Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Earnings from is a popular site among the writers and especially among the new ones. is a platform, which is easy to use and get published your articles. is a free site unlike other sites which demand money. Quality wises also is some what lenient. They accept article even if they have grammatical or spelling errors. One thing is clear that is a good site for easily becoming a published writer. The other thing which attracts writers is earning from their articles. claim to provide 10% of total revenue earned from articles to respective writers. Therefore many people join in the hope of getting some extra cash. However, I will not rate the earnings from very enthusiastic because they are much below then the expectations of writers. I have been associated with for last one year and I have more then 200 articles published on it. So far I am only able to earn $40 from, which is no way a very healthy earning in one year. The main problem is that the revenue sharing is very less; it required being in the range of 50-70% for some respective figure. Second thing is that the earning calculated by many ways do not have any correlation with the popularity of articles. Persons earning may decrease or increase irrespective of articles submitted and their popularity on is not a good choice for people looking for big bucks. However for new writers can be a good option to have fun with their writings.

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