Turmeric (Haldi)-A wonder herb and spice from India

The use of turmeric dates back nearly 4000 years. Turmeric has very important use in Vedic culture of India. In India turmeric is principal spice and it is also of religious importance. Turmeric is also known as Indian saffron because of its brilliant yellow color. Indian turmeric is considered to the best in world. The scientific name of turmeric is Cur cumin.

Turmeric is the most important and auspicious substance in every Hindu function. Haldi is a very common name in every Indian household. All ceremonies begin with the use of haldi and kum-kum. Turmeric has lot of medical significance. From the Vedic times turmeric is used in the treatment of my ailments. Today science has recognized the role of turmeric in treating illness.


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