Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Sitemeter.com as the name suggests is a site which counts the visitors on your website or web blog. Then you may say there are thousands of sites which do all this. Yes, there are presently many sites which provide free counters or count the visitors for us. However sitmeter.com has other features attached to it, which makes it a different experience. First thing is sitemeter.com not only count the visitors for us but it also provide the inside information about the visitors.

It provides us the information about how many people have visited our site and for how long they are present on our site. This provides us with an inside about how many people have actually read our website. Second and the interesting information provided by the sitemeter.com are about the referrers. It provides us the information about the sites from which visitors are sends to us. It provides us the information of vital sites which are important for us in getting visitors.

Third thing is sitemeter.com tells you about the recent visitors on world map and fourth one are there location and time of visit. By this webmasters can know about the location of visitors. Fifth thing is the out clicks from your website, stemeter.com tells us about the out clicks from our site. We can get the information that from our site where the visitors have gone. This option is very important for people with multiple sites. Now they can track which site is giving them more clicks for there affiliate programs.

Sixth thing is about the entry page which tells us about the page through which visitors entered our page. This page helps us understand the importance of that page. There are also some other options available on sitemeter.com but most significant are these one only. Sitemeter.com provides a good experience for webmasters and a good track down on visitors. So far sitemeter.com is free up to first 100 visitors but this is enough for people with websites up to 100 visitors per day. If the number of visitors increases on there website then they can opt for the payable options available on sitemeter.com


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