economy wise)

Punjab is one of the leading markets of mobile users in India. The major reason behind this large market of mobile phones is high paying capacity of people of the Punjab. Due to this reason, Punjab mobile circle always remain on priority list of major mobile companies of India. Among the mobile users, prepaid connections are very much hit and many people use them due to the number of conveniences attached to them. However with the availability of so many prepaid options for the users from the various mobile operators, it become very difficult for the users to search the right prepaid mobile connection for them. Below is the list of best prepaid mobile connections available for the people in Punjab circle which saves maximum money of the mobile users. First best option :- BSNL prepaid , at present best saving prepaid option available for the mobile users is available in the form of BSNL prepaid. The major features of this prepaid card are 10 paise/minute call to two BSNL numbers, 10 pai

Watch the amazing video of 5 kg stone floating in water

Enjoy this amazing video where 5 kg stone is floating in water. Also learn more about this video and place by visiting this link- Floating Stone and tunnel at Khud Baba Temple

President Nominee Pratibha Patil a respect to the Women of India

Last week, we all saw a great search for the next Indian President. Now this search for the Indian President seems to coming to a completion in the form of Smt. Pratibha Patil. However there are many people who did not liked this decision and want a person with more calibers and education to become next president of India. However these people do not know much about mostly shy and away from media Smt. Pratibha Patil. She holds a great personality and good combination of experience and qualification which makes her the right candidate for the President. With UPA and its allies holding majority votes in the President election, chances of Smt. Pratibha Patil becoming next president of India are very high. At present, she is the governor of Rajasthan and that too first women a governor of Rajasthan. She has remained on key positions in Maharastra state government and Rajya Sabha (held deputy chairman post for two years). She has done MA and LLB. She is also a good sports person with an exc

Finding suitable life partner

Finding a suitable marriage partner is main concern of every eligible man or woman. However in the today’s fast life, many times, we find it very difficult to search suitable life partner for ourselves. For selecting the right partner for the marriage, as per the ones expectations, it is very important to have available large data of eligible profiles from where a person can easily search suitable partner for himself. Today, people can get this help from large numbers of matrimonial sites available online. People can easily find thousands of suitable matches on these matrimonial sites; however, people are required to pay some money to access this information. Second good solution available in the hands of people is to give matrimonial ads in leading regional news papers because these newspapers reach millions of house in your region and you can get good response by giving an advertisement. Third option is contact regional marriage bureau because they have good collection of suitable pr and dummy Profile has today emerged as a big social networking website for the people across the globe. Many people find this site an attractive option of being in contract with their friends and also orkut is helping all of them by providing a common platform for the friends to be together on the net. However many mischievous elements are trying to get the advantage of this wide network for completing their hidden motives. The biggest example of all this is dummy profiles. We can easily find huge number of dummy profiles mostly of the girls on the orkut. With the help of these profiles, they try to make as many as friends because mostly people accept the friendship request sent by a female. After making a good network, they try to influence people with various spam, offers or business proposal. Things remain cool up to the time of simple mails but few mischievous elements even try to commit further big crimes like stealing important data or information and taking money from the people. Mostly

Latest Abhishek and Aishwarya IIFA 2007 Pictures

Find below links to the latest photographs of Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachan at the IIFA 2007 awards. These are latest photographs of couple attending any major function after their marriage. Aishwarya & Abhishek IIFA 2007 photos 1 Aishwarya & Abhishek IIFA 2007 photos 2 Aishwarya & Abhishek IIFA 2007 photos 3 Aishwarya & Abhishek IIFA 2007 photos 4 Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Obesity-a new serious problem in India

India is slowly moving towards becoming a developed nation and with this it is also getting the positive and negative points of the developed nations and one of such negative point which India gaining from the developed world is obesity. Today obesity has become a serious business in India with more number of people suffering from it. In recent few years, number of the people who can be categories as obese have increased significantly. In one way, this is a good sign for once food deficient nation but in long run obesity has many problems associated with it because obese person has more chances of developing various disorders like diabetics, cardiac problems etc. Already India is seeing step increase in the number of people suffering from these disorder and many studies even predict India toping this chart in few coming years. The main reason behind the increasing obesity is junk food and lack of exercise. Junk food has taken over the normal diet of many people and therefore consumptio

How right are caste based reservations?

Reservations have today become a big reality in the present India. Most of our governments are only busy in giving more and more reservation to the different castes or groups in the society. Reservations have old history in India, as long as 1921, when caste based reservation was provided to the people of Madras Presidency . From then, reservations are provided in our nation from time to time to different sections or groups of societies. In 1990, this whole process got intensified with implementation of recommendations made by Mandal Commission. This whole process saw a lot of protest from the student class and lives of number of innocent students gone due to it. Recently in 2005, through 93rd constitutional amendment government also introduced 27% reservation for the OBCs (other backward classes) which is presently under the preview of Supreme Court of India. Most recent protests in this series are protest from the Gujjar community of Rajasthan for their inclusion in ST list. This agi

Rakhi Sawant- A real Hero

Story of Rakhi Sawant presents a story of ordinary girl who fought with the circumstances to make a place for her in this world. Most of the people know Rakhi Sawant as an item girl who can do anything for the money. Though this assumption may be true but who in this world do not want money. Behind the screen there are many big and small names in our world which can go up to any level to earn money or name. The main factor which put Rakhi Sawant apart from the others is that she at least struggle openly and put efforts to achieve her goals. Despite coming from a poor family, she has achieved a distinct image for herself in the present world. According to her, she has gone through many pains in her childhood which make her like this. After the success of big boss, Rakhi Sawant has established a good brand image for herself. Many leading news papers and TV channels are presently busy in giving her a prime coverage. The major reason behind this is increasing number of the people as her f

The Most Unique Pet Urns

Pets are beloved members of the family. When they pass away, we mourn their loss. I know I've loved all my pets as if they were my children. I found the HAL Woodworking website, where they hand craft the most unique pet urns . They offer exquisite wooden urns of various sizes, with a laser engraved picture or even a hand painted picture on it. I cannot think of a more deserved resting place for a member of the family.

Violent protests and India

In recent struggle of Gujjar community for ST status has seen a major violence by the agitating people which caused lot of loses to the individual and national properties. The major problem with this whole episode was that our government does not take necessary measures at the right time to save the properties of people or state. Due to this reason, Indian Supreme Court is forced to ask the state governments and authorities about the measures taken by them to stop these activities or for booking the people who destroyed the property of the nation. Court has given the time up to 10 June to the administration to book cases against the culprits and put them behind the bars. The major apathy with this whole episode is that state and central governments were not able to take any concrete steps to avoid these activities. It is only after the intervention of the Supreme Court of India, we started seeing some action. This is really a great apathy for the country like India where still violence

Arranging Laptops on rent

Today laptops have become an important part of every important work in the organizations or in individual lives. It is very difficult for us to consider a life without laptops because our life has today become highly dependent on this new device. The major reason behind this is that these small laptops have the ability of doing number of things like the conventional computers and second we have the option of carrying them any where. Due to this reason most of the people like laptops for various meetings and presentations. However many times it becomes very difficult to arrange good quality laptops for the presentations or meeting. To solve this problem, now people can easily get laptops on rental through laptop rentals available from site like With the help of this site, now people can easily get the laptops on rent and solve their immediate need for the laptops. People can also find other more good rental options like MacBook Pro rentals and Tablet PC rentals .

Get Happy – Trade Show Display Guarantees

With so many options to consider on your trade show display , it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why I think you'll like Modern Day Displays' "Get Happy" guarantee. They're sure you'll like all of their pop-up displays, trade show flooring , and tabletop displays.See why they want you to Get Happy and pick out a display that's right for you.

Reservation politics and India

Reservation politics are not a new thing for the India. Almost all politics parties in India have tried to use reservation politics for their advantage because mostly parties have shortage of the unique issues, therefore most of the political parties in India find it very easy to get victory in election by vowing reservation to the people . For the many years, this reservation politics has remained an easy way to gain victory in the election. This is the reason behind various governments in India increasing the reservation to the various castes and societies. However all these parties forget to understand that these reservation politics if implemented only for the shake of election wins then they can create large scale unrests in the societies and ordinary people can find themselves helpless . Moreover these activities can fuel more inter caste rivalries. Already we all are seeing the violent Gujjar protest in the nation which is the outcome of this dirty politics. Second major proble

Easy option of online storage

Today with the increase in various functions and works, many organizations and people are finding immediate need for the data storage. Data is becoming so large that ordinary computers are failing to accommodate all these information. Due to this problem, now Online Storage is offering a good hope for the people and organization because of the option of storing large amount of data online. Already online storage option like IBackup is very famous among the people who are looking for online storage. The major advantage with the IBackup is that user’s online stored data appears as a mapped drive or a folder on the user’s computer. Moreover user can also have the option of drag-n-drop or exploring the online data. These are few of the good advantages for the users which make this option totally different from the other options. By opting for options like this people or organization can easily solve their data storage problem.

Help of Internet

We all can easily say thanks and thanks to the online revolution which is making many earlier unimaginable things possible to us. Few years’ back only available way of getting university degree was regularly attending colleges or universities. However with the help of internet, anyone can get university degrees online . This is really a good help for many people who do not get the opportunity to attend various schools or colleges. Today number of good online degree options is available at the door steps of the people to explore with the help of internet. Due to this, people can easily get a chance to again gain the required knowledge and out perform their competitors.

Gujjar Struggle- A failure of caste based politics

Currently reservation issue is created big hype in the Northern state of India like Rajasthan. Gujjar community’s struggle for the ST status is making life of many Indian states out of gears. Today this protest also reached New Delhi with capital Bandh call given by various gujjar factions. Also the chances of reaching this reservation struggle to other states of India are very much prominent with sizable number of gujjar population in other states of India. Already many news of violent protest by the gujjar community from other states of the India have started coming in. This protest has already taken the life of few of the agitating gujjars and chances are there that situation can become more problematic in near future. Many rounds of talks between the gujjar larders and Rajasthan government are so far not able to bring any positive result. This new problem has clearly made situation more difficult for the politicians who do reservation politics? This problem has also started showing


Currently is in lot of news and many people are talking about it in India. The major reason behind it is option of earning little money with the help of mobile ads. Yes, this is first time concept of mobile ads introduced by this site in India. Now people in India can hope to earn few rupees for reading ads on their mobile phones. However still there are many people around us who are suspicious about this site and while there are many others who want to get advantage of this opportunity because of the reason of also earning from the friends referred. Therefore many people are spamming others mail boxes for making more members under them. However there are still many questions which remain unanswered like when people will see earnings in their accounts. As per the latest reports available, is not able to provide ads to its customer because they are finding difficulty in getting advertisers to this new medium of advertising. Second it is very difficult to verify